Week 36 – September 3 – 9, 2012

 Week 36 – September 3 – 9, 2012

(Completed on 11/13/2012)

The first week of school!

Robbie 3rd grade (8 years old)

  Charlie 1st grade (7 years old)


The dew was heavy while we waited for the bus.  We could spot all the spider webs in the trees, on the grass and on the fence.

 Off to school on the bus…

 For the last four years the boys have had to cross the road to get on and get off the bus.  This made me nervous since the bus is stopped on the down hill-side of the hill we live on.  There hasn’t been anything I could do about it because the bus heads north.  This year our bus turns around on the next road to the north of us and comes back passed our house.  I called the bus garage and asked him to change the pick up and drop off to our side of the road.  I feel a lot safer this way.   Also “school bus stopping” signs were put up on our road to the south and north of our house.  I doubt that will slow any of the cars down!


We waited outside under the apple tree for the boys to come home.


My new-to-me DIY purple linen wrap that came in the mail this week.  One of these days I may make my own.


 Henry dressing up as a cow for fun.  We also have a pig costume and every time he mentions that Kale could come play animals with us.


This is where the kayak was at during the first week in September.  I need to get caught up with my blog posts.  Jack will be done with the kayak soon!  I would love it if Jack did a “guest” blog post with the progress of his kayak, maybe it could be just a slide show to make it easy.

The bottom half is done.

Getting ready for the top.


We met some of my friends at the Amherst River Festival where they had kayaks to paddle, fishing for kids, arts & craft vendors and a kids area sponsored by the Tomorrow River Community Charter School.

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