Applesauce 2013


I love to make applesauce.

I was disappointed that our trees didn’t produce apples last year and I was also thankful because I had a baby and three other children.

This spring when our trees were loaded with apple blossoms I was jumping with joy. When the apples started appearing I didn’t thin the tiny apples so that I would have bigger apples (directions on thinning click here), I wanted as many apples as possible.

I picked apples off the ground every day.    The really bad apples went to the chickens and a few went to the horse.  I would guess that I gave the chickens about five 5 gallon buckets of apples throughout the fall.  We ate a lot (and are still eating) and the rest I stored in our garage until I was ready to make applesauce.

apples in garage 2013

I use a steamer/juicer called Mehu-Maija, it is a Finnish utensil.  I first learned of this amazing system from my mother-in-law who is 100% Finnish.

apples in Mehu Maija

I am fortunate to own two Mehu-Maijas.  I love them.  In my opinion, if you make applesauce, wine, or jellies this is a necessary tool!  Every time I have loaned one of mine to a friend they have ended up buying one (three friends).  I have raved about my system to other friends and two have ended up buying one.

Mehu-Maija 2013

My apples produce a beautiful pink applesauce.

apple sauce in progress 2013

My applesauce and juice in 2013:

36 quarts and 19 pints of applesauce

12 quarts of apple juice

applesauce & juice 2013

I shared a bunch of apples with friends.  They shared some with their friends and made all this:



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