UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) Part 1

UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) Part 1

UFO = Unfinished Objects that I have lying around. I need this list organized to prioritize my “UFO to finish”.   It will help me  to  be prepared to grab a small project when I have a long car ride ahead of me or when I am looking for something to do (that doesn’t involve cleaning) while Nola Mae is napping.

Part 1 = I know I will start more projects and not finish them.  Or I may find more UFOs as I do more organizing in my sewing room.


Finish hand quilting Nola Mae’s bear quilt by her birthday.

  UFO Bear quilt

The rest of this list doesn’t need to happen in any special order:

Jack wants a different kind of strap for his workshop apron.

UFO Jack's apron

These are the sweater owls that need to get done before I cut or felt anymore sweaters.

UFO small sweater owls   UFO ornamnet wool sweater owlsUFO Sweater Owl

I started this start baby for my youngest nephew, shortly after he was born (14 months ago).

UFO Star baby

I am not sure how old these unfinished dish towels are.

UFO dish towels

Here is a Shibori dye project in amazon green on muslin fabric that flopped!  I am going to try one more time with an over dye same method but with a different color.  I am waiting some color inspiration and the right day to get this done.  My plan is to make these 12 in squares into a lap quilt.

UFO Shibori dye project

Two dresses that I want to turn make into summer skirts for myself.

UFO Dress into skirts

Colorful socks made into baby leggings.

UFO socks for babyleggs

Finish hand quilting this wall hanging to display Jack’s and his Dad’s buttons from the steam show.

UFO steam engine quilt

I would love to have this scrap quilt finished this year.   Every time I get it out Nola Mae wants to rearrange the squares.  I started this in the winter of 2011-12.

UFO scrap quilt

These are leftover squares from a quilt I made a friend over 10 years ago.  I cut and sewed extra to make another one.

UFO pink purple yellow quilt

I found this simple quilt top at Goodwill and would like to baste it and make this my first machine quilting project.

UFO flag quilt

A dyed project from February that I would like to make into a quilt.

ice dye pink & yellow bags & quilt

I machine embroidered these flower designs on “bag” fabric.  The design on the left was a test run for my ring slings and the design that I decided to put on the tails of my ring slings, it takes about 15 minutes to do.  The bottom one was another test run for the ring slings.  It didn’t make the cut because it takes about 40 minutes.  The orange poppy was going to be made into a bag, but the stitching pattern got misaligned somehow during the last color and last 5 minutes of the  5 hour project.  I couldn’t throw it away!  Recently, I filled in the lines manually, which took me about 15 minutes and now it is ready to be made into a bag.

UFO emboridered flowers for bags

These four are aprons cut and ready for sewing.

UFO arpons

Robbie and I started this minecraft ice sword design last summer.  I am not sure when we will get this done and what it will made into.

       UFO minecraft sword

These are two older projects that Robbie and I started, maybe in the winter of 2011-12.  Originally, Robbie wanted “Robbie’s Room” to be a sign on his door.  I was trying to think of something more practical, like a pillow for his bed.  I don’t think we ever decided – one reason it never got finished.

‘mk   UFO Robbie's         UFO sword holder

This isn’t really a UFO, but it is my mending pile.

UFO Mending pile

I got this blog post idea from my friend Meredith.  She wrote a blog post called UFO Spotting, click here to see her beautiful unfinished objects.

Project 365 Week 33

Project 365 Week 33

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

8/15/11 (Monday) –  I guess this is what our boys do when they find a pile of clean underwear (thankfully) and access to the camera.

8/16/11 (Tuesday) – While I was laying down with Henry for his nap Robbie thought it would be a good idea to make jello.  I was surprised to see a pan full of jello in the fridge and no sign of it being made in my kitchen.  I told him how proud I was that he followed the recipe and cleaned up after himself.  Robbie told me he made it from memory.  And it turned out!

The extra balloons from our piñata project.  Which is going very poorly!  There won’t be any piñata at our birthday parties.   I may be able to make one of the two piñatas that we started work for a family wedding that is planned for this fall.

Falling asleep while reading is one of my favorite things to do!  I love seeing our boys doing that too.

8/17/11 (Wednesday) –  This evening I had my book club meeting and Jack and the boys put up this tent.  Robbie and Charlie slept in the tent one night by themselves and one night with Jack.

I think this is my favorite picture of Henry this week.  I am guessing that he is trying to open the door.  Look at that determination!

8/18/11 (Thursday) – I picked my first tomatoes.  They surprised me and while picking them I found three very ripe ones that the chickens enjoyed eating.

My garlic is dry, cleaned and I started braiding them.

The morning glories that we planted earlier this summer are blooming now.  Next year we will have to tie the climbing string a lot higher.

8/19/11 (Friday) – Our first real blackberry picking and still not many ripe ones.  Robbie spent more time “blazing a trail” for us than picking berries.

Blueberry milk mustache.

8/20/11 (Saturday) –  Henry loves to feed the chickens and my cow, Vanilla.  Vanilla loves sweet corn stalks, cobs, and husks.

8/21/11 (Sunday) – Charlie’s birthday cake was baked today and Henry was my clean-up helper.  (He must have gotten some kind of bite on his left eyebrow)

Robbie made this pillowcase for Charlie’s present.

Project 365 Week 27

Project 365 Week 27

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

7/4/11 (Monday) –  I like to consider myself a Free-Range Parent.  On the last night of our weekend up north the boys asked me to set the alarm clock so they could get up early to go fishing, by themselves!   I was a little nervous about this idea, my Free Range thoughts reassured me that it would be okay! Click here to read more about the Free Range Parenting philosophy.    The boys were so hyped-up about fishing and wanted to fish every minute possible before we left.  The dock they would fish off of was about 1/8 of a mile walk from the cabin we were staying in.   In the morning we let them sleep in a little and let them go fishing.  

Here they are after their own fishing trip.

7/5/11 (Tuesday) – Over the weekend Charlie’s fish “Tank” died.  Just last week I was telling Tank, that if he died we wouldn’t be replacing him because I was tired of feeding him and cleaning the fish bowl.  I waited until today to break the news to Charlie.  Charlie wanted to dig a hole for Tank and put him in Bear Country (their fort in the woods).  Robbie and Charlie went outside to take care of Tank and about five minutes later Robbie came into the house.  He told me Charlie wanted to be alone for a little while.  Oh man, this darn fish was breaking his heart and mine on top of it!  Charlie came back into the house and made this sign and a new “Tank” for the fish bowl.  Charlie amazes me all the time with his creations with paper (a topic for a blog post).

7/6/11 (Wednesday) – On hot beautiful days we love to go to the beach.  Our second favorite activity is reading in the shade.  We gather blankets, books, my iced coffee and lemonade usually during Henry’s nap time and read for as long as possible.

7/7/11 (Thursday) – I went strawberry picking with our neighbor while Jack played with the boys on his lunch hour.  I picked 19.5 lbs of strawberries for $23!  We have eaten most of them.  I still have a lot of strawberries in the freezer from last year.  I need to make strawberry smoothies more often!

7/8/11 (Friday) –  Strawberries were on my mind when I wanted to bake a cake for my book club meeting and use up the leftover frosting from last week’s Spiderman cake.  This is what I came up with my heart-shaped cake pan.

strawberry cake

7/8/11 (Saturday) –  Our town is known for The Old Car Show, which was this weekend.  It is an amazing event, especially for people who love old cars.  http://www.iolaoldcarshow.com/index.asp

Over a hundred thousand people come to our little town for this event.  In order to pull this event off all of the organizations in the surrounding communinties volunteer their time.  Each group has their own job. Jack worked for the Lions on Saturday morning cooking 1,300 chicken halves.

When Jack’s shift was done we walked around looking at a few of the old cars.

7/9/11 (Sunday) – This wood shed was started earlier in the week.

I wanted to include these two photos of Charlie this week because I love how he dresses  – shirt tucked in, shorts and his skiing socks.  Every morning I encourage him to put on shorts and a short sleeve shirt, BECAUSE it is summertime!  I recenlty found out from him that he likes his legs covered and when he is wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt and it is 80 degrees he tells me, “only my top gets hot, so I can still wear pants.”


A little progress was made every night this week.  Quick Papa!  Henry is climbing!

Project 365 Week 21

Project 365 Week 21

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

5/23/11 (Monday) – One of our flowering crab tree, may favorite one.  I took the middle photo and Jack took the other two.

5/24/11 (Tuesday) – The last week of soccer – team photos.

5/25/11 (Wednesday) –   I brought down the kittens from the upstairs of the garage.

  Henry thinks they like my stinky shoes.


Other things Henry was up to today.


5/26/11 (Thursday) –  Today, Charlie celebrated his upcoming summer birthday at school.  Reality hit me and I did a double take when I saw “Happy 6th Birthday, Charlie!” on his crown.  Really, is my sweet Charlie going to be six years old?

His first choice for his birthday treat was chocolate chip muffins and my homemade applesauce.  I made the muffins, doubled the recipe, while Henry was trying to help, Robbie and Charlie were playing basketball in the dinning area and I was also working on making dinner.

Guess what happened…I used 6 tablespoons of baking powder instead of 6 teaspoons!  As I was measuring I thought it seemed like a lot and I double checked the recipe book and still screwed it up!

The final treat was chocolate cup cakes with left over frosting from the previous two cakes I made.  Green Bay Packer colors was the request!

5/27/11 (Friday) – Extending a flower bed and minimizing the lawn mowing!

5/28/11 ( Saturday) – We were able to go to Big Falls for a little fishing this afternoon.

We tried to fish out Charlie’s fishing pole that Henry threw into the water.

5/29/11 (Sunday) –  I collected this tiny green egg this afternoon.

The boys and I did some gardening today.  They helped me put up this trellis.  They planted cucumbers and some climbing flower, I can’t remember the name of, at the base.

Project 365 Week 7

Project 365 Week 6

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

2/13/11 (Sunday) –  My wake-up crew took pictures of me sleeping, the flash was my wake up call.  I won’t scare you with those photos.  Instead here are two of the four handsome faces I wake up for every day. 


2/14/11 (Monday) Charlie’s farm.


2/15/11 (Tuesday) – I picked this apron pattern from The Apron Book  Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort by EllynAnne Geisel and vowed to myself to follow the pattern’s directions to a ‘T’!  


I wanted to prove to myself that I can follow directions,  I FAILED!    

Early in the directions I learned the pattern isn’t making this exact apron (matching waist-line fabric and bottom of apron fabric).  The directions were for the apron skirt to be in one piece – no bottom border.  I wanted my apron to look similar to the photo!  I already had my  fabric picked out and my vision was set.  I modified the design. 

My apron:


2/16/11 (Wednesday) – Playing outside in the first meltdown puddles.

Henry found brown grass to feed Vanilla.


2/17/11 (Thursday) – Busy day: skiing with friends in the fog,


Gym class with Robbie for Jump Rope for Heart,


and a visit to the emergency room.


 2/18/11 (Friday) – Dominos at nap-time.


2/19/11 (Saturday) – Iola Winter Sports Club Youth Ski Program – roasting hot dogs on the trail and reading The Race of the Birkebeiners by Lise Lunge-Larsen. 

 We took the long way back to the chalet with Aunt Becca.


2/20/11 (Sunday) – Our sledding date was cancelled due to the lack of snow.  Instead we went bowling with our friends.  Jack was the photographer, not a bowler!   (The rest of the photos were taken by Jack)

 Later in the day a snow storm arrived.  Our drive home from bowling was a little scary.  Playing in the snow was a lot of fun!

Project 365 Week 6

Project 365 Week 6

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

2/7/11 (Monday) – Robbie is the only Green Bay Packer fan in our house.  Charlie is becoming one only because of Robbie.   On Monday, after learning that the Packers won the Superbowl (because we didn’t watch or listen to the game) Robbie composed a Packer song.


2/8/11 (Tuesday) – Today the older boys got on the bus with our thermometer saying -3 degrees.  When it is cold outside I have a difficult time keeping the house warm with the wood stove so I want to bake.   I made Honey-Wheat Bread.  This is the first time Henry helped me make bread.  He loved the kneading and

throwing the dough.

Later…my homemade Pesto on homemade toasted bread, YUMMY!


2/9/11  (Wednesday) – Another cold day…blueberry scones.


2/10/11 (Thursday) – It was a little warmer today.  Henry and I skied with a friend, sorry no photo of this event of the day. 

But here is one of our night-time snack…blueberry & raspberry smoothies.


2/11/11 (Friday) – I have been avoiding this sewing project after learning that Charlie wants to turn the shirt that he has designed and sewn into a Packer shirt.  Since Charlie does have some Schroeder blood in him I had to give in to his desire to be a Packer fan.  Grandpa Schroeder would be proud of our boys.   During Henry’s nap-time we made progress on Charlie’s Packer shirt.


2/12/11 (Saturday) –   I like bowling but don’t go very often.  Jack hates bowling so we rarely go as a family.  Bowling is in my blood.  Both my grandfathers were very good bowlers, I have many other relatives that are good bowlers too.   My Grandpa that is still alive is almost 82 years old and is still bowling on four leagues.

This is how the Vater Boys bowl.




Project 365 Week 2

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

This week I missed a few days of taking photos.  I made up for it by adding more than one photo on some of the days.

1/10/11 – Robbie laid-up with double ear infection, a cold, a horrible cough  and no energy to move. We went outside for a little fresh air!  He was out of school this week for four days.  We are fortunate that this is his first time taking antibiotics and he waited seven years before getting an ear infection.

1/13/11 – Robbie sitting up after the antibiotics started working.

1/14/11 –  (Two photos) During Henry’s nap time Charlie and I planned to do some sewing.   We always plan to do something together that we couldn’t do while Henry is awake.   Today Charlie’s idea was to make a shirt.

Charlie is creative and can design anything with paper ( I will include a photo of one of his creations another time).  So when he said he wanted to make a shirt I thought it would be possible if I let him tell me how to do it.   So we went with his ideas, my slight ability to follow directions, my limited visualization skills and my knowledge on sewing straight lines.

Note:  I don’t make clothes because patterns and directions scare me.

1/15/11 – I didn’t have time to take a picture of the boys today because I was too busy cooking and preparing food for Robbie.  He was STARVING all day!  I should have taken a photo of him eating.

The photo I have for today is  of  my homemade rice pudding.  I have been searching for a recipe for many months.  A friend introduced us to Cozy Shack’s Rice Pudding this past summer.  Oh so yummy!  Rice pudding is one of the foods I know Henry will eat when he isn’t interested in anything I offer him.   I am so cheap it kills me to buy the Cozy Shack, so I needed to find a recipe.

Once I figure out how to do fancy things with this blog I would like to have a section for recipes.  This will be one of them!

1/16/11 –  There were multiple photos I took today that I had to include, it was impossible to pick one or two.

Snowboarding on our sledding hill.  Thank you, Uncle Steve, Aunt BJ and Kale for giving this snowboard to Robbie for Christmas!



During Henry’s nap time Robbie started sewing a pillowcase for a friend’s birthday party this coming weekend.