Week 40 – October 1 – 7, 2012

Week 40 – October 1 – 7, 2012

(completed on 12/14/12)

After school the boys would stop at the apple tree to eat.  Today I caught them using some teamwork to get their apples.

boys teamwork apples

Sometimes Henry wakes up when the boys are getting ready for school.  He fell back to sleep in his chair.

Henry sleeping

I trimmed our raspberries last winter so I wouldn’t have a crop to pick in June/July with a new baby.  I thought I would be ready for picking by the time the fall berries were ready.  It was hard for me to keep up.


If you look closely you can see Nola Mae’s sad face.  She wasn’t happy with picking raspberries because I wasn’t moving around enough.   She squirmed around and tried to escape.  By the time I got to the house my wrap job had gone bad!

wrap gone bad

I was a little discouraged with my wrap so I dug out my Ergo this week.  It fits her perfectly!


  I love to make applesauce.  I love feeding applesauce to our boys.  I love sharing it with friends and my nephew.  Our apple tree blossoms were damaged during a frost this year.  We had very few apples so I bought four bushels of apples from Country Corner Sales.


Photos of our apples from last year:  Click here.

Photos of Henry helping me make applesauce last year.  Click here.

After my stop to pick up the apples I went to the Amish greenhouse, Sunset Acres, for squash and pumpkins.  Perry is a good salesman and talked me into a huge mum plant.  I bought it with my birthday money that I got from my mom.  If I didn’t have that money burning a hole in my pocket I never would have bought it.  I hope that I planted it soon enough that it will come back next year!  Thank you, Mom!

mums b-day

I follow The Pioneer Woman’s blog.  I found these Slice-and-Bake Cookies.

I made a few changes…instead of nuts I chopped up garbanzo beans and I made a double batch and put these in the freezer.  If I were to do this again I wouldn’t chop the M &Ms. We have been enjoying a small amount of cookies every once in a while for a treat.

cookie dough for freezer

Charlie and his friends on the curb waiting for the Homecoming parade to start.

homecoming parade 2012

Once in a while I get Mystique out and give the boys a ride.

zara velvet wrap w horse (2)

The progress on the kayak…

Kayak glue

Kayak glued

Week 39 – September 24 – 30, 2012

     Week 39 – September 24 – 30, 2012

(completed on 12-11-12)

I was inspired to encourage Henry to bike more after seeing how well Kale (my nephew) rides his bike.  I remember Charlie was riding without training wheels by this age.   All summer Henry was content running along while the older boys biked, “because I am a fast runner!”

Henry biking home

Henry biking

One of the reasons I was drawn to purchase a rainbow wrap is because I love rainbows (plus I got an awesome deal on this size 7 wrap).  I recently learned the term “rainbow baby.”  Then I decided I needed a photo of my “rainbow baby” (Robbie) wearing my last baby who I have waited a long time to have.  I love all four of my babies equally.  They each have a special place in my heart.  Robbie is the baby that healed my sadness and fulfilled my dream of becoming a mother.  And Nola Mae is the daughter I have always dreamed of having.

light rainbow wrap w Robbie

Nola Mae slept in this baby rocking chair for some of her naps and sometimes when I just needed to put her down.  And yes, I didn’t always put the straps on her.  Because most of the time I was putting her in there for a few minutes and I was right there.  At 5 months old she started to scoot out of it.

And once she would be in this position she would just hang out there.  She would smile at me and jabber away.

Nola Mae rocker 5

Nola Mae rocker 1

Nola Mae rocker 2

Then Henry would come along and “rescue” her,

Nola Mae rocker 3

and bring her to me.

Nola Mae rocker 4

The next stage of the kayak.

kayak top & bottom glass

Week 38 – September 17 – 23, 2012

 Week 38 – September 17 – 23, 2012

 (completed on 12-11-12)

Charlie thinks it is cool that he can help Nola Mae walk.  I am not interested in rushing into the walking stage!

 Charlie & Nola Mae walking

Yucky sucker.

 charlie blue tongue

Last week was my birthday.  I purchased this brand new Girasol Light Rainbow Diamond Weave (LRDW) for a great price from overseas.

wrap light rainbow arrived

 In order to break a wrap in you can braid it, and

wrap light rainbow braid

wrap with them.

 wrap light rainbow hike

Henry is a great helper in the kitchen.   I have taught all our boys how to use a knife safely at an early age (compared to normal families).

Henry cutting potatoes

I love garlic.  I love to plant it.  I love to grow it.  I love to eat it.

My deadline for planting my garlic is around my birthday.  Well, that never happens.  The latest I have planted garlic was late October.  This year I am feeling pretty good about getting it in the ground on September 23rd!  I planted 260 cloves this year (a record high).

 garlic planting 2

Henry helped me pick all our tomatoes and clean up the garden.

 garden work Henry

Progress on the kayak.

kayak top 1

kayak top 3

kayak top 4

kayak top 5 glass

Week 36 – September 3 – 9, 2012

 Week 36 – September 3 – 9, 2012

(Completed on 11/13/2012)

The first week of school!

Robbie 3rd grade (8 years old)

  Charlie 1st grade (7 years old)


The dew was heavy while we waited for the bus.  We could spot all the spider webs in the trees, on the grass and on the fence.

 Off to school on the bus…

 For the last four years the boys have had to cross the road to get on and get off the bus.  This made me nervous since the bus is stopped on the down hill-side of the hill we live on.  There hasn’t been anything I could do about it because the bus heads north.  This year our bus turns around on the next road to the north of us and comes back passed our house.  I called the bus garage and asked him to change the pick up and drop off to our side of the road.  I feel a lot safer this way.   Also “school bus stopping” signs were put up on our road to the south and north of our house.  I doubt that will slow any of the cars down!


We waited outside under the apple tree for the boys to come home.


My new-to-me DIY purple linen wrap that came in the mail this week.  One of these days I may make my own.


 Henry dressing up as a cow for fun.  We also have a pig costume and every time he mentions that Kale could come play animals with us.


This is where the kayak was at during the first week in September.  I need to get caught up with my blog posts.  Jack will be done with the kayak soon!  I would love it if Jack did a “guest” blog post with the progress of his kayak, maybe it could be just a slide show to make it easy.

The bottom half is done.

Getting ready for the top.


We met some of my friends at the Amherst River Festival where they had kayaks to paddle, fishing for kids, arts & craft vendors and a kids area sponsored by the Tomorrow River Community Charter School.

Week 32 – August 6 – 12, 2012

Week 32 – August 6 – 12, 2012

Henry and I took a road trip this week.  He complained that the sun was in his eyes and “looking at Nola Mae isn’t working.”  I usually suggest that he look at Nola Mae, who is to the left of him,  when the sun is in his eyes because it isn’t too long until we change directions on the road.   My suggestion really wasn’t working because we were driving north for a long time and the sun wasn’t moving.  I gave him one of Nola Mae’s hats to cover his eyes.

When we got home he put one of his hats in my bag so it is with us next time.

We picked the older boys up from summer school and went to the Big Falls hydro dam for a picnic lunch and some adventures.  The water is so low we can walk on the rocks everywhere.  You can see the water lines on the rocks in this picture of Henry to get a feel for the low water level.

The dam was turned off so I let them swim over by the rope swing.  There were people going off the rope swing.  It was very entertaining and I may be brave enough to do it if I can talk Jack into coming with us.

While the boys played in the rapids and on the rocks I was able to find a big indent in a one of the boulders and make a nest for Nola Mae.  And it was shady!

While we were there playing in our normal spot where I think it is safe a grandma and grandpa showed up with two grandkids.  They were letting them slide down this big rock into the swirly waters that make me nervous.   I guess with the water being so low this spot makes for an awesome slide.

And the water is about chest deep for Charlie.  They had so much fun!  Unfortunately this is a sunny spot.   We didn’t stay long but I promised we would come back as long as we didn’t get any rain.

The reason for my road trip…to pick up my newest wrap.  This woven wrap is designed in Norway by a company called Ellevill Wraps of Norway.  My wrap is a Zara Velvet.   I purchased  this wrap from a mama in the UK and split the shipping cost with someone else who was also buying a wrap from the same person.

I didn’t love it at first because it seemed to have more pink in the weaves than what I saw in the photo!  It is growing on me and has sort of satisfied my craving for more purple in my life.

My dream purple wrap is a Zara Tri Purple or a Zara Aubergin (if you have a minute you can search Google Images for those two).

Aunt Danna is finally home!  She was gone for a year living in MT working for AmeriCorps.  In my opinion this was the best time to meet Nola Mae.  She was awake and full of smiles for Aunt Danna!

Robbie loves experiments.  He has lots of plans for many different inventions and experiments.  I don’t like them because there is a mess and usually wasted food.  I let them do just about anything in the kitchen.  They learn so much and they are expected to clean up after themselves.  The boys wanted to make jello for dinner.  So I let them pick the flavor and they each made their own dish.  Robbie mixed two tablespoons of every jello flavor I have.  I don’t buy the boxed jello, I buy it in a bag – the directions are 1/3 heaping cup to 1 cup of boiling water and 1 cup of cold water.  He said it turned out pretty yummy.  I have about 7 different flavors and his turned out dark green and sort of brownish looking.  I didn’t try it.  I probably should have.

Robbie had a friend’s birthday party, his first sleepover.  I am almost through all of their friends for giving a pillow case with their name on it.  I don’t know what I will do for gifts next year.

Robbie has been wanting to make a parachute all summer.  I am not sure if he was imagining one for his body or a toy.   We searched the internet for parachute ideas and directions.  While I made the pillow case he made his parachute.  It turned out so nice he made one for his friend and we wrapped a package of gum to the parachute.

I am not sure if everyone knows that Jack started a big project this summer.  (Now everyone will know.)  He is making a cedar strip kayak for our family.  If he doesn’t mind I will share more progress photos of the kayak.

Henry and Nola Mae sleeping while I work on the computer in the wee hours of the morning.

Week 31 – July 30 – August 5, 2012

Week 31 – July 30 – August 5, 2012

Robbie was counting his pennies by 50 in piles.

August 2nd is our anniversary.

I was inspired by my cousin to put on my wedding dress, 15 year later.  The zipper in the back must have shrunk.  (This one is for Cathy, who has a reason to put on her wedding dress many times throughout the year.)

Sunset Lake was very quiet today.  We left early and had breakfast on the beach.

Nola Mae napped in the back of the car.

Robbie and I made a snake in the sand.

In the evening on our anniversary we saw Tom Pease, again!  Only two times this summer.  Next year will be better!

I am not sure who loves Tom Pease more, me or Henry.

Maybe Henry loves him more because he will jump and dance for Tom Pease.

A baby shower cake I made for a dear friend.

My Ellaroo wrap on the line drying.

I learned a new back carry. I was looking at YouTube while drafting this post to figure out what carry this is – Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder (DRS2S).   I just realized I am doing it wrong (or at least different).  Even though this video is in Dutch I still like watching it.

We did some garden work this weekend with Nola Mae in the shade.  These are rare times when we get a photo of Robbie and Nola Mae.