Week 25 – June 18 – 24, 2012

Week 25 – June 18 – 24, 2012

Monday, June 18th:  We rented our field out this year to a neighbor who planted clover, peas and wheat.  His bales look like this and the boys call them marshmallows (Henry calls them Mr Ernst’s hashmallows).

My peas are blooming and producing

and our strawberries are coming to an end.

Tuesday, June 19th:  We got to see our favorite singer/song writer/performer, Tom Pease, at our favorite library today.   I fell in love with him when I saw him for the first time eight years ago.  He is very special to everyone that knows him, look at the handsome smiles he can produce:

If you haven’t seen him in person, you should!  You can check out his summer schedule on his website (click here) or watch a YouTube video of him (click here).  Warning:  most YouTube videos of him are not as great as seeing him in person.  He is awesome in person! And you MUST see him if he is in your area!  (BJ – notice the schedule for June 27th and the end of July – you too, Jessie).  A few of my favorite songs are:  “Love Grows” and “What does your mama do?”  Robbie’s favorite song is “Everybody started out small”  I think because of these words in the song:  “Your mom and dad, seem so giant   they seem so strong and self reliant   but they used to wear diapers and they used to crawl   but everybody everybody everybody everybody   everybody started out small.”

 Wednesday, June 20th: Vacation Bible School was this week in the evenings.  The boys loved it.  Especially on the night they did the slip-n-slide in the cemetery.

They decorated a bucket for the campfire service on Friday night.

 Thursday, June 21st:  The two big boys went to Noah’s Ark for the day with Vacation Bible School.  Henry and I went to the baby support group for a weight check for Nola Mae.  She lost weight in the last week.  The picture I would post here for that would be of a very sad, frustrated and disappointed mama.  My friends were going to be at Sunset Lake today and I wanted/needed to see them after the news of Nola Mae’s weight loss.   Henry and I went to Sunset Lake in the afternoon.  This was our first day at the beach.  Nola Mae got her toes wet, she didn’t like it at first.

Henry was very excited to see friends and spent more time in the sand than in the water.

 Friday, June 22nd:   The temps were a little cooler today and I decided to bake.  I had high hopes of getting a lot done.  (I must have forgotten that four children live here!)  I baked a double batch of these chocolate chip cookies that have garbanzo beans and quinoa in them.  And then a batch of these strawberry mini-cupcakes with strawberry frosting.  I have a good stash of these cookies in the freezer and all the cupcakes were eaten at church!


 Saturday, June 23rd:  Jack and Robbie went to Owen to spend the rest of the weekend with Jack’s grandparents.  Charlie sobbed for many minutes because he was missing Robbie.  I thought this was the perfect time to get out the modeling clay I bought.

I bought some wool at the local art store and attempted to felt it on some of my soap.  I have a few other projects in mind and needed to experiment with my soaps first.

It wasn’t bedtime yet and I needed Charlie and Henry to burn some energy.  I suggested they check some of the blue bird houses while I finished the outside chores.  They were down in the field and I heard Henry screaming.  Which usually means that someone (Charlie) is teasing him.  When I looked down the hill I saw that Charlie was a head of Henry and stopped and gave Henry a piggyback ride.

 Sunday, June 24th:  We went to the pond in Big Falls for some fishing, which didn’t last long.  I wasn’t ready to go home so I suggested we go to the hydro dam to check out the water falls.  The water was low enough that we could play around on the rocks.

And the big boys could play in the current.  Robbie was sliding down this rock and floating into the little pond.  I would love to do this someday when everyone is old enough to do it.  I’m afraid by the time Nola Mae is old enough I have a feeling this will be BORING for Robbie and Charlie.

11 responses

  1. Too many neat pictures! My heart skipped a beat when I saw Charlie jumping on the rocks over the water, but I’m sure he’s a pro! We also enjoy Tom Pease, and were planning on going to see him when you did, but plans got changed. Hopefully we’re around when he’s performing at the Thursdays on Main. Love the slip ‘n slide shots!

  2. How did the felting on the soap go? I’ve always thought that looked like a neat idea but I’ve never tried it. You’d never guess Charlie teases Henry until he screams in those pictures – pretty darn cute!

    • The felting on the soap went okay. I made too many layers. I haven’t had any time to try it again. My friend who helped me get up enough confidence to start making soap does some felting. I bought a felted bar from her and it feels so good to get that scrubbing and the soap is lasting very long in the shower!

      I have had enough of the teasing and don’t know how to stop it.

  3. You take the best pictures, Jenny. You always seem to capture the moment so well. I would love to have the Choc Chip cookie recipe that you mentioned. Sounds interesting.

    • Thanks Katrina. I sent you a message through facebook saying this:

      I was inspired by the Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I have and the chocolate chip w/ garbanzo beans cookie recipe in the cook book Deceptively Delicious cook book and my other favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe with zucchini from the book Animal Vegetable Miracle.

      This is what I did: I took Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, added about 4T more of butter and 1/2 cup more of brown sugar and 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of apple sauce at the appropriate times. Then I added 1 cup of cooked Quinoa after the flour and a 15 oz can of garbanzo beans with the chocolate chips. No nuts.

      I am not sure about the exact measurements of butter, brown sugar and applesauce because I added them just by sight and how the dough looked to me. My first batch seemed really cakey. That is when I creamed more butter and brown sugar and added it to the dough.

      My boys loved these cookies and only Charlie noticed “those things” – garbanzo beans. I made the cookies from the Decpetively Delicious cookbook and they loved them too and no one noticed the garbanzo beans.

      Let me know if you make them and how they turned out for you.

  4. I LOVE Tom Pease!! Jenny, did I ever tell you that Skyler and I got to sing with him once? The Belly Button song is my favorite! He is a must see! You all are sure keeping busy :)! Could you email me the chocolate chip cookie recipe?… my roommate would love them!

    • Where did you see Tom Pease without me? You really got up there with him, singing Belly Button?
      I think every child (AND adult) in the whole world should see Tom Pease in concert at least once! He brings such love, smiles and laughter to the room and to everyone. He stuck Nola Mae’s name in three different songs that day! And that would melt any mother’s heart!

  5. Jenny, I’m so sorry to hear Nola Mae is having trouble with the weight. I think she looks healthy and beautiful, but I know it’s concerning. I pray everything is ok!

  6. As usual your pictures are wonderful! It seem the last strawberries are as scrumpious as the first. I love the action shots – peeking out from between the “hashmallow”, slip ‘n slide and rock jumping. Jenny, you may have started out small, but you never crawled. You held onto your Grandpa Schroeder’s fingers and he let you take him where ever you wanted to go…until one day you let go.

    • Mom,
      Robbie especailly loves the vision of me wearing diapers. I forgot that I never crawled. I am lucky that hasn’t come back to haunt me as a parent, yet.

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