Who I am & how I got started…

  I am a mama to three very active boys and a daughter.

Nola Mae & Mama Swing


We live 1.5+ hours away from most of our family.  I have always shared photos and stories of our days in emails with my family and friends.  I thought having a blog would keep me on track with taking photos and remembering the little things that happen in our week.  These photos and stories wouldn’t be lost in my outbox messages, if I had them in a blog.

When I first learned of Project 365 in 2011 I thought that would be a good reason for me to get started with my very own blog.  Once I sorted out the set up and worked on my first post I thought it was too time consuming to do this on a daily basis so I changed the idea a little and just posted a weekly post with the previous week’s photos.  During my first week I took about 50 photos and narrowed it down to just a few.

To read more about me click here to read my post titled “I am…”

I have gotten a little off track now with the Project 365 idea and am going into my 3rd year of blogging.  You will find my first year of photos under the category of Project 365, my 2nd year – Year 2 Weekly Posts and my 3rd year may be in monthly posts.

Many of my far-away family members have been enjoying my weekly posts and have told me that they feel more apart of our lives.  My goal has been accomplished!

In addition to the Project 365 I have shared other stories and my thoughts in posts that happen whenever I have time to put something together.

Always dreaming about skiing!  I am a skiing mama!

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    • Judith,
      Thanks for noticing this. I recently added this that is why you haven’t read it.

      In my dashboard I was noticing a lot of views on the “About Me” section that I typed up when I started. Back in January I wasn’t sure how personal I wanted that part to be, so I was brief and it was kind of lame. I was inspired by the Island traveler’s blog where he did a beautiful job sharing his story.

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