Project 365 Week 30

Project 365 Week 30

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

7/25/11 (Monday) –  I purchased 50 pounds (1 bushel) of peaches for $20 last week.  Once they were to the ripeness that I like we ate as many as we could.  I made smoothies (even a green smoothie with peaches and bananas), I made peach crisp (three times), and sliced peaches put them onto cookie sheets and froze them (after they were frozen I put them in quart ziplock bags).  Out of the 50 pounds I ended up with about 20 pounds of frozen peaches in the freezer.

25 pounds of peaches, aren’t they pretty?

Two of the three pans of peach crisp I baked this week.  I doubled the peaches in the recipe and not the crisp topping.  I shared one pan with our neighbors and I shared the other with Jack.  Click here to see the recipe.

7/26/11 (Tuesday) – Jack drove the tractor out of the barn to put it outside to sell.

 For Sale: W-9 Tractor

(leave a comment if you are interested in purchasing this tractor)

7/27/11 (Wednesday) –  My boy who likes to problem-slove and invent things, set up this rain-catcher in the rain so we don’t have to waste electricity to pump water out of the well.

7/28/11 (Thursday) –  I was planning on leaving for Milwaukee today and decided not to leave until Friday morning.  We were almost packed and my cake was decorated for the weekend.  I felt like I needed a little more time to breathe at home.   I decided to meet our friends at the beach in the afternoon.  I was hoping to wear the boys out so I could get more things done after they went to bed early.  Henry fell asleep in the car on the way home from the beach.  He played so hard and was so tired.  When we got home at 5:30 I carried him into the house and he stayed sleeping until 7am!

The cake.

7/29/11 (Friday) –  I arrived at Emily’s house in the afternoon.  She took us to the community pool in her neighborhood.

Later we met my brother and his family at my Dad’s.  We took the boys to one of my favorite places from my younger years, Doctor’s Park on Lake Michigan.

7/30/11 (Saturday) – We participated in the Liver Life Walk – Milwaukee Lakefront.

Emily and John had Emily’s Energy t-shirts made for everyone.  My next post this week will be photos from the walk.


Liver Man was giving high-fives and probably dripping with sweat inside there!


The youngest in our extended family to attend the walk and my favorite boy who is still one years-old (for just another month).

7/31/11 (Sunday) – We spent the morning helping my Dad clean up a tree that fell down in his backyard.

After we were done Henry sprayed us down.

Loaded and ready to go home!