Baby in Belly – over half way there

Baby in Belly – over half way there!

It has been a while since my post Baby in Belly. It is hard for me to believe that I am already past half way.  (I started this post when I was around half way there and haven’t  finished the post until now.)

I finally have a belly that indicates there truly is a baby in there. I feel wonderful, energized, full of love and life.  I don’t want this to end!

baby in belly front door w Henry

Henry wanted his own belly shot.

baby in belly Henry copying

I have wanted to be excited about this fourth baby since the beginning and to tell the whole world. But sometimes life can take a turn that you don’t expect and then there could be heart-break. I wasn’t ready or willing to have my heart-broken. I have this wonderful mechanism that helps me to be excited secretly but still not get my hopes up, I guess this is a nice way of saying denial. Since this baby will complete My Dream Come True story I wanted to make sure he/she was here to stay before I shared my news with everyone.

Side note: With every pregnancy I have this time period of denial, not because I didn’t want that pregnancy to happen. Because I was dying for it to happen!  It is hard for me to believe when it actually does happened because I have waited a long time for each of my precious babies. When I finally get a positive home pregnancy test I still can’t believe it (that is why I buy them in two packs). If I am remembering correctly I used three home pregnancy tests at the beginning of my pregnancy with Charlie. I know my non-existent menstrual period should also be an indicator, that just isn’t good enough!

I had my typical morning sickness hit during the same week as my past pregnancies and like clock work it arrived at the same time of day – 3:00 in the afternoon and it lasted until about 8:00 PM. This went on for two months or so and disappeared around the same time it did with the other three boys. I felt like my morning sickness was a little harder this time.  Due to the fact that we have three boys running around, I had to go on with my daily jobs and still feed everyone. The tasks of thinking of meals, cooking them and eating them were not things I could accomplish very easily. I had no appetite; no energy and feeling nauseated made it difficult for me to keep up with my garden, cooking meals, after school activities and our evening routine. I remember one of my most challenging days was when I rested on the couch for four hours not being able to find enough energy to move or get up. I loved it at least that is what I kept telling myself. The thought of this baby still growing inside of me made that day and other days bearable. I never complained. I have enjoyed every minute of this pregnancy since I accepted the fact that I am pregnant.

I feel brave to admit that this is my best pregnancy.  Or maybe because it is my last pregnancy and I am enjoying every second.  The things that are making it the best are:  the wisdom I have gained from the previous three pregnancies, I have three little boys and a great husband to share this with, I have two wonderful midwives that I love and trust, a great family doctor who agrees that it is okay to have a baby at home, I will be attempting my second home birth, I am not taking any medications or shots and my belly is beautiful and free of bruises (the heparin shots caused bruises that ranged in the size of a dime to a fifty cent piece).

There are days that I forget that I am growing a baby.  Those are the days that I stay up too late with friends, blogging, reading, and sewing or work hard with out sitting down to rest until I am completely wiped out.

Then there are days I am reminded frequently that we really are going to have a new baby in our house this spring: strangers have started making comments about my belly, my family and friends are starting to touch my belly and talk to the baby, the boys are always touching, hugging and kissing my belly, my belly gets hot when I am cooking on the stove, and wet when I am doing the dishes, and I no longer fit in my button and zipper pants. Finally I am feeling those wonderful fluttering movements on the inside.  The movements are getting stronger and more frequent with each new day.

April still seems so far away.  I am getting very excited about the things that will happen at our house this spring:

  • Spring time skiing is my absolute favorite thing to do! (according to Charlie all you need is your bathrobe and a fleece jacket.)

2011 spring skiing brothers

I won’t be carrying Henry on my back this year.

 2011 spring skiing w Henry

  • Making firewood.  My great-grandmother split firewood into her 90s, so why can’t I do it while pregnant and in my 40s?  I can only hope that I will still be splitting firewood in my 90s.

(These are photos just days before Henry was born)

4-4-09 making firewood Robbie mall

   4-4-09 making firewood smiles

  • Getting kisses in the woods from my boys while taking a rest from making firewood.

                       4-4-09 making firewood kiss   4-4-09 making firewood Charlie

  • Coloring Easter eggs with just three boys.



  • Giving birth to a happy and healthy baby that weighs less than nine pounds!

4-11-09 Jane weighs Henry


  • Holding my precious new baby while watching the three big boys build barns with their blocks and train tracks in my living room.  Or maybe they will be wrestling and I will have to send them outside.  (Henry – two days old)

4-9-09 Henry 2 days old


  • Being able to eat/drink my favorite things.  I have started a list of things I want to eat/drink (of course not at one time):  pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, my carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, my mom’s cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, frozen mini snickers bars, Sunny Caramels, caramel and cashews on ice cream or the best caramel cashew frozen custard from Kopps in Milwaukee,  and drinking my favorite beers – Guinness, Shine On, Mud Puppy Porter and maybe I would like to have one of Jack’s bourbon and Cokes because they smell so good to me right now.
  • Seeing flowers again.

4-8-09 spring flowers

Jack’s Aunt Bonnie told me when I was pregnant with Robbie, “Enjoy it now.  When they are on the inside that is when babies are the easiest to take care of.”   I agreed with her.   Although I didn’t really understand the truth of her comment until Robbie was born and wished he went back inside until he was ready to come out a little happier.

I am not going to rush this winter season or this pregnancy.  I am going to love every day we have snow on the ground.  I just wish enough snow would arrive so we can start skiing!  I will cross-country ski as much as possible.  I will continue to love every minute of this pregnancy and wait patiently for this baby to arrive.

Project 365 Week 45

Project 365 Week 45

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

11/7/11 (Monday) –  Today was a very productive day…

Henry and I made a double batch of waffles for breakfast, this way the boys can eat the leftovers all week.

Daylight savings started yesterday – we are back to meeting the bus during daylight hours.  Now 6:45 AM doesn’t seem so early to get on the bus.

After we got the older boys off to school Henry and I smashed pumpkins on the stairs to break them open, I cleaned out the insides and steamed them in my Mehu-Maija.


Jack told me there was a snow storm coming, I said “I’ll believe when it arrives”,  he asked us to bring in a load of firewood.  Henry and I were able to bring in two loads this morning!

11/8/11 (Tuesday) –  I made a batch of Lemon grass and Lavender soap.  This is how I wrap it for the first 24 hours.

We went for a hike in the woods.

Henry is turning into my “chicken boy”.  He is always reminding me to feed the chickens and tells me many times a day that we should go out to the chicken coop to collect eggs by saying, “IS eggs chicken coop!” or “Chickens hungry!”


11/9/11 (Wednesday) –  The snow storm started in the early morning hours.  This was before school.  The boys were excited to see the snow.  Even this morning I was still in denial that it was really snowing on November 9th.  I was one of the terrible parents that didn’t send snow pants, and boots to school with the boys.  They came home telling me how they were disappointed about having indoor recess.

This was the snow by noon.  Henry didn’t like the snow falling on his face and head when we were outside earlier.  His solution was to take the umbrella outside when we planned to ski around the yard.

We stayed behind the house and the garage so the wind wouldn’t bother us.

My clothes line stretched with the heavy snow.  This was also happening to the electric wires all over the county.  When the snow was falling off the lines some of the lines would snap and break which led to many families being out of electricity for many hours.  One friend was without electricity for 60 hours.

11/10/11 (Thursday) –  Henry drawing eggs.

Henry after playing all morning with our friends.

Henry loves to wait for the big boys to get off the bus.  Today I convinced him to wait on the front step.


Henry is always excited to see the older boys when they come home from school.


11/11/11 (Friday) – After school reading.

The pillowcase I made for Robbie’s friend’s birthday.

11/12/11 (Saturday) –  The dogs’ moved to their new location.

11/13/11 (Sunday) –  My laundry helper.


Project 365 Week 32

Project 365 Week 32

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

8/8/11 (Monday) – Sunday night fishing near the Big Falls Dam.

Charlie’s experiment – taping two bottles together with water inside of one of them.  He wanted to see if the water could move from one bottle to the next without leaking.

8/9/11 (Tuesday) – Jack took out the microwave/range hood and replaced it with a very powerful fan and bright lights.  He patched up the holes from the microwave and primed and repainted that area with a little help.

8/10/11 (Wednesday) – Aunt Susie took the big boys to Circus World Museum (click here for the website).  Each boy earned a free ticket through the summer library reading program by reading four hours.  When the boys were in bed at the end of the day Robbie told me that next summer he will read for 12 extra hours so me, Papa and Henry can go to the circus.   Susie’s photos…

8/11/11 (Thursday) – While the boys were gone yesterday to Circus World with Aunt Susie Jack started and has almost completed the bridge to the play house.  I got their excitement on camera when they first discovered the bridge in the morning.

8/12/11 (Friday) – The garden is doing very well.  We harvested our first green pepper, sweet corn, tomato, cucumbers and sugar peas.

8/13/11 (Saturday) – We had a very productive morning making more firewood.  We can never have too much!

Jack tells me that we are now working on firewood that we will burn in the winter of 2014.

8/14/11 (Sunday) – We started getting ready for our upcoming birthdays – Charlie’s this month and Robbie’s in October.  They will each have a pinata for their birthday.

Poject 365 Week 25

Project 365  Week 25

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

6/20/11 (Monday) –  Our first strawberries from our garden.

Sharing with his little brother who is trying to be “a pig” about it.

6/21/11 (Tuesday) –  Chili and Shadow got hair cuts at a great place close to us called Dog and Cat Grooming by Crystal.  Crystal doesn’t mind hair – her business is in her home, she is a wonderful lady, and loves English Springer Spaniels.


 (sorry it was raining and I forgot to take a better picture at home):



(they each got a bow for their collars)

6/22/11 (Wednesday) – Two milestones today:

 1st, Charlie lost his frist tooth while eating an apple, really lost it because he swallowed it. 

2nd, Henry said his first 3-word sentence while we were watching The Human Planet (click here for the 1.5 minute clip on YouTube).  If you haven’t seen this series the BBC put together, you should!  We were able to rent the four disc set from our library.

6/23/11 (Thursday) –  I shipped homemade items I sewed and some of my soap to my Aunt who is having a craft/art sale next weekend at her campground in the WI Dells.


We have had a ton of rain this week and no days at the beach.  The boys played outside a lot (click here to see my slideshow of “Fun in the rain”)   in the rain.  Swimming and playing in the water is one of the best ways to burn off energy, so I took them to the awesome pool we have in our town.

6/24/11 (Friday) – It stopped raining, finally.  I was able to spend time in the garden attacking the monster weeds, while Henry attacked my blueberry bushes – picking handfuls of green berries.  I think/hope that I have him convinced that we just look at the berries.  I snapped this photo of him telling me, “Looking!”

6/25/11 (Saturday) – Visiting Aunt Susie and making funny faces.

6/26/11 (Sunday) – It was hot today!  Jack played kickball with the boys in the shade with the sprinkler on 2nd base.  I let the boys in on my secret stash of freeze-pops.

This evening we made some firewood.

It was still hot this evening and we forgot to pack water.  So the big boys headed back to the house to bring us water.