First Ski 2013

First Ski 2013

Our family will ski every Thursday night with our friends Mary and Phil and their kids.

Our first ski of the season was also Nola Mae’s first time on skis at 20 months old.

Nola Mae was a natural on skis.  She slid her skis along and went about 20 yards.  She was on her skis for about 20 minutes skiing with Mary while I went back to the chalet to help Robbie.  I don’t think she even cried when I was out of sight.  I saw her lose her balance a little and she stayed on her skis.  I didn’t hold her hand, she did it all by herself!

Skiing Nola Mae

The older boys were excited to ski.  Tonight was actually Charlie’s second time on skis.  Earlier this week we went to the ski hill to make copies for youth ski program.  Charlie quickly put on boots and skis and disappeared on the trail.

We are fortunate to have lights on our ski trails.  Henry was a speedy boy on skis, this is his third winter skiing.

IWSC at night

We are making memories!

IWSC Charlie & Philip

I have a feeling our Thursday nights will be full of skiing, snack eating and visiting.  (Next time I am packing snacks and a beer)

 IWSC Phil