Week 21 – May 21 – 27, 2012

Week 21 – May 21 – 27, 2012

Monday, May 21st: I have been able to make a little progress on Nola Mae’s bear quilt.

Tuesday, May 22nd: Tonight was the last night of soccer.

Wednesday, May 23rd: Henry started riding his bike today.  He needs some help with steering and pedaling.  After 15 minutes with my help he showed a lot of improvement.  We were staying on the cement in and around the garage until he got a feel for the pedaling.  Then I took him on the gravel.  Going down the hill from the garage was a little scary for him and he almost wiped out, while I was right next to him.  Later in the morning when Aunt Susie came he showed her his biking.  He headed down the garage hill and screamed the whole way.  It was really scary all by himself!  Aunt Susie thought he was okay doing that by himself.

Thursday, May 24th: Henry and Nola Mae spent over an hour at a park with my friend, Kat, while I got a massage.  I was very nervous about leaving Nola Mae.  Only because I have never left any of my babies for any period of time with anyone, especially when they were 6 weeks old!  I really had no reason to worry.  Kat wore Nola Mae in the Mei Tai and she slept the entire time!

Friday, May 25th:  This is a frequent sight on our fence.

The story behind this is…the boys leave the house with their tooth-brushes at least 2-5 minutes before the bus arrives.  My plan is that they brush their teeth the whole time it takes to walk to the end of the drive-way and while waiting for the bus.  My thought is that if they had to do it in the house before leaving to meet the bus they wouldn’t brush their teeth for very long.  This way the tooth-brush is in their mouth for at least two minutes, hopefully being productive!  If I don’t make it out to end of the drive-way for one more hug and kiss they put the brushes on the fence for me to pick up later.

Saturday, May 26th:  Jack took this cute picture of Nola Mae.

Sunday, May 27th:  We went to our Moms’ for part of the weekend.  One stop was at Grandma Elma’s.  Robbie and Charlie went for a muddy walk in the woods with their cousin Michael.

Then we went to Grandma Helen’s where we all went for a walk.

Our last stop was Grandma Siggie’s.  Nola Mae spent most of her time on Grandma Siggie’s lap.  Nola Mae fussed just a little and Grandpa Neil teased Grandma about not knowing how to handle a girl (since she is a mother of four boys).  I think she did fine.  She has more granddaughters than grandsons, so she has had some practice!

11 responses

  1. Nola Mae is gorgeous and I love her quilt. By the way, how did you enjoy your massage? Hopefully it was wonderful. You look great.

  2. Oh Jenny, what a great week in photos! I am so glad you had your massage, Fun team photos, Nola Mae is adorable, lovely family photo by Helen? Love Charlie’s haircut, going after crayfish in the culvert? Grandma Siggie and Nola Mae…what can I say!

    • Lynn,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, Helen took the family photo. I don’t think the found any crayfish in the culvert. I heard Henry yelling that there was a fish by him and it was kind of scary for him. It did melt my heart to see Gma Sig loving Nola Mae.

  3. Jenny, beautiful photo of Gma Sig and Nola Mae! I love your teeth brushing strategy! Very good, and I love that they leave them on the fence, great shot!

    • Thanks Corky! I needed a photo of the toothbrushes on the fence to remember this. I am a person that walks around the house brushing my teeth doing other things.

  4. Great photos! When I left Gma Siggie I said “That Nola Mae sure is nice. Who do you think that comes from?” Gma just smiled and put her hand to her chest. It makes sense!

  5. Great pictures Jenny! Love the quilt. You look fabulous! Nola Mae is simply precious, love the photo with Grandma and of your whole family. Hooray Henry, he looks great on the bike! Are you relieved to have the business of soccer over? And lastly, love the toothbrushing on the way to the bus! Classic!

    • Kristin,
      Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I love comments! I enjoyed watching the boys play soccer this year and was actually sad when it ended. I do like our free nights with no place to go.

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