Week 12 – March 19 – March 25, 2012

Week 12 – March 19 – March 25, 2012

Monday, March 19th:  My first load of laundry on the line this spring: diapers! I was so happy for them to see the sun for a couple of days.  They seem whiter and smelled good!

 First day outside for the chickens.  Henry the chicken catcher was busy harassing them.

 Tuesday, March 20th:  Brothers hiking and having a serious conversation.

 Wednesday, March 21st :  Henry wanted to ride this bike.  The big boys were helping him.  Later that night Jack put the training wheels on a bike for him.

We have had this wasted space in our upstairs bathroom since the remodeling project, six years ago.  Jack made these shelves this week.


Thursday, March 22nd:  A special birthday activity (an 8 year old’s idea of fun)…

 We went for a walk/bike on Sleepy Hollow.

 Wipe out on purpose.

Friday, March 23rd:  The first sign of my garlic.  I should have about 213 of these little green stems growing.  Remember they were planted a second time because Robbie cultivated the area up after I planted?  He didn’t know that I planted the garlic and he thought he was helping me work the ground.

Grilling his own sandwich.

Saturday, March 24th:  We went to visit our family for the weekend and to celebrate Grandma Elma’s 93rd birthday.

Sunday, March 25th:  Here are some of the items I have ready for the birth and the baby. 


Week 11 – March 12 – March 18, 2012

Week 11 – March 12 – March 18, 2012

Monday, March 12th: I recently purchased this colorful wrap to be used to carry our next baby.   It is about 5 yards long and perfect fabric for summertime baby wearing.

Here is Henry on my back in the wrap.

  Tuesday, March 13th:  The sweet little face I see every morning when I wake up.

Today was the day to finish two important sewing projects that have been on my list for a few months.



Wednesday, March 14th:  The start of Henry’s birthday cake.  His birthday isn’t until April and really close to my due date so I made this ahead and put the finished cake in the freezer.

The stacked rainbow cake was inspired by a cake I saw on someone else’s blog.  Click here for the cake that inspired me.


I don’t have a photo of the cake completely frosted.  That photo will have to wait until Henry’s birthday photos.

 Thursday, March 15th:  Charlie woke me up before 6:00 AM practicing his piano.  I thought I was dreaming of boys playing the piano.  When I got out of bed and peeked over the railing this is what I saw.  He told me he wanted to “get his piano playing done so I can play outside tonight.”

The changing table is cleaned off and organized.  I was still using it to store diapers, underwear and clothes for Henry.  He was having a difficult time with me moving his things to the dresser and baby things in “MY SPACE!” 

Note: The presence of blue clothes isn’t because I know I am having a boy, it is all I have.

Friday, March 16th:  This week I felt like my house was clean enough to host a couple of friends over for a play date.  This is what my living room looked when we went outside to play.

 This evening we went to the ski hill for our annual spring paddle in the bowl.   The bowl is at the bottom of the ski jumping landing hills.

(this photo is from April 12, 2011)

 These photos are from tonight.  It was warm enough for swimming!


Saturday, March 17th:  Aunt Susie gave me a henna tattoo on my belly.


 Henry got one too for his baby in his belly.

 Since I was “stuck” in the chair waiting for the henna to dry, Robbie thought it was a good idea to make us lunch.  Robbie wrote out a menu for us.

I didn’t “check” the ice cream.   I didn’t see the ice cream being served, just saw the dirty dishes.  Sneaky boys!

This was Aunt Susie’ lunch picks.

Sunday, March 18th:  We went to Big Falls to see the flow of the river at the dam. We had to stay up on the grass because our favorite flat rock was under rushing water.





Week 10 – March 5 – March 11, 2012

Week 10 – March 5 – March 11, 2012

Monday, March 5th:  Henry found some of my skiing and running medals.  He jumped and danced around making them “make music”. 


Tuesday, March 6th:  Robbie had his VIP day this week.  He picked out almost 60 photos to share with his class. 

We baked cupcakes for his class to decorate during his VIP time when we came into his class for a special activity.

His classmates seemed to enjoy decorating their cupcake and were very creative.  Here is a volcano cupcake.   Later the boys measured it and this cupcake was 4 inches tall.


Wednesday, March 7th:  We had a friend over and the two boys played a little basketball from the back of the truck in the barn.


Thursday, March 8th:  Breakfast in front of the fire.


Friday, March 9th:  I had my home visit with my midwives, Jane and Christie, this morning.  Many times during our visit Henry told stories of what is going to happen when “the next boy” comes.  During the last couple of days Henry keeps saying and insisting “the next boy.”

Jack finished this wardrobe for his sister.

 I think I have a new favorite photo of Henry…


Saturday, March 10th:  We met friends in Shawano for bowling, lunch, cake eating and kite flying.

Leftover frosting from Robbie’s VIP day provided the kids with some entertainment.

Charlie won this dragon kite last summer from the Scandinavia library’s reading program.  It is 45 feet long.


Sunday, March 11th:  The boys have earned a lot of money from reading.  I guess that money was burning a hole in their pocket.  Charlie bought these two lightsabers.  I included three photos of this crazy stuff because their facial expressions are so funny!

Week 9 – February 27 – March 5, 2012

Week 9 – February 27 – March 5, 2012

Monday, February 27th:  Henry made his own snowballs while I worked on my blog on Sunday night.  We took this picture in the morning.  This is fresh toilet paper jammed in the button holes of the love seat.  He also told me a long story about his plans for more snowballs.  He would go to the shop with Papa and pound and drill holes in a big piece of wood for a place to put more snow balls.

Tuesday, February 28th:  Sword fighting is usually an outside activity (or inside when they go in the basement) at our house.  Robbie wanted me to take some photos of them sword fighting for the collage we are making for his VIP days.   I suggested we do it in the house, they loved that idea!  BUT only if they cleaned up all their toys, dirty socks and other things (I won’t mention the other things that were picked up for this photo shoot).

We were expecting a snow storm and I was hoping for a snow day in the morning.  I let the boys read late into the night.  The latest and greatest thing is that Robbie is reading to Charlie.  Robbie’s reading has improved a lot in the last couple months, he reads the words quickly and Charlie isn’t distracted or bored because the story is taking too long.


Wednesday, February 29th:  The storm produced enough yucky weather for our school to call a snow day.  We didn’t get as much snow that was predicted but enough to get us outside.  We went snowshoeing around our property because it was much less work than going skiing.   It is the first time this winter I was able to try out my snowshoes that I got for Christmas.

 Henry got a pair of snowshoes from Jack’s Aunt Barbara last year.  We were too busy skiing last year that we didn’t do much snowshoeing. 

 I was impressed with how well Henry did.  He fell a few times and I carried him for a few minutes about halfway through our hike. 

  It wasn’t too difficult to keep up with the older boys because they were constantly falling and having a snowball fight.  Our hike took us about an hour and a half, in the summer time this hike takes us about a half hour.   I saw the boys having a blast and bit my tongue many times because I hate snowballs!  Click here  to read my post from last winter on snowball fights.


Thursday, March 1st:  Henry has horns. 

Friday, March 2nd:  Henry worked very hard on this big square of Legos during the last couple days. 

Henry started with an outside border and then worked on filling the inside. I could see his brain working to find the right piece for each spot. I had to show him that the single row Legos could fill those tiny spots. That made him happy. He was very proud to show Charlie this when Charlie got home from school. I needed to coach Charlie a little bit on being excited and impressed with Henry’s Legos.

After our snow day we had warm temperatures.  Not that the temps really matter to Henry.  He seems to think he can go outside if he at least has pants and boots on.

Saturday, March 3rd:  Jack took the big boys away for the weekend to visit his brother and family.  Henry and I worked on cleaning, organizing and rearranging my bedroom so it is ready for when the baby is born.  I laughed to myself when I gave Henry the job to vacuum inside my dresser.  I AM NOT A CLEAN FREAK!  I went a little over board!  I had to take this photo for my sister, Emily, she is the clean freak in the family!  Who vacuums the inside of their dressers?


Sunday, March 4th:  I had high hopes of making serious progress on my cleaning list.  Instead we took 2+ hour naps each day, cuddled by the fire, read books, snacked every two hours.  I was pleased with my progress in my bedroom and the kitchen because I made two different kinds of soup for my stash in the freezer.

I have plans to do a post on Henry’s favorite books.  Because these aren’t really his favorites. 

Henry’s pile of books from our cuddling and reading times:


Applesauce Friut Leather

Applesauce Fruit Leather

I love making applesauce in the fall.  This past fall I had a great helper!


Our boys love eating my applesauce until I feed them too much of it they get sick of it.  When they got sick of it last year I made some fruit leather with some of the leftovers in my dehydrator.  The boys didn’t like the fruit leather very much, I did!  

This winter I did an inventory of my canned applesauce.  I found I have tons of applesauce!   

I decided to try the fruit leather again.    I found some canned applesauce with chunks of apples (boys don’t like chunks), applesauce with strawberries (boys didn’t like that combo) and applesauce with raspberries (they didn’t like that combo either).

I have plastic liners for my trays.  My friend uses wax paper in place of the trays.  You can also use plastic wrap.

I had the best results with about 1/4 inch thickness of applesauce on the tray’s liner.

The owner’s manual directions said 135 degrees for 8-10 hours.

At eight hours the applesauce was like fruit leather but still a little too moist.  The directions in my manual said to cut it while it was still warm.  I used a pizza cutter.  The spatula was helpful in scraping the fruit leather of the plastic tray liner.

Because of the apple chunks I dried the fruit leather after the cutting for another 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Some slices were dry enough and didn’t need the extra drying time.


If I am remembering correctly a pint jar yielded one tray.

Other recipes/directions I found on-line:

Simply Recipes: Fruit Leather in the oven 

Heavenly Homemakers:  peach fruit leather

makeandtakes.com:  Apricot Leather dried in the sun

skiptomylou.org: Strawberry Fruit Leather (same directions as Apricot)