Week 28 – July 9 – 15, 2012

Week 28 – July 9 – 15, 2012

 Monday, July 9th:  It is hard to believe that Nola Mae is already three months old!  And smiling!

Fifty pounds of peaches arrived.  We have been eating these peaches fresh – sliced on a plate with a tiny bit of sugar, on french toast, straight-up peach smoothies, and I have put some sliced peaches in the freezer.

Tuesday, July 10th:  This is what boys build when they aren’t rotting their brain with computer games.

Wednesday, July 11th:  Robbie spins this light saber around like a pro.  I also took a movie of him doing this because I want to remember this forever.  If and when I have time to learn how to put home movies on the computer and then onto my blog, this is one that I would share.

I caught these two brothers cuddling while watching a movie, also a sight that I need to remember during the wild and crazy fighting moments.  They do love each other.  They don’t express it always and rarely how I would like to see the love expressed.

Thursday, July 12th:  Another harvest of garlic.  I had over 200 cloves planted.   I couldn’t dig it up all at one time.

Friday, July 13th:  We went to the Junior Canoe Slalom World Championships in Wausau.   They had a Kids Corner in the shade with a few fun activities.

These girls were from Japan and were really good with our boys.  They were trying to rearrange the rock in this river to make rapids and our boys were moving the rocks or throwing all the ducks in at one time.

They also had little kayaks for kids to sit in.

I was impressed by Henry’s pretend paddling.  I don’t think he has done much paddling in our kayak, today he seemed to know how to move the paddle.

It was a hot day and really too hot to hold or nurse a baby.

After leaving Wausau we headed to Grandma Helen’s.  She has a huge culvert down the road from her house.  The boys have a fun time playing in there, throwing rocks into the creek and admiring the large frogs.  This was the only water in the culvert because it has been so dry.

Charlie’s idea was to walk up the sides into a handstand.

Saturday, July 14th:  We had an Eloranta Family reunion today.  At the very end of the picnic we took this family photo with Jack’s siblings and families (Susie’s George is missing and we got a bonus person – cousin Tyler).

Sunday, July 15th:  The Eloranta family can’t be in the same location for a weekend without having a project to work on.  This weekend’s project was tearing down the milk house on Grandpa Ed’s barn.

Uncle Rick and Aunt Sue were very kind to invite us all over for a picnic lunch and to play in their pool.

Week 27 – July 2 – 8, 2012

Week 27 – July 2 – 8, 2012

Monday, July 2nd:  I started my project of putting all the olive oil in jars.  It was my lucky day because I had Henry running the spout and Nola Mae napping for a few hours.  We finished the job with minor interruptions.

Tuesday, July 3rd:  I have been complaining about our fruit fly problem.  This morning I caught Robbie’s attention by telling him we needed to build a trap for the fruit flies.  Robbie helped me make two of them.  I am not sure if this was as exciting of a job as he thought it was going to be.  Grandma Lynn showed me how to make this when I was younger.

I showed Robbie the directions for this Strawberry Sparkle Cake on the Pioneer Woman’s website.  He was very interested in making this since he loves jello.  We made this cake and two other jello flavors.  I won’t make this ever again.  I dislike jello, jello making and angel food cake is yummy just the way it is, PLAIN!

Wednesday, July 4th: I took the older two boys and Nola Mae to the New Hope Firecracker Parade.  It was short and sweet and very entertaining!  The boys were excited that there was candy involved.   Charlie and Robbie each had a pocket in my shorts for their candy.

I just happened to have the camera on the table while I was drinking my coffee.  Normally I would ask Henry to get off the window.  I was curious to find out what his mission was.


For some reason Henry wanted to open the garage door with the garage door opener that is attached to the top of my valances.


Thursday, July 5th:  Another Sunset Lake photo…Nola Mae napping in our beach bag.

The boys have been helping me in the kitchen.  They have gotten very good at putting away the dishes, to the point where I can leave the room or house, this is how I found my pots.  I giggled and resisted the urge to “fix” it.

Friday, July 6th:  Granny came to visit and she had the idea to fry an egg on the sidewalk, our temps have been close to 100 degrees.  The boys were excited and seemed a little disappointed that it didn’t sizzle once it was cracked.

Saturday, July 7th:  I started to harvest my garlic (alone) digging up the ones that only had the bottom three leaves dried.  I was enjoying a little peace in the garden.

These were my helpers last year on July 24th harvesting garlic (during Week 29).

Sunday, July 8th:  Nola Mae wasn’t nursing well this morning.  I did everything I could to fill her belly and she didn’t seem interested or upset or terribly hungry.  When all of my attempts failed I put a fresh diaper on her and wrapped her on my back, trying this new carry I learned on YouTube (BWCC – back wrap cross carry) and she slept for almost two hours.

One of the things I ordered with my olive oil was beeswax.  I have been wanting to make something similar to the booty balm I use for the baby’s booty and a few other things.

Week 26 – June 25 – July 1, 2012

Week 26 – June 25 – July 1, 2012

Monday, June 25th:  Nola Mae was weighed today.  Since the last weight, four days ago, and the start of me taking fenugreek she gained 5 ounces!  During these four days I noticed a more active, alert and very happy baby.

Our first handful of blueberries.  I was surprised the blueberries were ready.  Last year on July 12th was when we got our first handful.  Click here for Week 28 in 2011.

Tuesday, June 26th: Henry was having a hard time this morning.  I couldn’t figure out what he needed until I picked him up and hugged him.  He seemed to just want to be held.  I asked him if he wanted to ride on my back.  He was very interested, a rare moment.  I can’t remember when he last wanted to ride on my back!  I put Henry on my back in my Ergo and Nola Mae in my Mei Tai and off we went to do our outside jobs.  This is the best picture I could get in the mirror.

My olive oil order arrived.   As usual the UPS guy drove too fast into our driveway.  One of these times I am going to yell at him or just call his boss!

Wednesday, June 27th:  I was gathering our things for the beach.  I needed to see if this yellow hat fit Nola Mae.  Henry tried it on for her.

Henry’s first dentist visit was this afternoon.  Bad news from the dentist for my little boy who loves everything sweet!  It doesn’t feel good to get yelled at from the dentist.  I kept telling myself there are other kids out there with worse teeth and worse mothers.

On our way home from the dentist we picked up 36 pounds of cherries (six days later they were gone).

I took a photo of Country Corner Sales’ fruit order sheet so I could email it to friends and keep a digital copy for myself.  The other fruit that I have ordered for this summer are blueberries and peaches.

Thursday, June 28th:  Sunset lake – Robbie and Charlie’s first trip to the beach this summer.

Friday, June 29th:  I have been wanting to get our exercise ball out for many, many months.  Finally!

Saturday, June 30th:  Jack has been working on refinishing my/our canoe.  Jack made this canoe for me as a wedding gift.

(photo taken August 2, 1997)

The canoe is refinished and ready for the water.  Once the temps cool down a little I would love to go paddling.

Sunday, July 1st:  I have been encouraging the boys to go out to their fort in the woods to make improvements.  They went out there today and I joined them about 20 minutes later.  One of the things we worked on was making a fire pit.

I made calzones for dinner. Click here for the recipe.

Henry has learned from cooking with Grandma Helen and Granny that he can have his own dough.