Project 365 Week 9

Project 365 Week 9

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

Last week (Week 8) I skied almost every day.  It was the most consecutive days of skiing in one week for me all winter.  In Week 9 I wasn’t so fortunate.   The skiing has been  AWESOME! 

I know spring is coming soon, but I need to drag this winter out as long as I can.  I am going to try to ski as often as I can until the snow is gone.  I will join my friends in their excitement for spring, planting seeds inside, mapping out gardens and dreaming about the beach when the snow has melted. 

2/28/11 (Monday) – An early morning ski with friends.  Another favorite view of mine of the IWSC trails with the 60 meter ski jump in view.  The trail and weather conditions were great this morning and I felt like I could have skied all day today!

This afternoon, waiting for Blair the P.A. to take out Robbie’s stitches. 


3/1/11 (Tuesday) – Charlie loves puzzles.  This dinosaur was fun to put together.


3/2/11 (Wednesday) –  Glasses…


3/3/11 (Thursday) – Our washing machine has been leaking once in a while.  Today it leaked two loads in a row.  It was time for me to take it apart and find the leak.  When Jack came home from work and saw the washer apart he asked if I left Henry upstairs alone with the tool box.  Did it really look like the work of  a two-year old or an experienced appliance repairing housewife?

 My part is ordered and should arrive next week!  Thankfully, we still have our old washer hooked up in the basement. 

 On top of taking the washer apart I brought in two tractor loads of firewood.  Henry was happy most of the time because he was pretending to drive.

Another skiing picture (sorry)…we also had time to ski today!  Having a snack in the sled.


3/4/11 (Friday) –  The Packer shirt is finally finished!  Charlie’s own idea, design and work.  The only thing I sewed on the shirt is the hems.


3/5/11 (Saturday) – Charlie is a good checkers player.  Jack started teaching Charlie how to play chess.


3/6/11 (Sunday) – Piano homework.

Project 365 Week 6

Project 365 Week 6

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

2/7/11 (Monday) – Robbie is the only Green Bay Packer fan in our house.  Charlie is becoming one only because of Robbie.   On Monday, after learning that the Packers won the Superbowl (because we didn’t watch or listen to the game) Robbie composed a Packer song.


2/8/11 (Tuesday) – Today the older boys got on the bus with our thermometer saying -3 degrees.  When it is cold outside I have a difficult time keeping the house warm with the wood stove so I want to bake.   I made Honey-Wheat Bread.  This is the first time Henry helped me make bread.  He loved the kneading and

throwing the dough.

Later…my homemade Pesto on homemade toasted bread, YUMMY!


2/9/11  (Wednesday) – Another cold day…blueberry scones.


2/10/11 (Thursday) – It was a little warmer today.  Henry and I skied with a friend, sorry no photo of this event of the day. 

But here is one of our night-time snack…blueberry & raspberry smoothies.


2/11/11 (Friday) – I have been avoiding this sewing project after learning that Charlie wants to turn the shirt that he has designed and sewn into a Packer shirt.  Since Charlie does have some Schroeder blood in him I had to give in to his desire to be a Packer fan.  Grandpa Schroeder would be proud of our boys.   During Henry’s nap-time we made progress on Charlie’s Packer shirt.


2/12/11 (Saturday) –   I like bowling but don’t go very often.  Jack hates bowling so we rarely go as a family.  Bowling is in my blood.  Both my grandfathers were very good bowlers, I have many other relatives that are good bowlers too.   My Grandpa that is still alive is almost 82 years old and is still bowling on four leagues.

This is how the Vater Boys bowl.