Week 22 – May 28 – June 3, 2012

Week 22 – May 28 – June 3, 2012

Monday, May 28th: We had friends over for a picnic today.  Robbie wrote this note and put it on the outside door for them to read when they arrived.

Tuesday, May 29th: Since Charlie has a summer birthday he celebrates his birthday at school in the spring.  Tonight he made brownies with secret ingredients (beets & carrots) from the book Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food .  We tested the brownies and they were good, Charlie liked them and still wanted to take them to school.  Our back up plan was a brownie box mix.  Nine out of the fourteen kids liked the brownies.

Wednesday, May 30th: This morning was very cold.  Henry waiting for breakfast.

Planting pepper plants.  It was cold but still warm enough for bare feet.

Thursday, May 31st: Every spring I wait patiently for my favorite flowers (lupines) to bloom.

My garlic is growing like crazy.  I planted 213 cloves last fall.  After the cultivating Robbie did to my already planted garlic patch, not much damage was done.  I counted 203 plants coming up.

Jack was traveling for work all week.  One thing that saved my sanity was taking the boys to the dead-end road for some biking.  Charlie can be such a sweet big brother, sometimes!

  Friday, June 1st:  Charlie had his kindergarten graduation.

After graduation and the PTO picnic we could take our kids home if we wanted to.  Robbie’s class had two kids left for the rest of the afternoon.  When Charlie went back to his class to get his things he saw that a lot of  his friends were staying and he wanted to stay.

I thought we could do something fun so we went to our favorite library.  Nola Mae comes from a family of many librarians, I think she is considering it.

 Our favorite librarian showed Robbie where the Star Wars section was.

Saturday, June 2nd:  Charlie’s creations have already started!  He wanted to make a shield today.  This is all his own design.


Then Robbie made his own with his own ideas.


Of course, Henry needed one too.  So we just copied Charlie’s design.  And they decorated them.


I wanted pictures and they wanted to pose.  How does a 3-year old know what to do?  He even has his own sound effects!

I had to include this one too.

Sunday, June 3rd:   I spent the weekend focusing on chickens.  I cleaned the chicken coop out completely.  It took me two days with Jack helping me with the kids and our meals.  Our little chicks that Charlie’s class and we hatched spent the day outside.  I am hoping this will help tame them a little.  I put them next to our reading blanket in the shade for a little while.

My poppies are starting to bloom!

Jack took the boys down to the woods to cut, split and stack firewood.  I joined them a little later.  I was impressed with the boys focus and hard work at stacking the firewood.

There was one minor distraction…a salamander.


 Charlie stacked over 140 pieces and Robbie stacked over 160 pieces of firewood.  All the piles you see in this photo were stacked today.

Heading home.

11 responses

  1. It’s such fun to read your blog, Jenny. So much going on, great pictures, creative kids, and, WOW, Robbie’s note! He summarized probably what most older siblings think about the reaction of visitors to the new baby in the family. Love it!

    • Helen,
      I wondered what has been going through Robbie’s head since Nola Mae was born. I guess he answered my question with that note to Lindsay. I know this is normal and I have tried not to make it a big deal. It kind of breaks my heart and has opened my eyes to the things we say and do.

      • I, too, think it’s entirely normal. Who would want your long-time friend to come and visit and take time away from playing with you to admire a baby–a baby who doesn’t run, jump, kick balls, tell jokes, throw basketballs, plan game strategies,or do any of the cool things an 8-year-old loves to do. (Grandpa Rob thinks it’s good that Robbie can put those feelings into words, rather than keeping it all to himself. I do, too.) Keep up the good work parenting!

    • Norma, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I don’t feel like I have much energy. I drink coffee, stay up too late sometimes, sleep in on weekends, and take naps with my little ones!

  2. Ooops…I forgot, I’ll be sure to show Gianna the picture of the chicks. She’ll be excited to see how big they’ve grown.

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