Week 45 – November 5 – 11, 2012

Week 45 – November 5 – 11, 2012

(Completed 1/13/2012)

There was snow in the forecast this week, which means that we have hurry up and get a load of firewood in to the house.

firewood boys

The kayak building project helped Jack realize that he isn’t going to fit up old vehicles for use on our farm.  I am happy to have him woodworking than working on old trucks.  So off to the junk yard they went!

Jack bought this truck in 1998, moved his belongings to Iola from Platteville when he graduated and we moved in together.  I have looked at this truck for many years!  I was kind of sad to see it go.

truck for junk Samson

The recyling man came back for the second truck that was taking up my space in the garage.  I was happy to see this one go.

truck for junk

I bought apples this fall, since our tree didn’t have any, the boys weren’t eating them fast enough so I made them into apple sauce.  I love my mehu maija because we get the extra apple juice that would normally be cooked down in the apple sauce making process.

Henry stealing a little juice.  Thankfully it was cold.

applesauce juice

Nola Mae on my back.  Because if I didn’t “babywear” I would never get anything done!

wrap Zara Velvet making applesauce

applesauce juice 2012

Henry played in our first snow a little bit before going to school.

first snow 2012

I was able to walk to the voting polls while Henry was in preschool.  (There really was more snow at home than in town)

ergo off to vote

Nola Mae was very warm under her fleece body suit because I dress her in many colorful layers.  This is good practice for when the real snow arrives.

Nola Mae stripes

One of the things I love most…is walking into a room and finding one of our boys reading.

Robbie reading on floor

Two boys in one night!

Charlie reading at table

I had fun making and eating some homemade bread.

homemade bread

The boys spent a good amount of time standing all the Lincoln logs up.  I reminded them that Nola Mae or Henry may crash them down.

Linclon log towers

That gave them the idea to do it on purpose with Nola Mae

Lincoln log towers push

The kayak this week:

kayak front

One more round of sanding.  I don’t have the patience for sanding.

kayak sanded

8 responses

  1. It’s great to catch up on your posts, Jenny. Your lifestyle is so admirable. I still don’t know how you do all you do in a day, but you’re definitely an inspiration! The kayak is coming along beautifully & the kids are growing so! Looks like Nola Mae is thriving & fits right in with her older brothers. Happy New Year!!

    • Thank you, Sweet Mama. I don’t really do much or atleast haven’t lately. I pick and choose and do only the things I “have” to do which works into my list of the things I “love” to do. And you only get to see pictures of those things here!

  2. Love these sweet family pictures, Jenny. I’m still waiting to see if you’re going to change the blog name to include Nola Mae. Maybe something like “Life With Three Boys–and One Little Princess?” Next time you make bread, let me know and I’ll come over and make some with you!

  3. Look at all those colorful layers! That way when she’s not on your back she’s easy to spot in the house. Something I should try with Jane I “lost” her behind the christmas tree just last week!

  4. Your bread looks beautiful!!! As for new names for your blog…what about something about a “half dozen” since there are now six of you and it carries in a hobby farm theme? Tied in with idioms like “getting there is half the fun”, “not half bad”, “how the other half lives/how this half lives”, “you don’t know the half of it”… just some ideas, I have nothing clever! Wishing and hoping for more snow :)!

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