Week 13 – March 26 – April 1, 2012

 Week 13 – March 26 – April 1, 2012

Monday, March 26th:  I made these “Knock You Naked Brownies” for my book club meeting.   I should mention that my book pick was The Birth HouseHere is the link to the book on Amazon.com.  It was a book enjoyed by everyone!  Thank you, Aunt Barbara for the recommendation!

Back to the brownies…

They were very yummy.  I shouldn’t have made them in my last weeks of pregnancy, because I wanted to eat them all!   While I was making them I realized I had made them before.  I had trouble taking them out of the pan (both times) while they were still warm, like the recipe says.  They were easier to remove from the pan once they were chilled.  It was frustrating and I swore I wouldn’t make them again (both times).  My friends’ response to the brownies convinced me that I will have to make them again.    Click here for the recipe.

Tuesday, March 27th:   Henry played outside a lot today.

 Just before dinner we saw him on the small gate talking to Mystique.  Jack went out with the camera to see what he was doing.  I thought he looked cute until I saw these pictures of him aiming the toy gun at her.

Wednesday, March 28th:   Another beautiful evening and perfect for a walk.  I think the boys had some kind of monkey in them today because they seemed to want to climb on everything!


Thursday, March 29th:  Robbie played basketball in the barn a lot this winter and now he has been spending time on the cement pad outside the garage dribbling the ball.

Friday, March 30th:  I started cleaning out the garden.  Last fall I didn’t have the energy to pull the corn stalks and milo out.  Today I did.  It took me two days to pull about five rows out.

Saturday, April 1st:  I got a little help from Robbie today with the milo.

Sunday, April 2nd:  We headed out to the garden after Jack tilled an area for us.


Robbie planting our first row of sweet corn.  It might be a little too early for this!

 I guess this is how Henry digs for worms.   I also saw him doing a head stand in the big hole that he and Charlie dug.  “Me looking for worms!”

 We walked down to the edge of the field to make firewood, first stop was to climb on the rocks in the pasture,

 the second stop was to check out the fort,

 and finally we were able to help Jack with the firewood.

Project 365 Week 37

Project 365 Week 37 

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

9/12/11 (Monday) – This morning was especially hard on my emotions.  It took me a year to finally make the decision that Vanilla needed to go.  I loved her like a family pet, which she was for all of her years with us.  She provided us with many calves which turned into beef or money for us.  She was gentle and very friendly.  And I hope her hamburger will be yummy.

9/13/11 (Tuesday) –  I love to grow Milo (A.K.A Broom corn).  I found a floral shop that will buy it from me, Dawn’s Bouquet  click here to go to her website.  She has a beautiful store full of many gifts, fresh flowers and she offers many services.

9/14/11 (Wednesday) –  Henry and I went to the library for story hour this morning, a field trip to the fire station.  I thought it was very nice for the kids to be able to climb on the trucks, get into the ambulance and see the firefighters’ safety gear.  The inside of the ambulance could be a little scary if you haven’t been in one before.

One of my dear friends took this photo, unfortunately I wasn’t able to crop myself out of it.

9/15/11 (Thursday) – Henry is up early enough to see the boys off on the school bus at 6:50 AM.  I don’t have time to get him dress and many times both of us are out there waiting for the bus in our PJs.  I am not able to bundle up and be as cute as Henry.

I have mentioned this before…Henry loves our chickens, may be even more than my “chicken boy” Robbie.  Many times a day he wants to catch one and hold them and hug them and play with them.  He can do it all by himself.

9/16/11 (Friday) – Today was my 41st birthday.  I thought my 30s were good and all through my 30s I felt like I was just 30 years old.  When I turned 40, I felt pretty good and think my 40s will be even better.  I still feel 40 and hope to feel this way until I find out what 50 feels like.

I spent the day with my dear friend, Kat and our two little boys.

Kat’s son loves to take pictures.  This is one of his best shots…the beautiful smile that makes me smile every time I see her!

9/17/11 (Saturday) – Jack Frost is about to arrive any day and freeze all my tomato plants.  I decided to pick them all and patiently wait for them to ripen.  Henry was a huge help because it didn’t matter if they were red, orange or green.

He even got some practice with some math skills – sorting.

This is the largest tomato plant that I have ever grown.  I have only gotten two ripe tomatoes off it so far.


9/18/11 (Sunday) –  Henry seems to enjoy playing with Legos as much as Charlie.  This is Henry’s own creation.

Project 365 Week 16

Project 365 Week 16

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

4/18/11 (Monday) – We had a rough start this morning.  We were headed to a play group this morning in Waupaca and on the way home we had to buy some hay.  I needed to take the truck to bring home the hay.  I got the boys and all our stuff loaded and the truck’s battery was dead.

It turns out the battery wasn’t holding a charge, so when it was time to leave the play group I needed a jump and when the hay was loaded I needed a jump!  A little embarrassing!  It was an exciting adventure, since we were also running close to “Empty”.  I considered stopping to get gas while in Waupaca, but had enough embarrassment and decided to try to get home.  I had to decide what would be more embarrassing “asking for a jump at the gas station or running out of gas on the way home”.

 I was feeling lucky and we made it home!

4/19/11 (Tuesday) –  Off to school.


4/20/11 (Wednesday) – We skied today in our woods.


My garlic.

Robbie’s bike was left outside before the snow arrived.


4/21/11 (Thursday) – I pulled the milo stems out of the garden with Henry’s help.


4/22/11 (Friday) –  Spring break.  Coloring Easter eggs with friends.


4/23/11 (Saturday) –  Charlie showing Henry how to play with one finger.

4/24/11 (Sunday) – Henry’s quilt top is done.  Boarder is the Crazy Cut design.  I love this design I may be making some more Crazy Cut quilts in the near future!

I am…

I am… (Not Just a Mother)

I love my job as a SAHM, and my interest are driven by that love.

But at the same time, I am able to hold onto many interests, and realize that there are still many things that make me ME, even if most of my focus is still on parenting my children.

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Jenny. I’m a mom, but I am also many other things:

I am a gardener – I love flowers, apple orchards, raspberry and blueberry patches and vegetable gardens.  I love to grow milo (A.K.A. broom corn) and garlic.  The less lawn to mow the better!

I am a farmer – I should probably say “a-wanna-be-farmer.”  Currently I have a horse and a pet cow named Vanilla and 25 chickens.  I want less cows, but can’t part with my sweet Vanilla, and I want more chickens.  Maybe a steer or two this spring?  I love red meat but can’t buy it from the store!

I am a-wanna-be-soap maker – I have been making soap for over two years.  I completed my ninth batch tonight.  My success rate is 50%, kind of stinks!  I should clarify – 50% success means that the quality of my soaps were good enough for gifts or to be sold.  The other 50% was still usable for us.

I am a quilter – I love making quilts and hand quilting them.  Since I don’t have much time for that right now I sew  things that can be completed during nap-time or in the early evening hours.

I am a runner and cross-country skier – I have completed only two running marathons in my life and five skiing marathons.  I have plans to run every marathon in the state of Wisconsin and some in the bordering states before I die.  My skiing goals are to complete the American Birkie on my classical skis and to travel to Norway to ski the Birkebeinerrennet.

I am a reader – I read every night before going to sleep. I will read most books recommended to me by my friends.  I learned to love reading in my late teens, in my opinion, way too late!   I started a book club twelve years ago that meets every month.  I love my library.  I don’t have to purchase books because I can find just about any book I have ever wanted to read in our library system.  People who say they “don’t read” freak me out. It is as foreign to me as telling me you don’t like chocolate.

I am a grocery shopper – the only kind of shopping I love is for groceries.  When I go to a new town I love to find their local grocery store.  I love stores that sell bulk foods.  I love huge grocery stores and I love little ones.

I am a stockpiler of food and supplies – when something that I always buy is on sale I buy a lot of it (I learned this one from my mom).  Since I live in a small town and don’t get to the store or a larger town very often I make sure I never run out of the main staples for our meals and needs.  I can’t just run to the store for of a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread or toilet paper.

I am a cake decorator – I love to bake and decorate cakes for all occasions.  I love any excuse to decorate a cake even for silly occasions, like an ice fishing weekend with the hubby’s college buddies.

I am organized and my house is always trashed – cleaning is for the birds!

So there, ten things about me that are true, current, and have nothing to do with my children. Sometimes when I feel like all I do is take care of them, I remind myself that I have many things that make me ME.  Things that are true ALL the time.  I’m still ME, no matter what happens, and I don’t have to wait until my children are grown to remember that I still have my own unique personality.

Now that I’ve talked about me, how about you?  Feel free to leave a comment using “I am”, tell me a few things about yourself that have nothing to do with your kids.

Emergency Room Visit – Robbie

Last week Robbie needed to go the emergency room to get stitches on his hand.

Robbie got off the school bus and went straight to the garden to play with Charlie. Apparently, Charlie was throwing snow balls at him and he wanted a stick so he could hit the snow balls. Robbie grabbed a milo stalk (a.k.a. broom corn), broke it and then pulled on it to detach it from the rest of the stalk.   The stalk sliced the skin in between his forefinger and thumb.   He told me pulling on it worked but then he realized his hand hurt, then he looked at it and saw A LOT of blood and that is when he started running for the house.

I was in the house waiting for Robbie and Charlie to come in after getting off the bus. (I watch them periodically through the windows while I am making dinner or trying to get my last-minute jobs done before they finally reach the house.)  I saw Robbie sprinting to the house. I didn’t think much of his sprinting to the house today.  The day before he was playing in the haymow and I saw him sprinting to the house because he had to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t until he was closer that I could see the expression on his face wasn’t “I’m pooping my pants!” It was more like “I’M HURT!”  That is when I noticed his bloody hand.

We washed it and put pressure on it. I peaked at it and it was REALLY BAD! I used my Screamfree Parenting techniques  and stayed very calm. I got him comfortable on the couch and made phone calls to Jack, Marlene (our neighbor) and the clinic. Since it was close to the end of the day there were no openings in the clinic so we had to go the ER.  Jack was able to leave work early, but it was going to take him a long time to get home because of the fog. I didn’t want to wait because Robbie was in a lot of pain.  Thankfully, Marlene was able to come over and stay with Charlie and Henry.

Seven stitches.

Robbie in the garden by the milo with bandage on his hand.

The stalk that cut his hand.

Milo in August.

I learned while working for Aurora Community Services NEVER to go to the hospital or ER without a book and snacks.  Because you never know how long you will wait.  Our wait wasn’t too long.   The books were a great distraction in the waiting room  and during the time the stitches were being put in.  I just happened to have one of Robbie’s favorite books along, Souper Chicken by Mary Jane Auch.    I read that book many times!

The nurse, Susan, was wonderful!  So was the doctor.  Susan told Robbie that he did an awesome job and she has seen many adults who couldn’t handle that kind of situation as well as he did.  I think that compliment really stuck with him because he talked about that a few more times that night and the next day.

Before leaving our room Robbie left this note.  Later he told me it was supposed to be for the nurse.

I feel fortunate that this is only his second visit to the ER.  Because Robbie told me just days before this incident, “I look for dangerous things.”

The first ER visit was when he was almost 4 years old.  He got bit by this bat that was stuck in a burdock plant behind our garage.