Week 24 – June 11 – 17, 2012

Week 24 – June 11 – 17, 2012

Monday, June 11th: Today we started doing push-ups.  A long time ago I started the 100 push-ups challenge (http://hundredpushups.com/).  I blogged about the benefits of push-ups in March 2011, click here to read that post.  For some reason I stopped, if I am remembering correctly I had to repeat a certain week three times and was a little frustrated.  Now I am determined to try again.  Our total of push-ups for the three days we did them was 112.

Tuesday, June 12th:  Charlie wanted to carry Nola Mae.  He didn’t last long with her on his back because it took me a while to wrap them together.

Wednesday, June 13th:  Today one of our chickens laid this tiny egg. 

I am finally getting back to using my clothes line.  I had a few items that needed bleaching in the sun.  Most importantly, the reason why I took this picture is because girls’ clothes are so cute on Nola Mae and even on the clothes line!

Thursday, June 14th:  After the morning of summer school we went to the park for a picnic lunch and then to our favorite library.  Henry and I made egg salad for us.

After the library I made these chocolate chip cookies that everyone loved!  Secret ingredient…garbanzo beans!  This recipe came from the Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food  cookbook.  They were much better than the brownies that we made for Charlie to take to school.

Friday, June 15th:  This morning we went to Waupaca to run errands and met with my lactation consultant.  We have concerns that Nola Mae hasn’t been gaining weight at the normal rate a baby should.  I wasn’t too worried about this because I have been feeling like she is breastfeeding enough, even though I think she sleeps a lot, and was probably gaining weight.  I was wrong!  She hasn’t even gained the bare minimum in the last week and a half.  I left there with different things to try and plans to get another weight done in a week and a heavy weight of stress on my shoulders.

By the afternoon Nola Mae was crying, screaming, gassy, pooping and making whimpering/little moaning sounds during her sleepy times.  Henry seemed very concerned and was trying to make her happy here after a diaper change.

I nursed her often and wrapped her up and carried her around and this seemed to keep her happy.  During the night she had a fever.

Saturday, June 16th:  The only thing I accomplished today was finishing this Mei Tai that I made for my friend Sarah.

Sunday, June 17th:  What do Vater Boys do for Father’s Day?  Jack took the boys to the woods to make firewood.  His brother called to wish him a “Happy Father’s Day” and told me that he was building a wood shed with his kids.  I wasn’t surprised Eddie had news of a project to work on.  There is no sitting around in this family!

After Henry’s nap time we went to Little Falls.

Sometime I wish this cage was in our yard.

While I cooked Jack’s favorite dinner, Jack downloaded photos from the day and the boys surprised Jack by unloading the firewood from this morning.

Happy Father’s Day to the best Papa!

12 responses

  1. Oh Nola looks like a baby doll on Charlie’s back! lol
    I love the baby clothes hanging up too 🙂 and sorry that Nola was sick 😦 So maby she didn’t gain any weight this week because she was comming down with something? She dosen’t look skinny, she still looks nicely covered 🙂 Go with your instincts, if you think that she is getting enough then please try not to stress too much. I know I know, easier said then done! lol 😉 Just remember that you are an AWESOME mummy! 🙂
    I just LOVE the pic of the boys at the bottom of the slide! It’s awesome! 🙂 and how cool is that bridge, I WISH that we had a bridge like that near us!
    The cage is funny! lol 😀 But your boys are too much of treasures to lock them up! 😉 Why who else would stack all of that fire wood for their daddy if they were locked up! lol 😉 And happy father’s day Jack 🙂 It isn’t father’s day until September here in Australia 🙂

    • Thanks Belinda for your kind words and being one of my best readers.
      We have been watching her weight over the last month and the growth pattern isn’t the bare minimum of what it should be for a baby her age. There can be many causes to this and we are working on trying to figure it out. I have the best lactation consultant in the world helping me so I know it will all work out. It was very worrisome to me that I might not being doing something right or my body isn’t doing what it should.

  2. So, what is Jack’s favorite meal? Great pictures and comments as usual. Hopefully Nola will get her weight where it should be. Isn’t this silly, worried about not gaining weight and as we get older we worry about gaining too much weight. Such a circle we live in. Love the picture of her and Charlie.

    • One of Jack’s favorite meals (and mine) is shrimp fetticini alfredo that I make with lots of garlic. Another favorite of his, not so much mine, is a beef roast, mashed potatoes and green beans. This was the only meal I knew I could make when we first started dating and later I found out that it was his favorite. I think that is how I won him over was with that meal.
      I know I could stand to give her a few pound of mine that never left after she was born!

  3. Jenny, love your pictures and post! It’s wonderful how you are teaching your kids to work hard and to have fun doing it! So many kids are missing out on learning the value of hard work these days! Nola Mae looks very healthy, go with your gut and try not to worry too much. I experienced something similar with Owen around the same age! You are a terrific mom and it’s very obvious that Jack is a terrific dad!

  4. I love all your pictures! Such a sweet picture of Charlie with Nola Mae, cute pictures at the bottom of the slide and the boys in a cage. Wasn’t it so nice of the boys to unload and stack the firewood to surprise Jack. And the last one – Jack’s Fathers’ Day picture with the kids – Beautiful!

    • Thanks, Mom! Before dinner Jack mentioned that he wanted to unload the firewood after dinner. I saw the boys’ light bulbs turn on and gave them the thumbs up. I don’t know what exactly their motivator was…to please him with the surprise or to be able to watch a movie longer before bedtime. It doesn’t matter to me. It was all positive energy and another example I can use when talking about how much fun it is to get along with each other.

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