Our Last: Toddler Words

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We are in the beginning stages of “Lasts” in our family.  Nola Mae is our last baby as she keeps growing she will be the “last” of a lot of things around here.  I may have to start a series of blog post of  “lasts” and maybe “firsts”.  One milestone that I missed this past year for “firsts” was that Robbie is the first to get to double digits in age now that he is 10!  And soon he will be the first to drive and a few other “firsts” will happen that I don’t care to think about now.

Nola Mae is my last baby I will be pregnant with and give birth to, she will be my last baby in diapers, the last baby I will ever breastfeed, the last baby I will carry, and the last toddler in our house. I love toddlers, so I will be very sad when this stage is over.

I love the way toddler brains are absorbing everything around them. I love how they see something done once and they can do it themselves.  I love watching them explore new things or figure out things on their own.   I love watching them play and interact with others. I love it when they are being silly and they know it or when a big brother is being silly and they copy them.  I love the innocence they have.  I love it when they are jabbering away and you don’t know what they are trying to tell you. Or when someone else’s toddler is talking and all you hear is a foreign language and the mom translates for you and it all makes perfect sense.  I love it when they start repeating every thing they hear.

Robbie amazed us with his baby sign language when he was a toddler.   I think he had at least 50 signs in his vocabulary by the time he was 24 months old and by 26 months he was talking in sentences.

Charlie was a good-natured toddler, easy-going, didn’t use many signs and started talking before he was two years old and stuttered until he was about four.

Henry was so easy. He was a good-natured toddler and had two older brothers to help him with anything he needed.  I really can’t remember when he started talking, one famous quote of Henry’s with my family was when he was about two years old he walked into the living room, full of my siblings, and said, “Me love donuts!”.   I do remember trying to start baby signs with him.  I stopped trying when they started making up signs for silly things and doing other hand motions for the signs that I wanted to work on. I just didn’t have the energy to take that on.

I am really bad at record keeping in the area of milestones!   I have always wanted to write the number of words our kids could say at a certain point in their toddler years.   I have a list somewhere of all the signs Robbie knew at one point. I don’t know when their first teeth came.  If I thought really hard or searched my blog we could figure out when Robbie and Charlie lost their first teeth.

There are benefits to being the oldest and the baby of the family!

I have spent the last few days writing down the words I have heard Nola Mae say, without me trying to coax her.  I really need to get this post done because her list of words is getting longer as I keep editing my words here in this post.

At 21 months:

Nola Mae can say everyone’s name in our family.  Mama, Mom, Papa, Robbie, Charlie, Henny, Shadow, and Chili.  Other names from our extended family:  Granny and Susie.  If you want to be on this list you will have to spend more time with us!

Nola Mae’s words:

  1. Fart
  2. Money
  3. Wake (Wake up)
  4. Leeping (Sleeping)
  5. Room
  6. Nurse
  7. Bus
  8. Marker (points to the marks on her head)
  9. On
  10. Potties
  11. Wipe
  12. Shoe
  13. Sock
  14. Boot
  15. Teeth
  16. NO!
  17. No (I don’t know and shrugs her shoulders)
  18. Nake (Snake)
  19. Done
  20. Hand
  21. Milk Please
  22. Thank you
  23. Milkies
  24. Down
  25. Hi/Hello
  26. Candy
  27. Ummy (Yummy)
  28. Son (Some as in “I want some”)
  29. Snow
  30. Look
  31. Fast!
  32. Pockie (Pocket)
  33. Get it
  34. Fix it
  35. Happy (Help me)
  36. Found it!
  37. Fun
  38. Button
  39. Buckle
  40. Sure
  41. Bove (Glove)
  42. Skiing
  43. Eew!
  44. Pokie
  45. Bee (any kind of bug)
  46. That
  47. Phone
  48. Ah-oh
  49. Eat
  50. Cheese
  51. Poopies
  52. Fire
  53. Hot
  54. Ride
  55. Nose
  56. Eyes
  57. Ear
  58. Head
  59. Neck
  60. Balance
  61. Ta-da!
  62. Pants
  63. Shirt
  64. Apple
  65. Apple (Pineapple)
  66. There
  67. Hurt
  68. Bite
  69. Excuse me
  70. Butter
  71. Wait (with her pointer finger in the air)
  72. Worm
  73. Hand! (Dirty hand)
  74. Pennel (Kennel)
  75. Footers (Slippers)

The one word I am most proud of (NOT) is:  76. Shit

77. Stuck (see my Mom’s comment).

Nola Mae has a few two-word and an occasional three-word sentences.  And some of the words above are used in combination with each other.  For example, “Pants on.  Marker head.  Butter ummy!!!”

Nola Mae Marker 1

A funny thing she has recently done is say  “Sshh!” to Henry when he is talking a lot.  Henry is the most talkative 4-year-old out of all our boys.  This makes me laugh, secretly of course, every time.  The first time she used  “Sshh!”  was when we were waiting in line at a store and a 3-year-old child was whining about something to the mom and Nola Mae started Sshhing her.  Thankfully, they didn’t notice.

13 responses

  1. Your description of toddlers is right on. That was fun to read.

    It is good you made Nola Mae’s word list now. By next week it may be too long to catalog!

  2. I am also terrible at keeping track of milestones it was partly why I started blogging but then I always have something I think is more interesting to write about then who is doing what- oh well. Better than nothing! And if it helps with #76 Clara was trying to get a package open and I asked if she needed help “Yeah, I just can’t get this damn string off.” oops!

    • Jessie,
      I think you do a nice job documenting the important stuff on your blog. Maybe the reason why I am bad at the milestones is because they really aren’t that important. Every kid eventually gets teeth, takes their first steps, says their first word (s). The most important stuff right now is the “present” because it will be gone before we know it and we may not remember all the sweet little stories that we post about. I asked Donna this past weekend when the skiing ladies were visiting what she remembers most of her kids at this age and one of her thoughts was that it was a blur.

  3. This is great. Please continue your “firsts” and “lasts” section of your blog! Your future milestones will be documented and in one place then 🙂 I say this with a smile, because I am not so organized with my childrens’ milestones…I have them “saved” who knows where in my house!

    • Claudine, when you find those “saved” lists and items your heart will be warmed with love and memories. I love blogging for this very reason, they are all in one place.

  4. This post made me cry. It is so hard for me to watch my kids get older and older. We have so many firsts and lasts everyday. And I know it is a part of our kids getting older and becoming the people they were meant to be, but it means that they are growing older and are leaving our nests and making their own nests!!!! Your oldest is double digits and my baby is going to be double digits. It is so hard, but it is amazing to see how different they are and each are their own person. And we love them and each are their own person.

  5. One more word – stuck. Nola Mae got her foot stuck in the chair back at the counter and very patiently kept saying, “stuck, stuck, stuck” until Aunt Danna came to the rescue.

    • Good call, Mom! I will add that one. “stuck” doesn’t happened here very often. Now that I think about it, she did get her self stuck on purpose between the bed and the wall in the boys’ room, on purpose, multiple times. I think she liked that Charlie was concerned and helped her out each time. But she never said “stuck”.

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