Week 49 & Week 50 – December 2 – 16, 2012

Week 49 & Week 50 – December 2 – 16, 2012

(Completed on 1/28/13)

I have combined these two weeks because I had two photos for Week 49 (pretty lame!).

We hosted Aunt Vlasty’s St. Nick party at our house because it fell on the same day as Robbie and Charlie’s piano recital.  I made a cake and it was the only picture I took all week.

cake Christmas tree

We got a good start of snow on the weekend.

Tractor snow

Week 50 was a better week for photos:

Henry and I went out for our first ski of the winter around our property.  Getting ready…

First ski - getting ready

Waiting patiently…

 First ski - waiting

Documenting with a photo…

First ski - ready

Henry not waiting any longer…

First ski - going

My book club met for an ugly sweater themed meeting and I made this cake for us.  Each of us read one or two books by Donna VanLiere ( I think Michelle read all of them).

  Cake Ugly Sweater

Charlie wanted to wear a tie to his school Christmas program.  He is always wanting to dress up to look handsome.  We don’t have any boy sized ties so he picked out one of Jack’s ties to wear.

Charlie wearing a tie

Someone (I don’t care who) thought it would be a good idea to celebrate 12-12-12 as Aaron Rogers Day.   Thanks to Grandpa Bob our boys were able to participate in these kinds of days at school.

Aaron Rogers Day

Winter fruit came in.

Fruit 2012

Nola Mae in my favorite outfit.

Nola Mae favorite outfit

Nola Mae has learned that once the boys come in from outside there are snow chunks on the rug.  Believe me, she is very good at picking up those little yucky chunks of snow.

Nola Mae snow eater

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