Week 39 – September 24 – 30, 2012

     Week 39 – September 24 – 30, 2012

(completed on 12-11-12)

I was inspired to encourage Henry to bike more after seeing how well Kale (my nephew) rides his bike.  I remember Charlie was riding without training wheels by this age.   All summer Henry was content running along while the older boys biked, “because I am a fast runner!”

Henry biking home

Henry biking

One of the reasons I was drawn to purchase a rainbow wrap is because I love rainbows (plus I got an awesome deal on this size 7 wrap).  I recently learned the term “rainbow baby.”  Then I decided I needed a photo of my “rainbow baby” (Robbie) wearing my last baby who I have waited a long time to have.  I love all four of my babies equally.  They each have a special place in my heart.  Robbie is the baby that healed my sadness and fulfilled my dream of becoming a mother.  And Nola Mae is the daughter I have always dreamed of having.

light rainbow wrap w Robbie

Nola Mae slept in this baby rocking chair for some of her naps and sometimes when I just needed to put her down.  And yes, I didn’t always put the straps on her.  Because most of the time I was putting her in there for a few minutes and I was right there.  At 5 months old she started to scoot out of it.

And once she would be in this position she would just hang out there.  She would smile at me and jabber away.

Nola Mae rocker 5

Nola Mae rocker 1

Nola Mae rocker 2

Then Henry would come along and “rescue” her,

Nola Mae rocker 3

and bring her to me.

Nola Mae rocker 4

The next stage of the kayak.

kayak top & bottom glass

6 responses

  1. Maybe Henry will be a runner and not a rider! 😉
    I love both of my children dearly too (yes I know how many you have! lol), but my daughter was my “healing” baby 🙂
    Oh and I love it how your children watch out for each other, it’s so sweet! 🙂

  2. That picture of Henry and Nola Mae is precious! I like the snow that falls on your page too…has that always been here? If so, I just noticed!

  3. the comment about Robbie and Nola Mae made me cry!!! We are so so blessed to have the kids and families that we have. Just cherish them everyday because they grow up so so fast. M baby is in 3rd grade and I am ordering graduation gowns for my sweet little Devin. What happened to the time? It makes me so so sad, but it is so nice to see them grow into the person that they are!!

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