Mama’s favorites – September 2013

This year I decided I would do a “favorite list” post for each of our kids on their birthday.  I already had a blog post in my drafts that I started in May 2011. 

It is my birthday, today. 

I scheduled this to be published when I was born, at 3:31 AM, 43 years ago.

Robbie & mama

This is my list:

favorite color –  purple

favorite animal – chicken

favorite books – Prodigal Summer and A Midwife’s Story and all the books from My Favorite Books post (recently updated)

favorite movie – The Sound of Music

favorite song – Love Grows One by One

favorite game – Rummy 500, a game my best friend in college taught me.

favorite meal – Fettuccini Alfredo with shrimp

favorite breakfast – Biscuits and gravy

favorite treat – ice cream and/or chocolate

favorite drinks – coffee and any dark beer 

favorite restaurant – Tempura House

favorite toy – my cross-country skis

favorite thing to do – sew

favorite thing to do outside – cross country ski

skiing sled 

favorite thing about school – quiet days for me and great teachers that challenge my kids, and love them.

favorite job – some days it is being a stay-at-home-mom other days it is the awesome jobs I had before I had kids. 

favorite thing to do with Papa – hang out and talk about the funny things that happen during my days.

favorite thing to do with Charlie – organize/sort Legos, sew and read books to him.

Legos Charlie a

favorite thing to do with Henry – teach him everything I know about chickens, gardening and nature and listening to his stories.

Henry w chickens

favorite thing to do with Robbie – cuddle with him, take walks holding his hand, telling him about when he was a little baby and listening to him tell me about the things he loves.

4-4-09 making firewood kiss


favorite holiday – I don’t know that I have a favorite, maybe it is Memorial Day and Labor Day because I hate Mondays and those holidays make Mondays feel like the weekend.

favorite place to go – summer-time place:  the waterfalls at the hydro-dam in Big Falls and winter-time place: Iola Winter Sports Club

favorite brother – my only brother!Steve

Where do you want to go on vacation?  –  up north or out east to cross-country ski.

If you could have any super power what would it be? – Give my children the all confidence, health and love they need to be happy, loving, successful, and productive adults.  

My other favorite things:

A good book to read at bedtime.

A bed that is made.

A clothes line full of clean clothes.

The sound of our boys giggling.

The sound of a baby breastfeeding.

The smell of my sweaty body after a long ski.

A berry patch full of berries.

A big stack of firewood.

A beach all to ourselves.

Fresh snow on the trees and on the cross-country ski trails.

Fresh corduroy on the ski trails and being the one to make the first ski tracks.

8 responses

    • I didn’t know you liked that place, Jessie. We should have met there for lunch while you were going to school! I feel like I need to hide the car keys so I don’t drive there for lunch one of these days!

  1. Not being a regular skier, I had never heard of ‘fresh corduroy’ before. I looked it up and it made perfect sense. Learning new phrases/words is one of the things I love about reading blogs, books, and magazines. Great list!

    • Thanks for reading my blog, Jessie. I thought you were my cousin, Jessie at first, but she is a skier and I learned that term from her mom. I was confused for a little bit there. How did you find me? Do you have a blog?

      • I saw this comment come up in my feedly reader and was confused because I couldn’t figure out why I would have written that – I know what fresh corduroy is! Then I figured out it wasn’t me. But I came to tell you that the other Jessie confused me too, which is when I figured out that it really is the other Jessie! That’s my friend Jessie who I met working in Antigo! mystery solved. 🙂

      • Thanks, Cousin Jessie for connecting the dots. I almost emailed you to ask you “why don’t you know about fresh corduroy?” Then I realized your picture is always by your comments so it has to be someone else. I remember the other Jessie from Antigo! I have been getting a lot of traffic and a few new “stranger” subscribers I assumed she
        was someone not connected to anyone I knew.

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