What Normal Looks Like…to Me

What Normal Looks Like…to Me

I am far from normal, read here for my reasons , if you like, I may be normal in other ways.

There is a great article floating around Facebook titled “What Normal Looks Like”, written by Elizabeth Broadbent.  This article is raging through the mama groups I follow. I didn’t need this article a affirm my way of life/cleaning habits. But it sure has gotten a few mamas to feel better about the household chores that seem to never get done or to realize that to obtain your house’s cleanliness b.c. (before children) seems impossible when you have more important things to do than dust or fold clothes, at least in my opinion.

I live in a house with four busy and very active children. They make messes, they clean them up most of the time and they also do jobs around the house and our farm.

Everything on Elizabeth Broadbent’s article is what happens here.  I don’t host many playdates or have many friends over because of the state of our house.  When I do the house gets the bare minimum of cleaning – bathrooms are clean, floors are swept (maybe mopped) and the kitchen is clean.  All other doors are closed and no one is allowed up stairs!

I am being a little brave here by sharing some of the normal sites you may see if you stopped in unannounced or went in rooms that are not meant for company.

Normal:  I have a two-year old that puts away the silverware:

silverware drawer

Normal:  Trashed kitchen, dishes in the dishwasher are clean, dish strainer is plump full and sink and counter loaded with dirty dishes because I played wallyball last night.  Missing in this photo – the fridge door wide open.

Normal kitchen scene

Normal:  At least one splat of spilled milk EVERY DAY!

Normal spilled milk

Normal: Boxes and bins filled with dye projects “batching” by the wood stove.

Normal dye projects by wood stove

Normal:  Toy room/guest room is always trashed or in the process of being rearranged and organized by Charlie (9-year-old).

Normal toy room mess

Normal:  Mudroom lockers overflowing with stuff from all seasons.  Boys were at school today so this doesn’t include their backpacks and winter clothes, those items can be found spread out on the floor all over the house in the evenings.

Normal mud room mess

Normal:  We have a selection of sandals to ski boots, year-round!

Normal mud room shoes

Normal:  Upstairs bathroom/laundry room.  A boy took a shower and dropped the towel on the floor, living out of laundry baskets (clean clothes on the right side of the room and dirty ones to the left of the shower), clean sock baskets on the counter for boys (over flowing).

Normal bathroom

Normal:  More laundry baskets of clean clothes downstairs.

Normal laundry

Normal:  Books spilling out of book shelves.

reading books spilled

Instead of changing all this mess…

I will go to play dates, meet friends at the library, maybe host some play dates,


I will go to the park or a beach.

Sunset Lake 1st day 2012

I will continue to ignore it all so I can read to my child, sew, dye things, write blog posts, go biking

Biking Henry in PJs

bike train

or go skiing!

Ski family Charlie crash

Call me if you want to do something fun!

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”
Kurt Vonnegut