I am…

I am… (Not Just a Mother)

I love my job as a SAHM, and my interest are driven by that love.

But at the same time, I am able to hold onto many interests, and realize that there are still many things that make me ME, even if most of my focus is still on parenting my children.

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Jenny. I’m a mom, but I am also many other things:

I am a gardener – I love flowers, apple orchards, raspberry and blueberry patches and vegetable gardens.  I love to grow milo (A.K.A. broom corn) and garlic.  The less lawn to mow the better!

I am a farmer – I should probably say “a-wanna-be-farmer.”  Currently I have a horse and a pet cow named Vanilla and 25 chickens.  I want less cows, but can’t part with my sweet Vanilla, and I want more chickens.  Maybe a steer or two this spring?  I love red meat but can’t buy it from the store!

I am a-wanna-be-soap maker – I have been making soap for over two years.  I completed my ninth batch tonight.  My success rate is 50%, kind of stinks!  I should clarify – 50% success means that the quality of my soaps were good enough for gifts or to be sold.  The other 50% was still usable for us.

I am a quilter – I love making quilts and hand quilting them.  Since I don’t have much time for that right now I sew  things that can be completed during nap-time or in the early evening hours.

I am a runner and cross-country skier – I have completed only two running marathons in my life and five skiing marathons.  I have plans to run every marathon in the state of Wisconsin and some in the bordering states before I die.  My skiing goals are to complete the American Birkie on my classical skis and to travel to Norway to ski the Birkebeinerrennet.

I am a reader – I read every night before going to sleep. I will read most books recommended to me by my friends.  I learned to love reading in my late teens, in my opinion, way too late!   I started a book club twelve years ago that meets every month.  I love my library.  I don’t have to purchase books because I can find just about any book I have ever wanted to read in our library system.  People who say they “don’t read” freak me out. It is as foreign to me as telling me you don’t like chocolate.

I am a grocery shopper – the only kind of shopping I love is for groceries.  When I go to a new town I love to find their local grocery store.  I love stores that sell bulk foods.  I love huge grocery stores and I love little ones.

I am a stockpiler of food and supplies – when something that I always buy is on sale I buy a lot of it (I learned this one from my mom).  Since I live in a small town and don’t get to the store or a larger town very often I make sure I never run out of the main staples for our meals and needs.  I can’t just run to the store for of a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread or toilet paper.

I am a cake decorator – I love to bake and decorate cakes for all occasions.  I love any excuse to decorate a cake even for silly occasions, like an ice fishing weekend with the hubby’s college buddies.

I am organized and my house is always trashed – cleaning is for the birds!

So there, ten things about me that are true, current, and have nothing to do with my children. Sometimes when I feel like all I do is take care of them, I remind myself that I have many things that make me ME.  Things that are true ALL the time.  I’m still ME, no matter what happens, and I don’t have to wait until my children are grown to remember that I still have my own unique personality.

Now that I’ve talked about me, how about you?  Feel free to leave a comment using “I am”, tell me a few things about yourself that have nothing to do with your kids.

Project 365 Week 8

Project 365 Week 8

Project 365:  Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

2/21/11 (Monday) – Today was a snow day for Robbie.  The two older boys spent a lot of time outside playing in the snow making forts and sledding.  Henry spent time out there too but he never lasted very long.

Here is one time when Henry wanted to go outside.  He got himself dressed and stepped out the door after one of the boys.  He almost has it figured out.

2/22/11 (Tuesday) – Fresh snow every where!  I had to ski today!   This is one of my favorite spots on the IWSC trails.  The skiing was slow on the fresh snow and a lot of work.  My friends’ son was tired of riding in the sled so he ran part of the way.


2/23/11 (Wednesday) – Another awesome morning skiing with friends.  My friend Lynn took this photo for me.

Our friends were on a tight schedule this morning.  We skied for about an hour with them.   After our friends left, I reminded Charlie how important it is for us to give Henry a turn to ski and that Henry would love to ski with his big brother, off they went.

An after school snowball fight.  I allowed this to happen because all the snow chunks were still light and fluffy from the fresh snow we got the day before.  See more photos in Snow ball fights.



2/24/11 (Thursday) – This afternoon we skied with my friend, Mary (who took these photos for me).  Henry got his turn to ski as we headed out.  He asked for my poles.  I think he noticed all my double poling that I did last week.  I think he has that technique figured out.


2/25/11 (Friday) – Henry likes zippers.  I found him trying to get zipped into this lunch box,signing “help!” and trying to get into the lunch box from another angle,

and finally zipped in and ready for lunch.


2/26/11 (Saturday) – On our last day of the IWSC Youth Ski Program we re-enact The Race of the Birkebeiners.  All the skiers carry their Norwegian Prince to safety and  get a medal. http://www.liselungelarsen.com/birkebeiners.php

2/27/11 (Sunday) – Photo taken by Jack.  We snowshoed  in our woods before our company had to leave.