Project 365 Week 52

Project 365 Week 52

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

12/26/11 (Monday) –  According to little boys, there one huge benefit of having a wood stove in your living room:  being able to roast marshmallows.  I wouldn’t call this a benefit for Moms.

12/27/11 (Tuesday) –  Christmas break has given Charlie many hours and days to play with his Legos.  He uses this box so he can build anywhere and anytime.

12/28/11 (Wednesday) – We had friends over this week.  They took a break from playing outside to read a little after Charlie’s friend fell on the ice in the driveway.

12/29/11 (Thursday) – Jack moved the Lego table out into the living room for better lighting.  Charlie found a wooden toy making book in Jack’s pile of books and wanted to build one of the wooden toys out of Legos.  (Notice the book propped up on the opposite side of the table.)  Charlie truly sees the world built in Legos and can build anything!

This is the Lego guy he built from the wooden toy book.  His creativity was contagious, I amazed myself by coming up with the idea to give this guy his eyes and mouth.

12/30/11 (Friday) –  I have been going through all my quilting books and magazines to find an idea for a baby quilt to make for the new baby.  I am looking for a design where I can use my scrap fabrics and not have to buy anything for this project.

 Awesome book:

Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration




12/31/11 (Saturday) –  I finished this cloth basket.  The dimensions are 16 1/2 X 16 1/2.  I have another one that I am making with different fabrics.  I haven’t been able to finish the second basket yet.  I may try a few more of these in different sizes.

The inspiration came from  Scandinavian Stitches: 21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair . A book I got from my library.  This book has tons of adorable projects.

 Scandinavian Stitches: 21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair

(Click here for a link to Amazon for the book) 

1/1/12 (Sunday) –  I have never gone shopping on New Year’s Day to hit the special sales, until today.  Hancock Fabrics had many great sales with 50% off items that have been on my wish list and $10 off this spool holder that I have been admiring for the last few months.

After our shopping trip Henry and I went to our favorite restaurant. I crave Chinese food terribly bad when I am pregnant.

This is the end of my year with Project 365 as a themed post. I am interested in continuing, but I am unsure what to call my weekly posts of stories and photos. I need to figure out how to title and categorize them so they are different from this first year. One suggestion I read on the internet was to go back and re-name each post “Project 365 Week 52 – 2011”.

Most Project 365 blogs are posting photos daily. I can’t do that! I need to keep it weekly. If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would love to hear from you! I have until next Sunday to figure this out!

Thanks for all the encouragement and comments in this first year!


Project 365 Week 51

Project 365 Week 51

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

My 100th post!

12/19/11 (Monday) – The boys have been spending time with me in my sewing room while I sew.  I have a hard time concentrating while they are down there with me.  I made many mistakes on a few of my projects which caused some delays and a lot of frustration.

Tonight was when I was able to focus on what they wanted to sew.  We didn’t finish the items for Christmas or for a photo this week.  Henry won’t mind when he opens his gift.

12/20/11 (Tuesday) – I went to the feed mill today and was pleased to find out that they know me by name, and weren’t calling me “the chicken lady.”  Except they had the wrong name and were calling me Patsy.  (Remember my post Small Towns?)  While I was there waiting for my feed to be ground up and bagged I met another customer who was looking to purchase laying hens.  We exchanged numbers and set up a day for him to come look at my chickens.  When I called him to arrange a time his wife said, “It’s the chicken lady.”  I am okay with being called the chicken lady, not Patsy.

I finished this dolphin apron for a friend.

And this cardinal for a bag.

12/21/11 (Wednesday) –  I rested a lot today after a few busy days.  I didn’t really want to rest but my body was telling me I needed to.   I felt better by evening and was able to finish sewing a few of my Christmas gifts.


12/22/11 (Thursday) –  I tried taking it easy today wrapping gifts, getting ready for Santa’s arrival, and packing for the weekend.  We left for the Owen/Loyal area after the boys got home from school.

We spent the evening with the Eloranta family eating great food, visiting, eating more yummy food and taking the annual group photo.

12/23/11 (Friday) –  We spent the day with the Vaters.

12/24/11 (Saturday) – While we waited for my brother and his family to arrive at my Mom’s house we walked down to the pond to play on the ice.  Grandpa Jerry surprised us with sled rides behind the 4-wheeler.

Four of the seven grandsons in our family were together today.  We missed our other cousins this weekend!

12/25/11 (Sunday) – We were home Christmas morning.  The boys surprised me by sleeping until 6:45am!  After breakfast we opened gifts and both big boys got right to work at putting their new Legos together.  These were the largest pieced sets they have ever done.  Both with minimal help from us.  Charlie used his new container from Granny that has different sections to sort his parts.

Their new Star Wars ships.

Henry’s baby quilt was finished just in time for me to give it to him for Christmas.

Surprise!  Surprise!  My Candy Loving Boy was busy eating all the candy in his stocking and sneaking candy from other people’s stockings.

Project 365 Week 50

Project 365 Week 50

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

12/12/11 (Monday) –  In last week’s post I mentioned that I lost one of the bags that I made.  I did a little bit of cleaning and rearranging to get the house ready for our Christmas tree and found my rooster bag.

12/13/11 (Tuesday) – Last weekend we had our “sign-up” day for the youth ski program that I do at Iola Winter Sports Club on Saturday mornings for kids that are 10 years old and younger.  I was pleased with the numbers of new families that will join us this winter.  In order to outfit the majority of the kids in more modern cross-country ski equipment (and warmer boots) I figured out that 14 pairs of skis with 3-pin bindings needed to be converted to Salomon bindings.  Phil did all the work!  Now, we are waiting for the snow to arrive!

My friend, Kat, came over after our kids were in bed to make a tool belt for her son for Christmas.  This is the first thing she has ever made!

The tool belt is adorable!

12/14/11 (Wednesday) –  Kat and I stayed up too late last night sewing and then visiting.  My day was shot, nothing was done around here except the bare minimum and no photos were taken!

12/15/11 (Thursday) –   I seemed to have forgotten that I am growing a baby in my belly because I am still tired from my late night on Tuesday night.

I did have a little energy to go to school for the boys’ Christmas program, make dinner and test more embroidery designs that I have on my sewing machine.  So I have been turning the “tests” into bags.


12/16/11 (Friday) –  I have shared photos of this quilt in progress.  I have titled this quilt “Grandma’s Garden”.  It is getting closer to completion.  I have filled in the spacer squares with flowers that my sewing machine does, pieced it together and put the boarders on the quilt.  The next steps will be deciding on the backing, basting it together, deciding on what quilting design to use and finally quilting it.

A couple of my favorite flowers on the quilt…

12/17/11 (Saturday) – My sister, Kayla, graduated from UW-Oshkosh and is now a Registered Nurse with a full-time job!  She has decided to work in oncology.  I am very proud of her!

I graduated from college 18 years ago this weekend.  My mom gave me my graduation quilt.  It was worth the wait!  Click here to read the story on this quilt.

Quilt Broken Star


12/18/11 (Sunday) – Jack spent the afternoon in the garage forging some projects with the older boys.  Charlie and Robbie made fire pokers for themselves.

Robbie’s fire poker is the shorter one and Charlie’s is the longer one.

Project 365 Week 49

Project 365 Week 49

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

12/5/11(Monday) – I did a test pattern on my embroidery machine of a poppy. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go or even how long it would take. My machine told me that this pattern was for 64,000 stitches and failed to mention that it would take almost five hours. Thankfully, I don’t have to sit there for all of those five hours. My only requirement once the machine is set up and started is to change the color of thread at the designated times.

The threads for the poppy design.

My machine in action.

The flower turned out much prettier than I expected so I decided to make a bag with it.

I also made a small zipper bag with an awesome rooster embroidered on it.  I don’t have a photo because I lost the bag!

I finally cut my last batch of soap.  I hope it will be dry for Christmas gifts.

12/6/11 (Tuesday) –   A friend wanted aprons for her daughters and daughter-in-law.  The daugther aprons match the granddaughter aprons I made in July.


This week I had my bible study on Monday night and came home to this on the table.   (This is an Origami Christmas Tree design.  Robbie used that design to make a sign for me to notice the note that he left me.)

Tuesday night I had a board meeting at the ski hill and came home to find this note.

12/7/11 (Wednesday) –  A friend asked me to make tooth pillows for her two girls.


12/8/11 (Thursday) –  While walking out to the barn to take care of the chickens, collect eggs and insulate the chicken coop window Henry said, “Wind in my face!  Is winter time?”

 You can see that huge gap where the snow blows in, what you can’t see is all the little holes all around the window.

Before insulation.

  While fixing the chicken coop window Henry told me, “My face needs gloves!”

I stuffed straw in the window and covered it with plastic.  I was almost done and we were both freezing and Henry was crying, “ME DONE!”

He was happier once we got into the house and needed to put the eggs away.

12/9/11 (Friday) –  Jack’s early Christmas present arrived today.  It is a TV with a built in DVD player for his exercise area.  He was using an old laptop for his exercise videos.  We have always used our computers to watch movies since we don’t have a TV in our house, until now, I think we will refer to it as a DVD player.

12/10/11 (Saturday) – Robbie and Charlie had their piano recital today.  Henry thought he should be able to go up on the stage to play piano too.

We took a family photo since everyone was in nice clothes this afternoon.

12/11/11 (Sunday) –  We cut down our Christmas tree from behind the garage.  These were some of the first spruce trees I planted during our first couple years here.  It is amazing how fast they have grown.  This one was slightly bent/damaged from the heavy snow we had in November.

Each boy got a turn to trim the trunk for easy sawing.

This is our smallest Christmas tree. I think it is my favorite mainly because I love Colorado blue spruce trees!

Project 365 Week 48

Project 365 Week 48

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

11/28/11 (Monday) – Henry has math skills!  He was watching and helping me fry eggs for breakfast.  We counted the three eggs and he told me, “Two eggs for me. One for Mama.”

11/29/11 (Tuesday) – I finished my zipper bag that matches my big sewing bag.

11/30/11 (Wednesday) – Henry and I met my friend Phil at the ski hill to peel potatoes, 100 pounds of potatoes, for Phil’s Lefse Making Party!  I am an experienced potato peeler because I peeled potatoes almost every night after school from 7th to 12th grade.

12/1/11 (Thursday) – I love how my little zipper bag turned out, so I made three more.  I am getting better at this and will try to make more in different sizes.

12/2/11 (Friday) – I met my friend and her son at the Stevens Point Library.   This was my first time in the children’s section.  It was wonderful!

12/3/11 (Saturday) – Jack took all three boys to Aunt Vlasty’s house for her annual St. Nick’s party.  This was the first time all three boys left me at the same time.

I stayed home.  I was gearing up to get a lot of sewing done while the house was quiet.  Guess what I did?  The most unusual things…cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped, cleaned the living room, vacuumed the stairs, tons of laundry, fed the dogs and took care of the chickens.  I spent about 15 minutes on the computer (very unusual!), baked two pans of apple crisp, prepared a Quinoa and Black Bean Salad and then got ready for the lefse party.  By the time I got everything done I was so tired and my belly muscles were aching, I didn’t go down to my sewing room.  I took it easy at the lefse party, washed a few dishes and sampled all the food that was brought for the potluck meal.

In the morning Jack asked what kind of sewing I did while they were gone.  I told him I didn’t sew. I cleaned instead.  He looked around and said “What did you clean?”  Not because he isn’t an observant and appreciative husband, because the cleaning I did was only that “surface” cleaning that gets messed up once children are present for an hour.

It felt good to have that cleaning done.  I don’t regret spending valuable sewing time to do it.  I kept telling myself there are women out there in this world that sacrifice fun times for a clean house all the time and I am not one of them!

12/4/11 (Sunday) – Aunt Susie took the older boys to a donkey basketball game.  When she arrived the boys hid behind the door waiting to surprise her.

Project 365 Week 47

Project 365 Week 47

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

11/21/11 (Monday) –  I finally made something for myself.   This bag accidentally became a reversible bag.   I made a pocket for it from one of the embroidery designs on my sewing machine.  I liked the way the Baltic fabric looked and I didn’t want  to disturb that with a pocket on the outside.   I made the bag big enough to carry my quilt hoop and a quilt project.  I believe it is 22″ x  21″.

This bag was inspried by a design I saw in the book Sew Wild by Alisa Burke that I picked up from my library.

My pocket with a variegated purple thread.

While I was trying to figure out what fabric to use for the inside I realized that the pocket looked pretty on the plain cream fabric and together they would make a pretty bag.  That is how I got the idea for the reversible bag.

11/22/11 (Tuesday) –  Henry warming his baby’s fingers because they were cold.

I found a wonderful deal on Honey Crisp apples and had to buy 45 pounds of them ($19)!  This was a wonderful after school surprise for the big boys.

11/23/11 (Wednesday) – The boys’ Thanksgiving weekend started today.  Since Jack had to work we invited Aunt Susie to join us for lunch at the boys’ favorite place in Stevens Point.   There was cotton candy!


11/24/11 (Thursday) –  Remember the birthday party Charlie attended last weekend and I didn’t realize that it was a birthday party until he came home?  Charlie picked out this fabric for Mollie’s apron.

11/25/11 (Friday) –  We were fortunate to have three family Thanksgiving meals over the weekend.  The Vater family was our first meal and was the only one we got a group photo.

11/26/11 (Saturday) –  I spent the day at my mom’s house visiting, looking at her quilting projects, and eating leftovers.  Our last Thanksgiving meal was this evening with wonderful food and great company.  We drove one and a half hours home in order to sleep in our own bed.

11/27/11 (Sunday) –  Robbie and Henry helped me unload the straw that I bought last week.  Robbie dropped the bales onto the truck bed for Henry to push them off.  I stacked the bales perfectly, the way I like my bales stacked, without any interference!

My neighbor called to tell me they are going to take the corn to the feed mill on Monday.   So we unloaded some corn to buy from them to feed the chickens.  We figured out how many pounds of corn fit in our bucket, Robbie kept a tally of how many buckets we loaded, then we went into the house to add up our pounds of corn and figured out how much we have to pay.

Jack took photos of the boys this afternoon.

This isn’t a perfect picture of all three boys but it is my favorite one.


Project 365 Week 46

Project 365 Week 46

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

11/14/11 (Monday) – My feet were sticking to the floor in many places that is one of my cues to get the mop out.  The second one is when company is coming.  All our boys love to mop, this is Henry’s first time helping.  One might think with the help I have I should have a clean floor more often.

Henry figured out how to use the brush on the other side of the mop.  Sometimes I think a window scraper that we use on our icy car windows would work better.

11/15/11 (Tuesday) – My fridge full of eggs.  This is the most eggs we have ever had in our fridge.  I have begun to panic now.  I use to get worried when we had seven extra dozen in the fridge until I talked to Jessie, Jack’s cousin.  Her panic number is something like twenty-two dozen.  I delivered some this week and have been able to add a few more egg customers.

11/16/11 (Wednesday) –  Henry collecting eggs with his new basket that he found at Donna’s rummage sale.  Five eggs fit perfectly in his basket, now “five” is his favorite number.

I can’t afford to lose seven eggs if he trips on the way to the house, so we talked about five being a good fit for his basket.  (Thanks Donna!  He loves his new basket!)

11/17/11 (Thursday) – Granny spent two days with us this week.  Today she made dinner rolls with Henry.  The two of them read a lot of books.  I think Henry’s favorite time with Granny was when she was pretending to sleep and he would put a stuffed chicken by her head and she would wake up and try to eat the chicken out of his hands.

11/18/11 (Friday) – When the house is quiet I have learned to go searching for boys.  I am not always sure what I will find; naughtiness or sweetness.   Tonight it was sweetness!

This is the start of a quilt that I am making out of Grandma Hamm’s fabric.  She had strips sewn together and I am not sure what her plan was.  My mom helped me come up with this design by cutting Grandma’s squares of strips into four blocks and sewing them into these new blocks.  My mom is brilliant!

11/19/11 (Saturday) –  We were making plans to go to Big Falls this morning to check to see if there was any ice in the waterfalls.  Henry disappeared upstairs and came down with his swimming clothes on.  He told me he wanted to go swimming at Big Falls.

We only found ice in the puddles on the big rock.

The boys had popcorn and watched a movie while I did some sewing.  I lost track of time, like I usually do, in the sewing room.  I came upstairs and found them sleeping.

11/20/11(Sunday) –  Today Charlie had a playdate with his friend, Mollie.  They went to a movie and to her house for cake (this should have been a clue to me).  He came home with a bag of candy and a party hat.  I said, “Was it a birthday party? We didn’t have a gift for her!”  His response was, “That is okay, Mom, we didn’t know!”

While Charlie was at the movie theatre in Waupaca.  Robbie and I were brainstorming fun things to do.  One of Robbie’s ideas was to go to Northern Lights in Iola to watch the Green Bay Packer game.   So that is what we did.  He sat at the bar with his mug of root beer watching the game.


Henry and I sat away from the eight other people at the bar so we wouldn’t disturb them.  Henry colored and played with the balls on the pool table.


These photos are missing because I took my camera but forgot to put the card in the camera after downloading photos this morning.

I decided that I wasn’t being a bad mother for taking my kids to a bar to watch the Packer game.  Because it wasn’t for my enjoyment, there isn’t smoking allowed in the bars anymore and it is our choice that we don’t have a TV in our house.

This weekend I started a project for myself, a bag to haul my quilting project or books around.  I stayed up way too late last night for a 41-year-old mama who is growing a baby in her belly and has to keep up with these precious boys!

(one of my favorite photos taken in August 2010)

The start of my bag…

Robbie helped with some of the ironing.  He asked,  “Why are you starting another project when you have that one and that one started and none are finished?”  How do I explain my love for sewing, making things for others, my desire to finally make something for myself and my urgent rush to get as much sewing done before this baby arrives?

Project 365 Week 45

Project 365 Week 45

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

11/7/11 (Monday) –  Today was a very productive day…

Henry and I made a double batch of waffles for breakfast, this way the boys can eat the leftovers all week.

Daylight savings started yesterday – we are back to meeting the bus during daylight hours.  Now 6:45 AM doesn’t seem so early to get on the bus.

After we got the older boys off to school Henry and I smashed pumpkins on the stairs to break them open, I cleaned out the insides and steamed them in my Mehu-Maija.


Jack told me there was a snow storm coming, I said “I’ll believe when it arrives”,  he asked us to bring in a load of firewood.  Henry and I were able to bring in two loads this morning!

11/8/11 (Tuesday) –  I made a batch of Lemon grass and Lavender soap.  This is how I wrap it for the first 24 hours.

We went for a hike in the woods.

Henry is turning into my “chicken boy”.  He is always reminding me to feed the chickens and tells me many times a day that we should go out to the chicken coop to collect eggs by saying, “IS eggs chicken coop!” or “Chickens hungry!”


11/9/11 (Wednesday) –  The snow storm started in the early morning hours.  This was before school.  The boys were excited to see the snow.  Even this morning I was still in denial that it was really snowing on November 9th.  I was one of the terrible parents that didn’t send snow pants, and boots to school with the boys.  They came home telling me how they were disappointed about having indoor recess.

This was the snow by noon.  Henry didn’t like the snow falling on his face and head when we were outside earlier.  His solution was to take the umbrella outside when we planned to ski around the yard.

We stayed behind the house and the garage so the wind wouldn’t bother us.

My clothes line stretched with the heavy snow.  This was also happening to the electric wires all over the county.  When the snow was falling off the lines some of the lines would snap and break which led to many families being out of electricity for many hours.  One friend was without electricity for 60 hours.

11/10/11 (Thursday) –  Henry drawing eggs.

Henry after playing all morning with our friends.

Henry loves to wait for the big boys to get off the bus.  Today I convinced him to wait on the front step.


Henry is always excited to see the older boys when they come home from school.


11/11/11 (Friday) – After school reading.

The pillowcase I made for Robbie’s friend’s birthday.

11/12/11 (Saturday) –  The dogs’ moved to their new location.

11/13/11 (Sunday) –  My laundry helper.


Project 365 Week 44

Project 365 Week 44

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/31/11 (Monday) – Charlie put these pants on in North Dakota and the waist was too big for him.  He was disappointed that I didn’t pack his belt.   I didn’t know those pants were too big for him!   About five minutes later he solved the problem..  Who would have thought that masking tape makes a perfect belt for a six-year-old boy?  (Nose injury is a rug burn from wrestling with his cousins in North Dakota).

11/1/11 (Tuesday) –  Charlie loves Lego’s.  This morning he wanted to be woken up early so he would have time to play with Lego’s before school.  This has been wonderful for us because we talk at night about trying to fall asleep right away so that he isn’t so sleepy in the morning.  And when morning arrives he is almost jumping out of bed and rarely tells me he doesn’t want to go to school.  I don’t think he will start telling me he doesn’t want to go to school because he wants to stay home to play with Lego’s.  Thankfully, his teacher has a huge box of Lego’s in her classroom.

Henry loves Charlie and loves everything Charlie loves… especially Lego’s!  Henry built this and asked me to take a picture so we can show Granny and Hanna (Grandma Helen).  He is telling me about the bridge that the grandmas are suppose to notice.

This creation is important because it has wheels.  It can fly and drive!  Check out his cute hair!  He gets his hair combed only on days that he is awake when I am getting the other boys ready for school.

11/2/11 (Wednesday) –  My chicks that I bought in May have started laying eggs.  We have had an explosion of eggs this week.  I collected 30 eggs today!  I think I need a few more egg customers!

11/3/11 (Thursday) –  I posted this photo of Henry sleeping in Week 39.  I was afraid that someone would think Jack wasn’t paying attention to him when he was getting sleepy.   Now I know how this can happen!

On a night I was home and Henry wasn’t interested in cuddling to sleep with me. He fell asleep on the love seat.  And then later went into this position right in front of my eyes.

11/4/11 (Friday) –  This morning we woke up to a very heavy frost on the ground.  It just happened to be a morning we were going to the ski hill to do some work.  Henry looked out the window and told me “SNOW!”  When we went out there he started skiing in the grass and seemed very happy.  This Mama and little boy are going to be very happy once we get our skis on snow this winter!

After skiing in the frost we headed to Iola Winter Sports Club to do an inventory of ski boots for the youth program.  Then we went to the Hostel Shoppe in Stevens Point where they were having an amazing sale on their “old” rental ski boots.   The didn’t look one bit “old” or “used” to me!  Iola Winter Sports Club purchased 13 pairs of kids cross-country ski boots for $265!

 I bought a pair for me, Robbie and Charlie and for my sister, Danna!  (my friend picked up Danna’s boots so they aren’t in this photo)

11/5/11 (Saturday) –  My Dad has a hunting cabin about 45 minutes away from my house.  Waupaca is about half way between our place and his cabin.  This weekend we met Grandpa Bob and my oldest nephew, Devin, for lunch.  I have such wonderful boys in my life and I love them with all my heart!

11/6/11 (Sunday) –  My weekend project of rebuilding my cloth diapers is turning into a great success.   Click here to read the post I wrote “Rebuilding My Cloth Diapers”.

Project 365 Week 43

Project 365 Week 43

Project 365: Take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.

10/24/11 (Monday) – I don’t have a single photo for today!

10/25/11 (Tuesday) – This is the final touches on my garlic patch.  The planting took much longer than I expected with all the wonderful help I got from the boys.  Henry helped me weed the spot, till it, rake it and then we were able to plant about 150 cloves.  This process took us about two weeks.  After it was planted it rained for many days and the wind blew like crazy.  So I was unable to spread the straw over my patch.  In that short period of time from after it was planted to the time I was ready to spread the straw the patch needed a little re-planting…Robbie, my biggest gardener, noticed that the patch was clean of weeds, tilled and raked.  He figured I didn’t get to the planting yet.  So he took his cultivator through my planted garlic patch to loosen the ground so it would be ready for planting.   We walked through it we found many cloves dug up and some cut and damaged.   We re-planted as many as we could find.

Spreading the straw was the best job for Henry.

All done!

I am praying that I will have a good garlic crop next year!

The last of the brocoli for us and the rest of the plants and brocoli flowers went to the chickens.

10/26/11 (Wednesday) – Henry and I packed the car for our trip to North Dakota.  Henry wasn’t interested in carrying anything out to the car for me.  He wanted to get strapped in and leave “NOW! Kota!” is all he would say until he was screaming and crying because we weren’t leaving yet.  (This was about four hours before our scheduled departure.)  I called Jack at work to talk to Henry.  Henry seemed to understand more after talking to Jack that we couldn’t leave until Papa came home from work.

10/27/11 (Thursday) to 10/31/11 (Monday) –  We arrived at the Russian Slough in the middle of the night.   The boys and I finished our night sleep in the car and woke up at sunset.  When Robbie woke up he told me he was going to catch a pheasant with his hands and eat it for lunch.

Our first hunt was around Grandpa Rob’s farm, The Russian Slough.

Robbie did indeed catch a pheasant with his hands after Grandpa Rob injured it.  Robbie fell in love with the rooster and didn’t want anything to do with eating him for lunch.  He carried him around wrapped in a sweat shirt.  Robbie stayed at the house for the afternoon hunt because he didn’t want to find another bird that he would love.

We had other exciting “boy” activities throughout the weekend…smashing soda cans with water in them with the splitting mall.

 I don’t have any photos of them playing with fire, exploring the land, getting kite strings tangled and stuck in the power lines or the big boys (adults) shooting other things that explode.

I took Henry’s baby blanket along and made progress on basting it and quilting.

Kite flying is a must when we are at the Russian Slough the wind is perfect almost every day!  Cousin Eric was the King of Kites!

Our boys missed one day of school to make this trip.  Uncle Eddie’s kids missed two.  We made time for homework.

A lot of cooking and baking went on…Sarah made these donuts, pumpkin and apple pies,

dinner rolls,

and homemade ice cream (two nights in a row).

One very important tradition is that Sarah publishes “The Sunflower” newspaper everyday.

I believe this is after a couple of days of hunting.  Our hunting was amazing with birds everywhere!

I couldn’t resist breaking one of my blogging rules – Do not post photos of dead animals.   Not once but twice in this week’s post, can you find the second photo?

Henry and I are “sneaking” up on the birds at the Cedar Creek property.  This is one of my favorite places to hunt out of all of Grandpa Rob’s land.

Minor trailer troubles on the way home.

Finally we arrived home on Monday evening.  The start of our unpacking…

900 photos were taking between Jack and my mother-in-law during our trip to North Dakota.  Thanks to them I had many photos to choose from and to share on my blog.