Happy Birthday, Jack!

Jack’s birthday was this past week.  The boys and I were planning days in advance to get things done.  Everything was going perfectly.  I baked the cake while the boys were in school.  Henry helped make it.

Jack's b-day Henry

The night before Jack’s birthday he had plans to go to a movie with friends.  Perfect!  We would have all night to get homework done, piano practiced, frosting made and colored, a cake decorated and his present wrapped.  At 3:00, Jack called me to tell me his movie night was cancelled and he would be home at his normal time.  Yikes!

I whipped up the frosting before the boys got home from school.

Once the boys got home we got right to decorating.  Charlie came up with the design and helped stir the colors.

Jack's b-day Charlie frosting

He drew the design onto the cake with a toothpick.

Jack's b-day cake Charlie's design

Robbie did some of the decorating.

Jack's d-day Robbie decorates

Nola Mae was getting into the fruit on the counter.

Jack's b-day Nola Mae kiwi

I was impressed with the team work of all three boys.  Henry was okay not decorating (maybe he was sneaking frosting), and Robbie was totally okay doing whatever Charlie wanted.

Jack's b-day boys w cake

Next they each made Jack a birthday card.

From Robbie

From Robbie

From Charlie

From Charlie

From Henry - front cover

From Henry – front cover

From Henry - inside

From Henry – inside

We hid everything away until the next day when we would celebrate Jack’s birthday.

The night of Jack’s birthday the boys helped get things ready for dinner, fed the dogs, unloaded the dishwasher and got right to doing their homework.

I made one of Jack’s favorite meals – fettucine alfredo with shrimp and then we had cake.

Jack's b-day kids

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Happy 8th Birthday, Robbie!

Happy Birthday, Robbie!

We love you like there is no tomorrow!

A little jaundice.

Serious jaundice and second hospital stay.

Slamming the breastmilk, with the baby-bong.

Many hours, days and months of screaming.

First bath. 

More screaming for your visitors.

One year old. 

Two years old.

Three years old.

Four years old. 

Five years old.

Six years old. 

Seven years old. 

Eight years old.

Please stop growing up so fast!