Snowshoeing and Babywearing

Snowshoeing and Babywearing

I am having a great winter with a lot of snow and good conditions for the snow to stay for snowshoeing and skiing.   I am not cross-country skiing as much as I like.  My mother-in-law, Grandma Hanna, inspired me to snowshoe as much as I can, she has snowshoed every day this winter.  I have a great little trail system tramped down around our 20 acres.

This morning I got my baby ready to go outside in 31 degrees.  On the bottom she is wearing tights, corduroy pants, my smart wool socks (thanks Grandma Hanna), winter boots and baby legs to keep her boots on while I carry her.  On the top she has a long sleeve cotton onesie, a wool sweater and a second sweater with a hood that stays on very well, a wool cowl, and mittens.  And I can’t forget to mention my Light Rainbow Wrap, size 7!

snow shoe Nola Mae ready   snow shoe unwrapped

I was wearing one layer of pants, wool socks, and boots, a tank top, a long sleeve neoprene shirt, a wool sweater and a 21 month old toddler.  I was too hot!

snow shoe wrap light rainbow double hammock

I was on a mission:  shovel out the mailbox, shovel the steps and sidewalk, exercise the dogs and myself and find the snowshoe Robbie lost last night on our night-time snowshoe outing.

snow shoe selfie 1 wrap light rainbow

I was surprised how quickly Chili can disappear in the snow.

show shoe Chili 1 snow shoe chili 2 snow shoe chili 3 snow shoe chili 4

Nola Mae was still awake and watching the dogs whip past us and almost trip us for the twentieth time.

    snow shoe selfie 2 wrap light rainbow

Half way home and she was out!

snow shoe selfie 3 wrap light rainbow  snow shoe nap wrap light rainbow

Last night we went out snowshoeing when it was dark.  It was hard to see my established trail because we also got six inches of snow.    Sometimes when I stepped off my established trail I would sink all the way down to my knees.  When we got back to the garage Robbie realized he only had one snow shoe to take off.  He was tired and frustrated.  When I asked him where and when he thought he lost it.  He had no clue and said, “That is why I was always sinking in!  That is why I hate snowshoeing!”   We weren’t going to get more snow over night so I decided to wait until today to go look for it.  I found Robbie’s snowshoe, right at the edge of our yard about twenty feet away from where he took off his only snowshoe.

snow shoe found

I have to include this photo of Henry.  I found it on the camera.  He is the person that taught me the term “selfie” and I would say he is pretty good at taking them.

Henry selfie

Henry is at school today.  Nola Mae and I miss this sweet boy.  She has been calling for him around the house all day.

Poject 365 Week 25

Project 365  Week 25

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

6/20/11 (Monday) –  Our first strawberries from our garden.

Sharing with his little brother who is trying to be “a pig” about it.

6/21/11 (Tuesday) –  Chili and Shadow got hair cuts at a great place close to us called Dog and Cat Grooming by Crystal.  Crystal doesn’t mind hair – her business is in her home, she is a wonderful lady, and loves English Springer Spaniels.


 (sorry it was raining and I forgot to take a better picture at home):



(they each got a bow for their collars)

6/22/11 (Wednesday) – Two milestones today:

 1st, Charlie lost his frist tooth while eating an apple, really lost it because he swallowed it. 

2nd, Henry said his first 3-word sentence while we were watching The Human Planet (click here for the 1.5 minute clip on YouTube).  If you haven’t seen this series the BBC put together, you should!  We were able to rent the four disc set from our library.

6/23/11 (Thursday) –  I shipped homemade items I sewed and some of my soap to my Aunt who is having a craft/art sale next weekend at her campground in the WI Dells.


We have had a ton of rain this week and no days at the beach.  The boys played outside a lot (click here to see my slideshow of “Fun in the rain”)   in the rain.  Swimming and playing in the water is one of the best ways to burn off energy, so I took them to the awesome pool we have in our town.

6/24/11 (Friday) – It stopped raining, finally.  I was able to spend time in the garden attacking the monster weeds, while Henry attacked my blueberry bushes – picking handfuls of green berries.  I think/hope that I have him convinced that we just look at the berries.  I snapped this photo of him telling me, “Looking!”

6/25/11 (Saturday) – Visiting Aunt Susie and making funny faces.

6/26/11 (Sunday) – It was hot today!  Jack played kickball with the boys in the shade with the sprinkler on 2nd base.  I let the boys in on my secret stash of freeze-pops.

This evening we made some firewood.

It was still hot this evening and we forgot to pack water.  So the big boys headed back to the house to bring us water.