Frist Spring Walks

We have started our spring time walks since the sun is setting a little later in the day.   Our first evening walk was on snow shoes earlier in March.

 Dusk snow shoe 1 Dusk snow shoe 3 Dusk snow shoe 2

Dusk snow shoe 6 Dusk snow shoe 5 Dusk snow shoe 4

Lately the snow is too deep and wet for us to walk around our property.  Maybe snow shoes would still work on the very wet snow.

We tried just walking on the snow in the afternoon on Easter. There was lots of tears because the snow was getting inside our boots and for the 15 minutes we were out there the wind picked up and we got a 10 minute blizzard.  These two photos were taken within minutes of each other.

Easter blizzard boys on melting pond

On one of our most recent walks Robbie took a stick along.  I don’t understand the need to carry a stick.

I took these photos of him attacking the big snow chunks that were left by the snow plow.  These walks are a good time to expel some energy outside. Robbie has the most energy!

 spring walk RW jumps 1

spring walk RW jumps 2

spring walk RW jumps 3

spring walk RW jumps 4

Other shots of him in the air:

spring walk RW jumps air 1

spring walk RW jumps air

Nola Mae was cozy in the jogging stroller.  I am planning on doing a 5k run on April 13th in Marshfield with my friend Kristin.  Kristin is letting us use her stroller until then so I can make sure Nola Mae is okay riding in it.

spring walk Nola Mae

I don’t understand the need to walk in puddles

spring walk H

or the need to drive your bike into a snow bank.

spring walk CB bike

spring walk CB & H bike

This sign was put up in the fall of 2012.

spring walk school bus stop

4 responses

  1. What great pictures, Jenny! The required sticks, the puddle walking, the jumping, driving bikes into snow banks–they say it all about walks with energetic boys. Nola Mae in the stroller and Charlie helping Henry ride bike add just the sweetness the recipe calls for!

  2. Jenny: Sticks – they are a necessity when taking a walk. I know myself when I’m out in the woods or there abouts, a stick is a necessity to help with the walk. I use it for a different purpose of course, but I can’t imagine taking a walk without one. And puddles, I love walking thru puddles with little kids – teaching them to stomp and splash – what fun that is. Whenever I have a little one around me and a puddle – that is a lesson they need to learn. The boys are full of pee and vinegar and their minds seem to always work in the opposite way that ours do. The only thing you can hope for is that their activities will be free of injury. I had a hard time watching Ken grow up and the things he used to do and try, I can’t imagine it 3 fold. Love the pictures and enjoy sharing your adventures with the kids.

  3. It’s not just boys. Clara spent lots of time outside today and a large chunk of it was spent whacking things with a stick. It’s true she doesn’t have the flying leap thing going on, but she did later play with her stick in the fire and have the waving a fire brand thing down pretty good!

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