Week 52 – December 24 – 31, 2012

Week 52 – December 24 – 31, 2012

(Completed on 1/29/13)

This is my last weekly post of photos for my second year of blogging.  I am hoping to continue this on a monthly basis with other posts in between.  With this change I hope to share more of our funny stories and events with shorter posts and only one monthly overview of what is happening at our house.

We spent the weekend before Christmas in multiple places. Jack went to his mom’s with the three boys.   Nola Mae and I drove to Milwaukee to visit my dad, step-mom and step-grandma and to attend a family wedding.  Nola Mae and I spent 9 1/2 hours in the car and put on approximately 426 miles from Friday night to Sunday morning.

Sunday we spent with Jack’s family (Vaters during the day and Elorantas in the evening)and late that night we went to sleep at my mom’s.  Monday AM we visited with my mom and after lunch we visited Jack’s grandparents in the nursing home.  We were home by 6:30pm on Christmas Eve.  My grand total of miles traveled from Friday night to Monday night – 525 miles!

Christmas 2012, the gang

Snowshoe hike at Helen’s.

 Christmas elf Henry Vater

Christmas walk, 12-23-2012

The most handsome photo of Henry.

Handsome Henry

The older boys got a survival kit from my mom for Christmas with a flint and steel in the kit, we tried it out by the fire when we got home.  I was very impressed with the spark they were able to make.

flint & steel

Christmas morning’s family photo.  Our “always wanting to be handsome boy” insisted on wearing a tie-dye shirt.  Not a battle I wanted to take on, at least most of us were coordinating.  Oh wait, Jack has an orange shirt under his green sweater!

Family Dec 2012

The only homemade thing I made for our boys was Henry’s cape.  I saved the final sewing for after they were in bed on Christmas Eve.  When will I learn not to do that?

Henry's cape

The fabric was found at St. Vinny’s for about $2 and is reversible.  I have been waiting for the perfect project for this piece of fabric.  He can fly!  Henry tells me he is going to wear it skiing one of these days.  I will be sure to have my camera.

Henry's cape flying

A favorite photo of mine (almost 9 months old).

Nola Mae toy barn

Christmas day we went out with our snowshoes to try our sledding hill.

snow shoeing boys

snowshoeing mama

snowshoe Charlie in sled

During Christmas break we went skiing with one of Robbie’s friends.

skiing Brock

Snack break.

skiing snack break

This week we had a beautiful snow fall.  The snowflakes were huge and the details could be seen with the naked eye and my camera.


My neighbor (and dear friend) has a granddaughter (13 yrs old) fighting cancer this winter.  I invited the 11-year-old sister to come to my house to sew a quilt for her sister.  The timing was perfect for us to get together – Anika was visiting her grandparents and the boys were in school.  We had so much fun together I am hoping to work on another sewing project with Anika.  I think she already has some fabric purchased and ready.

Anika sewing

Week 28 – July 9 – 15, 2012

Week 28 – July 9 – 15, 2012

 Monday, July 9th:  It is hard to believe that Nola Mae is already three months old!  And smiling!

Fifty pounds of peaches arrived.  We have been eating these peaches fresh – sliced on a plate with a tiny bit of sugar, on french toast, straight-up peach smoothies, and I have put some sliced peaches in the freezer.

Tuesday, July 10th:  This is what boys build when they aren’t rotting their brain with computer games.

Wednesday, July 11th:  Robbie spins this light saber around like a pro.  I also took a movie of him doing this because I want to remember this forever.  If and when I have time to learn how to put home movies on the computer and then onto my blog, this is one that I would share.

I caught these two brothers cuddling while watching a movie, also a sight that I need to remember during the wild and crazy fighting moments.  They do love each other.  They don’t express it always and rarely how I would like to see the love expressed.

Thursday, July 12th:  Another harvest of garlic.  I had over 200 cloves planted.   I couldn’t dig it up all at one time.

Friday, July 13th:  We went to the Junior Canoe Slalom World Championships in Wausau.   They had a Kids Corner in the shade with a few fun activities.

These girls were from Japan and were really good with our boys.  They were trying to rearrange the rock in this river to make rapids and our boys were moving the rocks or throwing all the ducks in at one time.

They also had little kayaks for kids to sit in.

I was impressed by Henry’s pretend paddling.  I don’t think he has done much paddling in our kayak, today he seemed to know how to move the paddle.

It was a hot day and really too hot to hold or nurse a baby.

After leaving Wausau we headed to Grandma Helen’s.  She has a huge culvert down the road from her house.  The boys have a fun time playing in there, throwing rocks into the creek and admiring the large frogs.  This was the only water in the culvert because it has been so dry.

Charlie’s idea was to walk up the sides into a handstand.

Saturday, July 14th:  We had an Eloranta Family reunion today.  At the very end of the picnic we took this family photo with Jack’s siblings and families (Susie’s George is missing and we got a bonus person – cousin Tyler).

Sunday, July 15th:  The Eloranta family can’t be in the same location for a weekend without having a project to work on.  This weekend’s project was tearing down the milk house on Grandpa Ed’s barn.

Uncle Rick and Aunt Sue were very kind to invite us all over for a picnic lunch and to play in their pool.