Robbie’s favorites, age 10

Robbie’s favorites, age 10

Happy Birthday!

robbie baby

favorite color – Blue

RW Snow blue

favorite animal – Pheasant

favorite book – Animorph series

favorite movie – Ninjago Season 2 Episode 26 The Final Battle

favorite song – Take Back the Night in Minecraft

favorite game – Elemental Warrior

favorite food – Rotini casserole

favorite drink – Dr Pepper ( I never get this, but I like Russian Tea)

favorite breakfast – Homemade waffles and sausage links

favorite snack – Brownies and ice cream

favorite restaurant – Little Caesars and Mc Donald’s

favorite toy – My wooden sword

Robbie fancy moves

Who are your friends?  Will, Landon, Brock W, Brock O, Isaiah, RJ, and Parker

favorite thing to do – Play Elemental Warrior with Michael

favorite thing to do outside – Play Elemental Warrior

favorite thing to do with Papa – I like to do a lot of things, like, wood working, forging and play kickball

RW Lathe12a

favorite thing to do with Mama – Cooking/Baking and cuddling

favorite thing to do with Charlie – play with Legos

favorite thing to do with Henry – play elemental warrior

favorite thing about school – Phy. Ed

favorite job – unloading the dishwasher

favorite holiday – Christmas

favorite sister –  Nola Mae, obviously!

light rainbow wrap w Robbie

favorite place to go – Michael’s house

Where do you want to go on vacation?  Michael’s house.

If you could have any super power what would it be?  Use real elements to play a real game of Elemental Warrior.

If you could go on a weekend trip where would you go?  Michael’s house.

camping gravel pit RW & Michael

What do you want to do when you are a grown up?  Teacher for elementary grades and teach fencing in the summer.

3 responses

  1. Happy Birthday Robbie!

    I asked Clara if she had a birthday message and she would like him to know that we got goldfish! (First she told me to say we got him a present, but since that’s sadly not true we opted against that message.)

    • Happy Birthday Robbie: I hope that you get whatever you secretly wish for on your special day. I enjoyed reading all about your favorites and it appears to me that Michael is very special to you. I think your Mom was kind of silly when asking you who your favorite sister is, seeing you only have one, duh, I think she was kind of kidding. But, I can see where Nola Mae would be your favorite anyhow as she is a real cutie, just like you. Happy Birthday, Aunt Anita from Wales, WI.

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