Naughty People

Naughty People

Recently, Robbie asked if someone would steal a car with kids in it while the parents were paying for their gas.

I had to do some quick thinking on how to answer this.  Make it short and sweet?  Use this as a teachable moment and maybe give him too much to think about?

The mother in me thought:  They are strapped in the car and calm and it seemed like their ears and minds were open. So teachable moment it is!

So here is what I said,  “probably not and not many people out there would steal a car. But people do.

“You know how I read about all the naughty people in the newspaper? I have read about a few people who have stolen cars – a boy from his parents and a girl from her boyfriend.  These people got in big trouble for not asking to use the car.  Because they didn’t ask for permission the owners thought the car was stolen and they called the police.   Stealing cars is serious and people go to jail for it.   It stays on your name forever and whenever you want a job they will know what you did by looking it up on the computer.  And they may not hire you because they think you can’t be trusted.”

Robbie:  “There are some jobs you can do on your own, like sell juice.  But that doesn’t get you much money.”

Me:  “Right!  You will need to find a job to pay for your house and food!

People learn respect and good behavior when they are kids. That is why Papa and I always stress these things.  So you will learn them now and not when you are a grown up and you do something really bad.

Remember stealing that cupcake decoration in 4K?”

Robbie:  “Yes!”

Me:  “If I just ignored that and didn’t take you to talk to your teacher you may have stolen something else and kept stealing other things all your life and maybe end up stealing a car!”

I also explained:  Besides your family teaching you these things it is important that you have friends that make good choices, and your friends that you hang out with are kind and respectful to you and others.   You and your friends need to help each other to remember what is right and wrong.

Aunt Becca’s job is working with people who were in jail for doing something bad.  Part of her job is to help them learn respect and responsibility.  Some of them didn’t have a Mama or a Papa or an Aunt or Uncle to show them respect, kindness and love.  She also helps them to learn that it is important to show up to work every day and work hard.  You boys already know how to work hard!

Robbie:  I didn’t even know there is a job like that!

After my long babbling talk about naughty people,  Charlie corrected me about naughty people:   “Mama, there aren’t any naughty people. There are people who make bad choices. There aren’t any good people. There are people who make good choices.”

Project 365 Week 42

Project 365 Week 42

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/17/11 (Monday) –  Henry helped me pick the last of our apples off our tree today.  I think he liked being “up high” more than picking apples.

The last of the apples off our tree.  It is time to get eating and making more applesauce.

Have you ever had an apple as big as your head?  Or as big as a two-year old’s head?  Unfortunately this isn’t one of our apples.  It is a Honey Crisp (my favorite apple) that I bought at the store.  We have two Honey Crisp trees in our yard that are too young to produce many apples.

10/18/11 (Tuesday) –  I have been waiting for this moment…Robbie reading to his brothers.

Last week I posted this picture of boys getting on the bus.  Notice the sunlight!

Bus boys

A week in a half later they are now getting on the bus when it is really dark outside.  This will change when daylight savings comes.   I was shocked by the difference in light.  The other difference you can’t see is that they are now wearing pants and winter coats.

10/19/11 (Wednesday) –  Henry wanted to hike with his baby in his coat.

10/20/11 (Thursday) –  Last week Friday I posted three cute photos of Henry telling me he has a baby in his belly.  Click here to read that post.

10/21/11 (Friday) – Robbie had seven boys over for his after school birthday party.  Here they are getting off the bus.

The boys carved pumpkins, played kickball, catch, tag, chased each other through the woods and into the field, caught chickens, collected eggs and tackled and wrestled each other.

I asked them if their parents let them use knives at home and many said no.  I was impressed with how careful they were with the knives.  We had no cuts or close calls!

I also enjoyed this time while they were all in one spot for many minutes.  I was able to get to know them better and see their personalities.  I loved how one boy NEEDED every string and seed out of his pumpkin before he started carving.   This experience also showed me that the energy level of our boys is very normal.

I had to drag them away from a great game of kickball to eat and have cupcakes.

10/22/11 (Saturday) – The last of our broccoli and carrots from the garden.

10/23/11 (Sunday) –  My latest cake was delivered this morning.  The gap in the writing is where the baby’s last name is.  I didn’t ask permission to post a photo of the cake, so I thought it would work out okay if I took the last name out of the photo.

Baby in Belly

Baby in Belly

Henry showed me today that he has a baby in his belly, by putting a ball in his overalls.

belly Henry 1 Oct belly Henry 2 Oct belly Henry 3 Oct

I guess he has been listening and understands what is going on inside my belly.

Yes, it is true baby #4 is brewing to arrive the spring of 2012!

my baby in belly

Last week on Robbie’s birthday he gave me a hug after opening his gifts and noticed my “bigger” belly and asked if I was going to have another baby.  I was surprised by his comment.  I looked down at my belly and realized that my belly is getting bigger.  It is time to start sharing our news.  I had hoped to tell more of my friends in person and our extended family in a more personal way.   This seems to be the best way for me to spread the word.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your due date?    Sometime in the spring, after skiing is done!  I am not counting weeks and days at this point.  We all know babies come when they are ready.  I will patiently wait and enjoy every day of this pregnancy.

Was this planned?    If you know me well enough to know how many children I have always dreamed of having then you know the answer.  If you don’t then please don’t ask.  Some of the best kids were surprises to their parents (me being one of them)!

Are you trying/hoping for a girl?    NO!  I gave that up two babies ago!

Will you do another home birth?    Yes, I sure hope so and will do every thing I can to make it possible!

 Are you doing the heparin shots?  No.  I used heparin with Robbie and Charlie’s pregnancies until 34 weeks.  After consulting with a perinatologist and my midwife it was determined that I don’t need to use heparin to maintain a pregnancy.  I was 18 weeks pregnant with Henry at that time, with two weeks worth of meds left, I stopped the heparin at 20 weeks with Henry.  Lately, I have had many worrisome days.  I am renting a doppler from .  I am reassured everyday that things are still good on the inside.

Will you find out the gender of this baby?    No!  I love this kind of surprise (this might be the only kind of surprise I like).  Plus, not knowing is a good motivator for me in those last few moments of pushing to get that baby out!

Project 365 Week 41

Project 365 Week 41

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/10/11 (Monday) –  This morning Henry was awake to meet the bus with the big boys.  On our way out the door he insisted on wearing his backpack.

When the bus arrived he started walking with the boys to the bus.  I had to grab him and that is when he started sobbing and telling me he wanted to go to school.  This breaks my heart, I don’t want him to rush this school thing.  I am keeping him home as long as I can!

10/11/11 (Tuesday) –  After many months of dreading the job of installing a full zipper into this pull-over fleece for Jack’s co-worker.  I finally did it!  With the confidence of a new sewing machine, a zipper lesson from my mother-in-law and watching a few YouTube videos it was breeze!  Since this fleece I have had four broken zippers on my favorite pair of pants, a skirt, and two of my favorite coats.

10/12/11 (Wednesday) –  I finally had the time and energy to take care of my tomatoes.  It turns out I didn’t need much time to process them because they were moldy and starting to rot or really rotten.   In order process them meant pitching practice for Henry and a good treat for the chickens.   This season I got six quarts of tomato puree and one huge bowl of fresh salsa out of my sixteen tomato plants.  Thankfully I shared some with friends.

10/13/11 (Thursday) –  The biggest Packer fan in our house finally got his own Green Bay Packer pillowcase.

Here is one of the fancy stitches my new sewing machine can do.

10/14/11 (Friday) – Today was Robbie’s birthday.  His “cake” request was for an apple pie.   It was so easy to make with my homemade canned apple pie filling!   Click here to see my post of his first eight years.

10/15/11 (Saturday) –  We drove to Beloit, WI for our cousin Ruth’s wedding.  We had extra time to play before the wedding.  We found this awesome park called Turtle Island.

A huge log to climb and run through.  This was my favorite part in the park.

We had a few moments of quiet during the wedding ceremony.  After about five minutes of this sweetness, Henry was done and ran up and down the wheel chair ramp.

The bride got a few hits on the piñata.

10/16/11 (Sunday) –  We arrived home from the wedding late Saturday night.  The late night driving was worth it.  The boys slept all the way home and then waking up in our own beds and having all day at home was the best!

The start of breakfast with lots of dirty dishes!

We have had many windy days lately and this may be the last shot I get of our pretty fall colors.

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been given the Versatile Blogger Award twice now.  The first time by my dear blogging friend, Judith at  At that time (April 2011) I am sorry to say I did nothing about it.  I have my reasons and don’t need to bore you with my excuses!   I was honored but unable to pass the award onto others at the time.

The second time this award was given to me was a few weeks ago by a blogger who I follow closely, Island Traveler at

I am honored again!  I am taking this more seriously and putting a lot of time into accepting this award.

In accepting this award I need to take care of three things.  First, I need to give a huge thank you to the blogger(s) that gave me this award…

Judith, thank you for thinking of me and giving me this award many months ago.  Judith found my blog in the early weeks and has been one of those people who give me lots of encouragement.   Here is a link to one of my favorite posts by Judith:

Island Traveler, Mr. B,  thank you for giving me this award and being one of my biggest fans!  I am one of your biggest fans, too!  Here is a link to my favorite post by Island Traveler:

Secondly, I have to tell you seven random things about myself:

1.  I am the oldest of six children – one sister who has a liver disease and lives an amazing life with her three boys, a brother who is an amazing man, husband and father and triplet sisters who are all intelligent, strong and amazing young women who I am proud of more than I can express words.

2.  I am a mother of three amazing boys, who seem to be growing way too fast.  My oldest just turned 8 years old and it seems like yesterday that he was just born!

3.  I miss my two older boys all day while they are at school and get excited as the time get closer to when the bus will arrive.

4.  I take a nap with my 2.5 year old everyday, when possible!

5.  I know I have too many chickens (60+) but can’t part with any of them.  Because we all love them so much!

6.   I love to make firewood.

7.  I have been blogging with my Project 365 focus for over 9 months.  I love it and am addicted to my dashboard, stats pages and clustrmaps!

Thirdly, I pass this award onto a few of my favorite bloggers:

Tammie Jo at and .  Tammie Jo has always inspired me in my mothering and my faith.  I admire her most for her strength and determination to follow her dreams.  One of the many amazing things Tammie Jo has accomplished is listening to her heart and God and letting Him take her to places all over the world. One of the places where her heart has taken her is the Livingstone Mountains in South Western Tanzania, Africa. Go to the web site for One Small Drop mentioned above.

To learn more about how  One Small Drop accomplishes so many things through their vision “to change the world one person at a time, to educate those with resources to serve those who have needs, to create change of perspective and to change the world through service and education” you can visit

Jessie at behindthewillows .  Jessie was one of  the people who inspired me to start blogging.  She is a mother of two young girls, with a 3rd baby arriving in December.  She is an avid reader.  What I love most about her blog is that she writes honest and humorous posts about parenting, her adventures with her children, her farm, and her dogs.  The other cool thing about her blog is that she writes short book reviews of children and adult books that she has read.  One of my favorite post of hers is:

Sarah at thinkbigmuch.    Sarah is the other person who inspired me to start blogging.  She a mother of four children and also works outside the home part of the year as a Speech Therapist.  She is one of my favorite bloggers that I follow because of her thought-provoking posts.   We have been hearing for years how to live a more “Green” life and here Sarah has written about how she does it and these posts give you something to think about and encourage you to make some simple changes in your life.   Here are two of my favorite posts: and

Sigrid at The Joyful Mother  Sigrid’s blog is one that I recently started following.  I also follow her on Facebook, there she posts inspirations sayings or photos about children and/or parenting.  She is a Happiness Coach for the modern mom!  I have loved every post/article she has written.  This is my most recent favorite post by Sigrid:

My success in my blogging adventure hasn’t happened all by itself.  I have had many visitors (friends, family and complete strangers) providing me with encouragement to keep going.  Thank you to all my wonderful readers!

Happy 8th Birthday, Robbie!

Happy Birthday, Robbie!

We love you like there is no tomorrow!

A little jaundice.

Serious jaundice and second hospital stay.

Slamming the breastmilk, with the baby-bong.

Many hours, days and months of screaming.

First bath. 

More screaming for your visitors.

One year old. 

Two years old.

Three years old.

Four years old. 

Five years old.

Six years old. 

Seven years old. 

Eight years old.

Please stop growing up so fast!

Project 365 Week 40

Project 365 Week 40

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/3/11 (Monday) – Henry and I worked on finishing our applesauce after this last batch of steamed apples cooled down.

The apple juice from the  Mehu-Maija.

I got 18 pint jars of applesauce, so far!  I have a ton of apples still on the tree.  The more apples we eat the less I need to make into applesauce.

Here is half of them in the hot bath.

10/4/11 (Tuesday) – Henry’s new way of doing dishes.

After school energy…balancing in the wheel barrel full of pumpkins while your brothers shake the wheel barrel, causes a lot of giggling!

10/5/11 (Wednesday) – Slowly I am cleaning out the garden.  I found these treasures this week.

10/6/11 (Thursday) –  Robbie has this idea that he is going to rake the leaves off the path in the woods.  His main plan is to dry the leaves under the lean-to of the garage and then burn the leaves once they are dry.  The next day when he went back to the trail to admire his work.   He came to find me to tell me that it looked like he did nothing.  Someday he may understand that is how I feel about house cleaning.

10/7/11 (Friday) –  We will always need animals around for Henry to feed.

10/8/11 (Saturday) – Charlie recently spent his birthday money from Granny on these Lego’s.

10/9/11 (Sunday) – We aren’t saying good-bye to Mystique!  I just thought it was a beautiful day for a ride.  She needs more attention from us now that Vanilla is gone.  Each of the older boys got a turn by themselves and then a turn with Henry in the saddle with them.  This is Henry’s first time on a horse.  I think he loved it.

Project 365 Week 39

Project 365 Week 39

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

9/26/11 (Monday) –  I went to my bible study tonight.  Which meant Henry had to fall asleep without my cuddling.

9/27/11 (Tuesday) – Today was the day the beef was ready.  Henry and I loaded 425 pounds of meat into coolers.   I was expecting about 250 more pounds from the hanging weight of 904 pounds!  Which resulted in $500 less to cover my butchering costs.  My customers got a pretty good deal and hopefully good hamburger.

9/28/11 (Wednesday) – I picked up my new sewing machine today!  Thanks to Grandma Hamm and all my customers who bought decorated cakes, aprons and homemade soap, my brother-in-law, John’s company (Keeper Goals) and to my Mom who taught me to save my money.

9/29/11 (Thursday) – Pure  cuteness!  Waiting patiently for me to come downstairs.


This is a sign Robbie made for me for my birthday last year.  A list of food that is good to him.  There is another sign some where in our house that has healthy foods that he likes.  I am sorry to say it was time to put it in the fire.  Only because there are many many gifts like this that are made for me in the wood shop.  I have been thinking I need to dedicate a whole wall in our garage for these kinds of creations.

9/30/11 (Friday) – Homecoming for our school was this week.  There is a parade through town and all kids are encouraged to wear orange and black to school.  This year there was face painting in art class.

10/1/11 (Saturday) – Our weekend was full of many activities.  The older boys were in a Fall Fun Run in the morning.  After the run we went to the Lost Arts Fair in the historical section of our town especially for the Norwegian pastries. (Sorry no photos because I forgot my camera).

We had a windy week and a lot of apples fell off my tree.  We collected them and I started making applesauce and apple juice.

I have my very own Mehu-Maija (Finnish Juicer/Steamer) that makes making applesauce a breeze.

In the evening was Jack’s annual Redneck Bonfire with his college buddies.

10/2/11 (Sunday) – Here is one of Robbie’s great ideas.  He wanted to make a Tee Pee.  How he starts his ideas…”Mom I need some string.”  I have learned to ask “What is your plan?”  Sometimes I get, “It is a surprise.”  Or no response and he goes to Jack for some help.  Today it was, “I just have an idea.”


After Henry’s nap we spent the late afternoon/evening fulfilling one of my dream days…biking and canoeing on a beautiful fall day.

We dropped off the canoe at the County Road J bridge on the Little Wolf River.  We parked the car down river on McNitch Road, unloaded the bikes and biked back to the canoe, about 2 miles.

There were a few exciting spots on the river with trees across the river and a rapids that Jack didn’t remember very well.  We hit a few rocks and got hung up on a couple big ones.  Henry didn’t like the rapids when we were hitting rocks, but said he liked the rapids later after we were through them.  I felt the same way.  A huge high light of our trip was seeing a bald eagle very close.