UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) Part 1

UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) Part 1

UFO = Unfinished Objects that I have lying around. I need this list organized to prioritize my “UFO to finish”.   It will help me  to  be prepared to grab a small project when I have a long car ride ahead of me or when I am looking for something to do (that doesn’t involve cleaning) while Nola Mae is napping.

Part 1 = I know I will start more projects and not finish them.  Or I may find more UFOs as I do more organizing in my sewing room.


Finish hand quilting Nola Mae’s bear quilt by her birthday.

  UFO Bear quilt

The rest of this list doesn’t need to happen in any special order:

Jack wants a different kind of strap for his workshop apron.

UFO Jack's apron

These are the sweater owls that need to get done before I cut or felt anymore sweaters.

UFO small sweater owls   UFO ornamnet wool sweater owlsUFO Sweater Owl

I started this start baby for my youngest nephew, shortly after he was born (14 months ago).

UFO Star baby

I am not sure how old these unfinished dish towels are.

UFO dish towels

Here is a Shibori dye project in amazon green on muslin fabric that flopped!  I am going to try one more time with an over dye same method but with a different color.  I am waiting some color inspiration and the right day to get this done.  My plan is to make these 12 in squares into a lap quilt.

UFO Shibori dye project

Two dresses that I want to turn make into summer skirts for myself.

UFO Dress into skirts

Colorful socks made into baby leggings.

UFO socks for babyleggs

Finish hand quilting this wall hanging to display Jack’s and his Dad’s buttons from the steam show.

UFO steam engine quilt

I would love to have this scrap quilt finished this year.   Every time I get it out Nola Mae wants to rearrange the squares.  I started this in the winter of 2011-12.

UFO scrap quilt

These are leftover squares from a quilt I made a friend over 10 years ago.  I cut and sewed extra to make another one.

UFO pink purple yellow quilt

I found this simple quilt top at Goodwill and would like to baste it and make this my first machine quilting project.

UFO flag quilt

A dyed project from February that I would like to make into a quilt.

ice dye pink & yellow bags & quilt

I machine embroidered these flower designs on “bag” fabric.  The design on the left was a test run for my ring slings and the design that I decided to put on the tails of my ring slings, it takes about 15 minutes to do.  The bottom one was another test run for the ring slings.  It didn’t make the cut because it takes about 40 minutes.  The orange poppy was going to be made into a bag, but the stitching pattern got misaligned somehow during the last color and last 5 minutes of the  5 hour project.  I couldn’t throw it away!  Recently, I filled in the lines manually, which took me about 15 minutes and now it is ready to be made into a bag.

UFO emboridered flowers for bags

These four are aprons cut and ready for sewing.

UFO arpons

Robbie and I started this minecraft ice sword design last summer.  I am not sure when we will get this done and what it will made into.

       UFO minecraft sword

These are two older projects that Robbie and I started, maybe in the winter of 2011-12.  Originally, Robbie wanted “Robbie’s Room” to be a sign on his door.  I was trying to think of something more practical, like a pillow for his bed.  I don’t think we ever decided – one reason it never got finished.

‘mk   UFO Robbie's         UFO sword holder

This isn’t really a UFO, but it is my mending pile.

UFO Mending pile

I got this blog post idea from my friend Meredith.  She wrote a blog post called UFO Spotting, click here to see her beautiful unfinished objects.

Old Times = Productivity

Old Times = Productivity          

Last week we were having serious issues at our house.  My friend, Samuel, said that it sounded like we were living during the “Old Times” after hearing my story and being reminded that we don’t even have a TV.  First our computer stopped working and then our cordless phone died.   Plus the only semi working tablet in our house was getting repaired and went to completely not working!  I was waiting for our electricity to go out!  Then we could be back in the times when there were wood stoves and candles and lanterns.  Thankfully that didn’t happen.   Although, one night I didn’t start a fire in our wood stove before going to bed and we woke up to 45 degrees in our house (our furnace is turned off so it never kicks in when it gets a little chilly in our house).  

I was able to quickly find our back up phone that plugs in the wall.  I was able to make frequent trips to the library to use their computers.  

library marion

On one of our trips to a library computer was on the day we needed to run errands in Marion.  I usually use this library’s drive through window (they are in an old bank) to drop off books and never go in.   They have an awesome train table!  I loaded up the car with the pile of stuff to be donated that has accumulated in our basement. 

One load out:

trunk load leaving

Our coming home load:

Two paper bags from the resale shop, two 100 pound bags of chicken feed, library books and some food from Country Corner Sales.

trunk load home

I am not admitting that I waste a lot of time on the computer.  I wasn’t able to email my family and friends, arrange for my next book club meeting, make arrangements to meet friends.  No blogging happened which put me behind on my November post.   Nola Mae didn’t get good nursing times and nap times.  That is what I do when I work on the computer, nurse and type while she naps!

Since we still had electricity I was able to bake a turkey, cookies, dinner rolls and successfully burn cinnamon rolls.    I wasn’t able to talk on the phone because that would require me to stand in one place and do nothing else.

   dinner rolls

I was able to walk into a room to find multiple kids quietly reading. 

Reading Robbie  reading Charlie to Henry

All this reading meant that I needed more books from the library and a box to keep them in.  We have used the end table as the place for library books but there is just too many for me to keep track of.

books box

I went to bed early, woke up early, read many pages in my own books, started and completed sewing projects, did a test dye job and had a clean house.  

dye PVC towels

An ice dye on Charlie’s cape…

dye ice cape

My latest sewing project…owls from sweaters I have collected.

owls group

 An apron with owl fabric for the pocket…

apron owls

As of today our computer is working.  My house is still clean.  I have caught up on most of my emails.  I am still working on catching up on reading the blogs that I follow.   I realized I am thankful for a husband who can fix computers and the fast speed of our computer.  I learned this week that I don’t need to see all the crap on Facebook, but I miss the contacts I have with my Facebook friends.  Did they miss me?  Probably not.


Winter of Sewing (2013)

Winter of Sewing (2013)

I took this photo on January 7, 2013 with the intention of sewing everything in this pile that week, documenting it and doing a blog post called something like a “Week of Sewing.”  That didn’t happen so it turned into a Winter of Sewing.

sewing projects

Completed projects from this pile:

Black coat on the left – I replaced a zipper on a ski jumper’s coat.

Pink fabric with flower print – a huge pool bag for my sister that fits three kids.

bag for Emily's pool

Green fabric with silver rings – a ring sling for my sister-in-law, BJ, and for a friend’s daughter.  Extra fabric was made into bags for me and BJ.

ring sling green w silver  bag to match ring sling

ring sling and bag

Blue fabric with snow flakes – an apron for a young lady who use to live and ski jump here.

Apron for snow princess

Not in the photo:  a patch job on a friend’s coat.

Not completed:

Top middle – old curtain from a thrift store to be made into a bag.

Purple fabric – maybe will become a skirt.

Brown fabric with “ICE” & “RWV” –  a sword holder designed by Robbie to hold his wooden sword that he received at Christmas time.  It has something to do with his Elemental Warrior game that he plays with his cousins.

Green peppers print – will be a fabric box.

Green and gold fabric – will be made into a star baby or a couple of them.

I am not sure exactly what happened that week.  Could it be the many distractions from my four children, the need to cook and feed my family, laundry and very minimal house cleaning?   Or maybe it was the skiing conditions were great that week and I went cross-country skiing.  Priorities, right?  My sewing will still be there but nobody knew how long the snow was going to last.  I recently wrote a post on my cross-country skiing  (Winter skiing 2013) because it was the best winter for cross-country skiing!

When I got into the mode of sewing and not thinking about skiing I was inspired or distracted, depending how you look at it, by other sewing projects that weren’t in this pile.  I hope to publish a “Upcycled Sewing” blog post soon.

While I was making the ring sling for BJ, I thought Kale, my nephew, could use one too.  I had this cool star print in my stash.

ring sling for Kale

My friend, Kristin, saw Kale’s ring sling and asked me to make one for her three kids.

ring slings for girls

Henry modeling Kristin’s son’s ring sling.

Ring sling for boy

I used BJ’s ring sling for a couple of weeks and fell in love with it.  I never tried one and was never interested in ring slings.  I always thought I needed to have both my hands free to do things and having a baby in a ring sling on my hip or on my front wouldn’t work, even if my hands were free.  Except when you need to run into the store or school quickly while holding a 3 year old’s hand. Or hold your baby while at a family function or event.  Or when you are in a public place and need to nurse the baby to sleep and keep the baby sleeping.  Too many uses to list.

I took these to photos to show that ring sling can be used with a baby and a three-year old, separately of course.  I have a friend who is a babywearing pro and has taught me everything I know.  She has an instructional YouTube video on how to put a newborn into one of these ring slings properly.  It is the best video out there!

ring sling w 10 mo old   ring sling w 3 yr old

I went back to the fabric store and bought more of the green fabric and some of this plum color.  I made this one with black rings for myself.

ring sling plum mine

I have been using a ring sling for three months and Nola Mae is slowly getting heavier.  The ring sling has been comfortable for long periods of time, but lately not so much.  I was having trouble with the shoulder riding up towards my neck.  I believe that is because I made the pleats on the shoulder too narrow.

This week I finished making two more ring slings (another green one and a second plum-colored ring sling) and I ripped out the seams in the shoulder and widened the pleats on mine.  Then I decided to add a pretty design to the tail.

ring sling plum mine new shoulder

Ring sling silver rings for sale ring sling plum w silver for sale

I made a seperate post for my upcycled sewing projects that I worked on this winter.

Project 365 Week 51

Project 365 Week 51

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

My 100th post!

12/19/11 (Monday) – The boys have been spending time with me in my sewing room while I sew.  I have a hard time concentrating while they are down there with me.  I made many mistakes on a few of my projects which caused some delays and a lot of frustration.

Tonight was when I was able to focus on what they wanted to sew.  We didn’t finish the items for Christmas or for a photo this week.  Henry won’t mind when he opens his gift.

12/20/11 (Tuesday) – I went to the feed mill today and was pleased to find out that they know me by name, and weren’t calling me “the chicken lady.”  Except they had the wrong name and were calling me Patsy.  (Remember my post Small Towns?)  While I was there waiting for my feed to be ground up and bagged I met another customer who was looking to purchase laying hens.  We exchanged numbers and set up a day for him to come look at my chickens.  When I called him to arrange a time his wife said, “It’s the chicken lady.”  I am okay with being called the chicken lady, not Patsy.

I finished this dolphin apron for a friend.

And this cardinal for a bag.

12/21/11 (Wednesday) –  I rested a lot today after a few busy days.  I didn’t really want to rest but my body was telling me I needed to.   I felt better by evening and was able to finish sewing a few of my Christmas gifts.


12/22/11 (Thursday) –  I tried taking it easy today wrapping gifts, getting ready for Santa’s arrival, and packing for the weekend.  We left for the Owen/Loyal area after the boys got home from school.

We spent the evening with the Eloranta family eating great food, visiting, eating more yummy food and taking the annual group photo.

12/23/11 (Friday) –  We spent the day with the Vaters.

12/24/11 (Saturday) – While we waited for my brother and his family to arrive at my Mom’s house we walked down to the pond to play on the ice.  Grandpa Jerry surprised us with sled rides behind the 4-wheeler.

Four of the seven grandsons in our family were together today.  We missed our other cousins this weekend!

12/25/11 (Sunday) – We were home Christmas morning.  The boys surprised me by sleeping until 6:45am!  After breakfast we opened gifts and both big boys got right to work at putting their new Legos together.  These were the largest pieced sets they have ever done.  Both with minimal help from us.  Charlie used his new container from Granny that has different sections to sort his parts.

Their new Star Wars ships.

Henry’s baby quilt was finished just in time for me to give it to him for Christmas.

Surprise!  Surprise!  My Candy Loving Boy was busy eating all the candy in his stocking and sneaking candy from other people’s stockings.

Project 365 Week 49

Project 365 Week 49

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

12/5/11(Monday) – I did a test pattern on my embroidery machine of a poppy. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go or even how long it would take. My machine told me that this pattern was for 64,000 stitches and failed to mention that it would take almost five hours. Thankfully, I don’t have to sit there for all of those five hours. My only requirement once the machine is set up and started is to change the color of thread at the designated times.

The threads for the poppy design.

My machine in action.

The flower turned out much prettier than I expected so I decided to make a bag with it.

I also made a small zipper bag with an awesome rooster embroidered on it.  I don’t have a photo because I lost the bag!

I finally cut my last batch of soap.  I hope it will be dry for Christmas gifts.

12/6/11 (Tuesday) –   A friend wanted aprons for her daughters and daughter-in-law.  The daugther aprons match the granddaughter aprons I made in July.


This week I had my bible study on Monday night and came home to this on the table.   (This is an Origami Christmas Tree design.  Robbie used that design to make a sign for me to notice the note that he left me.)

Tuesday night I had a board meeting at the ski hill and came home to find this note.

12/7/11 (Wednesday) –  A friend asked me to make tooth pillows for her two girls.


12/8/11 (Thursday) –  While walking out to the barn to take care of the chickens, collect eggs and insulate the chicken coop window Henry said, “Wind in my face!  Is winter time?”

 You can see that huge gap where the snow blows in, what you can’t see is all the little holes all around the window.

Before insulation.

  While fixing the chicken coop window Henry told me, “My face needs gloves!”

I stuffed straw in the window and covered it with plastic.  I was almost done and we were both freezing and Henry was crying, “ME DONE!”

He was happier once we got into the house and needed to put the eggs away.

12/9/11 (Friday) –  Jack’s early Christmas present arrived today.  It is a TV with a built in DVD player for his exercise area.  He was using an old laptop for his exercise videos.  We have always used our computers to watch movies since we don’t have a TV in our house, until now, I think we will refer to it as a DVD player.

12/10/11 (Saturday) – Robbie and Charlie had their piano recital today.  Henry thought he should be able to go up on the stage to play piano too.

We took a family photo since everyone was in nice clothes this afternoon.

12/11/11 (Sunday) –  We cut down our Christmas tree from behind the garage.  These were some of the first spruce trees I planted during our first couple years here.  It is amazing how fast they have grown.  This one was slightly bent/damaged from the heavy snow we had in November.

Each boy got a turn to trim the trunk for easy sawing.

This is our smallest Christmas tree. I think it is my favorite mainly because I love Colorado blue spruce trees!

Project 365 Week 47

Project 365 Week 47

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

11/21/11 (Monday) –  I finally made something for myself.   This bag accidentally became a reversible bag.   I made a pocket for it from one of the embroidery designs on my sewing machine.  I liked the way the Baltic fabric looked and I didn’t want  to disturb that with a pocket on the outside.   I made the bag big enough to carry my quilt hoop and a quilt project.  I believe it is 22″ x  21″.

This bag was inspried by a design I saw in the book Sew Wild by Alisa Burke that I picked up from my library.

My pocket with a variegated purple thread.

While I was trying to figure out what fabric to use for the inside I realized that the pocket looked pretty on the plain cream fabric and together they would make a pretty bag.  That is how I got the idea for the reversible bag.

11/22/11 (Tuesday) –  Henry warming his baby’s fingers because they were cold.

I found a wonderful deal on Honey Crisp apples and had to buy 45 pounds of them ($19)!  This was a wonderful after school surprise for the big boys.

11/23/11 (Wednesday) – The boys’ Thanksgiving weekend started today.  Since Jack had to work we invited Aunt Susie to join us for lunch at the boys’ favorite place in Stevens Point.   There was cotton candy!


11/24/11 (Thursday) –  Remember the birthday party Charlie attended last weekend and I didn’t realize that it was a birthday party until he came home?  Charlie picked out this fabric for Mollie’s apron.

11/25/11 (Friday) –  We were fortunate to have three family Thanksgiving meals over the weekend.  The Vater family was our first meal and was the only one we got a group photo.

11/26/11 (Saturday) –  I spent the day at my mom’s house visiting, looking at her quilting projects, and eating leftovers.  Our last Thanksgiving meal was this evening with wonderful food and great company.  We drove one and a half hours home in order to sleep in our own bed.

11/27/11 (Sunday) –  Robbie and Henry helped me unload the straw that I bought last week.  Robbie dropped the bales onto the truck bed for Henry to push them off.  I stacked the bales perfectly, the way I like my bales stacked, without any interference!

My neighbor called to tell me they are going to take the corn to the feed mill on Monday.   So we unloaded some corn to buy from them to feed the chickens.  We figured out how many pounds of corn fit in our bucket, Robbie kept a tally of how many buckets we loaded, then we went into the house to add up our pounds of corn and figured out how much we have to pay.

Jack took photos of the boys this afternoon.

This isn’t a perfect picture of all three boys but it is my favorite one.


Aprons – for sale


These are aprons I have already made and are waiting for a kitchen to cook in.

I also can make an apron for you out of my huge stash of fabric.  

Please feel free to click on the photo to see an enlarged version.

The child aprons can fit a child up to age 7 or 8.  The approximate dimensions are: 9.5 inces across the chest, 26.5 inches long, 21 inches wide, the neck strap is 21.5 inches long and the tie straps are 26 inches long.

The adult apron approximate dimensions are: 9 inches across the top, 30 inches long, 27.5 inches wide, the neck strap is 21.5 long and the tie straps are 27.5 inches long

Cost:  Child apron $12 and Adult apron $15

Child – Butterflies

 (100% cotton, lined & a pocket is on the belly area)

  Child – Sport balls

  (100% cotton, lined & a pocket is on the belly area)

Child and Adult – Fruit slices

 (Hancock Duck fabric not lined)

Child and two Adult – Green chilies

 (this fabric is a heavier cotton, Hancock Duck fabric used for pockets and straps)

Adult – Chocolate candies

 (Hancock Duck fabric not lined)

Adult – Dots

 (Hancock Duck fabric not lined)

I am willing to ship within the United States.

Please feel free to contact me at jvater@tds.net.

I have a large selection of fabrics already in my stash.  I can email photos of fabrics if you give me ideas of colors and/or theme you are interested in.

Project 365 Week 31

Project 365 Week 31

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

8/1/11 (Monday) –  This morning we went blueberry picking at Chet’s Blueberries.  A beautiful place with lots of space for little ones to run around after they have picked and eaten their share.

17 pounds of blueberries for $34…

Silliness with blueberries…

After picking blueberries we went swimming for the first time in the Plover River at Iverson Park.

Robbie did some bridge jumping.  I am not brave enough to jump off a bridge (I have done it once in northern MN).  I have fond memories of us playing in the river’s current in MI and my mom bridge jumping when I was a little girl.

Henry having fun jumping…

Getting ready…

Charlie getting some serious air!

8/2/11 (Tuesday) – Raining mornings slows the boys down for Lego building.  Both boys made flying things that can be one or two flying things.

8/3/11 (Wednesday) –  I mailed these pillow cases for my cousin’s children with a box of boy clothes for her new baby.  I think this is the first girl pillow case I have made and I think it turned out beautiful!

8/4/11 (Thursday) –  The boys and I went to Waupaca to visit the display at the library for World Breastfeeding Week.  While we were in town we checked out Brainard’s Bridge Park.  The park has a couple of bridges and islands and the river goes through it with pretty rapids.  A beautiful place!  Click here to see more photos from their website.

8/5/11 (Friday) –  We have been looking for an ice cream maker for a long time.  I told Robbie, “We have to be patient and we will find the right ice cream maker.”   Two days later my step-grandma thought of us when she was cleaning out her basement.  Thank you, Grandma Barb! 

I invited friends over and Aunt Susie to share our ice cream and give me a good reason to clean my house.  I thought the kids would have fun cranking the ice cream.  Each boy did a few cranks and they were done. 

8/6/11 (Saturday) –  The boys and I walked in the Scandinavia Corn Roast Parade with the Scandinavia Library (and Aunt Susie – our favorite librarian).  I didn’t get any photos of the boys.  I did get a photo of my favorite entry to the parade.

Charlie went to a birthday party and took this apron for a gift.  I don’t have a picture of the apron finished with the child’s name on it.

8/7/11 (Sunday) –  The wood shed it finished and full!

Project 365 Week 28

Project 365 Week 28

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

7/11/11 (Monday) –  Mondays are difficult days for me.  Henry went downstairs to get me a cup of coffee.  The cup he brought to me was half full, cold and very chunky.  I wondered how he managed to find coffee leftover from the day before.  When I went downstairs found my french press opened and on the floor.  I think if he watches me make coffee every day it won’t be long before he can make a yummy cup of coffee for me.

7/12/11 (Tuesday) –  Tuesday morning library program.  We are lucky to have our favorite librarian  also be Aunt Susie.  I was waiting for Henry to climb onto her lap like he does at home. 

My first ripe blueberries!


7/13/11 (Wednesday) –  I have been trying to run this summer and it hasn’t been going as well as I would like.  I am registered to do a trail run in September and I may just die that day.  One of the ways for me to get a run in is by putting Henry in the stroller and the older boys on their bikes.  Well, as you can see here they are way too fast for me.

Today, I tried to slow them down and lighten my load.  I attached our bike trailer onto Charlie’s bike (it doesn’t fit on Robbie’s bike).  Robbie pulls Henry and Charlie rides Robbie’s bike, which makes them both much slower.  

Henry reads his books.  And yells, “Mama!”  If Robbie gets too far away from me.

I try to run close behind Robbie and the bike trailer.  He is weighted down enough that he rides at my pace and I just need to give him a few pushes up the hills.  This view of the boys while I run is much better! 

7/14/11 (Thursday) –  Thursday Night On Main is in its second year in our town.  There is great entertainment every week, you can click here to see the schedule for the rest of the summer.

This week Tom Pease came to Iola!  We had so much fun dancing and singing to our favorite songs!  If you don’t know who Tom Pease is you should! 

The Belly Button song was a huge hit with my boys and I think it is the most popular song with all children.  Especially this time, he warned everyone not to stick their finger in their belly button because that would cause illegal tooting.  Imagine the giggles.


Here is Tom Pease’s website:  http://tompease.com/

Click here to see a YouTube video of Tom Pease in Madison performing the Belly Button song.

7/15/11 (Friday) –  Robbie has started to mow certain areas of our lawn.   He mowed this area and wanted me to take picture of the liver shape in the lawn.  I have mowed this area many times and ended up with this same shape.  I never thought it looked like a liver, but it does.   He seems to always be thinking of Auntie Emmy and livers.  Where ever he looks he sees them. 

More progress on the wood shed this week.

7/16/11 (Saturday) – Our first bowl of blueberries!  Henry seems to have forgotten about them, thankfully.  That is why we have a handful and a bowl full this week.  This morning  I snuck out there to pick them and Henry came looking for me.  I hid in the blueberry patch so he wouldn’t find me while I was picking them.  I heard him at the edge of the garden calling, “are you, Mama?” for “where are you, Mama?” 

Later in the day I gathered from the garden my greens for my green smoothie.  Here are my ingredients.

Click here to read more about the benefits of green smoothies.    Oh so yummy!

Click here to see my post on Green Smoothies.

7/17/11 (Sunday) – My latest aprons were finished today.  I had some lace that I wanted to try on an apron and when one of my friends asked for two aprons for her granddaughters I thought this would be perfect use for my lace.  I may need to find out if there is an easier way to put lace on things.  I am very pleased with how they turned out. 

Poject 365 Week 25

Project 365  Week 25

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

6/20/11 (Monday) –  Our first strawberries from our garden.

Sharing with his little brother who is trying to be “a pig” about it.

6/21/11 (Tuesday) –  Chili and Shadow got hair cuts at a great place close to us called Dog and Cat Grooming by Crystal.  Crystal doesn’t mind hair – her business is in her home, she is a wonderful lady, and loves English Springer Spaniels.


 (sorry it was raining and I forgot to take a better picture at home):



(they each got a bow for their collars)

6/22/11 (Wednesday) – Two milestones today:

 1st, Charlie lost his frist tooth while eating an apple, really lost it because he swallowed it. 

2nd, Henry said his first 3-word sentence while we were watching The Human Planet (click here for the 1.5 minute clip on YouTube).  If you haven’t seen this series the BBC put together, you should!  We were able to rent the four disc set from our library.

6/23/11 (Thursday) –  I shipped homemade items I sewed and some of my soap to my Aunt who is having a craft/art sale next weekend at her campground in the WI Dells.


We have had a ton of rain this week and no days at the beach.  The boys played outside a lot (click here to see my slideshow of “Fun in the rain”)   in the rain.  Swimming and playing in the water is one of the best ways to burn off energy, so I took them to the awesome pool we have in our town.

6/24/11 (Friday) – It stopped raining, finally.  I was able to spend time in the garden attacking the monster weeds, while Henry attacked my blueberry bushes – picking handfuls of green berries.  I think/hope that I have him convinced that we just look at the berries.  I snapped this photo of him telling me, “Looking!”

6/25/11 (Saturday) – Visiting Aunt Susie and making funny faces.

6/26/11 (Sunday) – It was hot today!  Jack played kickball with the boys in the shade with the sprinkler on 2nd base.  I let the boys in on my secret stash of freeze-pops.

This evening we made some firewood.

It was still hot this evening and we forgot to pack water.  So the big boys headed back to the house to bring us water.