Back to School 2013

First day of school 2013  

The boys were up at 5:50 AM to get ready for school.  The bus arrives at 6:40, I believe they are the 3rd stop.  Everything went well, so I think tomorrow I will wake them up at 6:00.

A photo with Papa before he left for work.

First day of school 2013 w papa

It was lighter outside when it was time to leave the house for the bus.

Frist day of school 2013

Robbie – Fourth Grade:

First day of school 2013 R

Charlie – Second Grade:  First day of school 2013 C

Henry – 4-year-old Kindergarten:

First day of school 2013 H

Charlie seemed the most excited last night.  He wanted to put on his school clothes before going to bed so he would be closer to being ready in the morning.  When Jack woke him up he was dressed and almost done with his breakfast by the time I got downstairs.

I knew breakfast was going to be a bit challenging for Henry and Robbie.  Henry is not very hungry when he wakes up.  This is how much he ate this morning.

Breakfast bagel Henry

Robbie takes a lot of time to “wake up”.  I don’t leave his bedroom until he is on his feet.   I didn’t have to help him out of bed today.   I was surprised he wasn’t more tired because he finally fell asleep at 10:30 last night.  He drank a cup of Russian tea and a little bit of French toast.

Breakfast Fr Toast RW

I expect Robbie and Charlie to be helpful big brothers to Henry.  They were both fighting over who was going to walk him to his classroom.  I always tell them “Brothers have to stick together!”

3 responses

  1. I love seeing the boys on their first day back to school! Thanks, Jenny. (5:50 must have seemed very early for Robbie after a 10:30 night–I feel for him.)

  2. Hope all the boys had a great first day and you and Nola Mae had a special first “mommy/daughter day” together 🙂

    Teacher report: Henry had an awesome first day. He had lots of smiles and told me he’s coming back Thursday!

    • We did have a great day. Henry had a huge smile for me when he got off the bus and told me all about you “pushing chairs around and doing all silly things” and later told me that you also were rolling all over the floor. Thank you for making it fun for him!

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