Week 20 – May 14 – 20, 2012

Week 20 – May 14 – 20, 2012

Monday, May 14th: My friend Kristin wanted to decorate a cake for her daughters’ preschool graduation.  She wanted to learn a few tips on cake decorating.  We spent the morning together and I walked her through all the steps to decorate her first cake. Click here to see the finished cake.

I took the boys into the pasture tonight to get some cool photos of all the dandelion seed heads.  The wind the night before blew most of them off.

Tuesday, May 15th:   We put some eggs in our incubator within a day of Charlie’s kindergarten class in hopes that both of us would get a good hatch.  My plan was for it to be worth having the brooder plugged in.  Our first chick hatched.

My Mother’s Day gift arrived…a worm factory.  We got composting worms a week ago and I had been dreading the idea of putting them in the home-made bin that I made a few years ago when we had worms.   I was afraid that my worms died because it wasn’t a great design.

Wednesday, May 16th:  Henry’s request for breakfast was boiled eggs.  He helped with a few of the steps.

Thursday, May 17th:  My sisters Kayla and Emily came to visit.

Kayla wore Nola Mae while I planted beets and peas with Henry.

Friday, May 18th:  Charlie’s kindergarten class hatched some of our eggs.  We brought the chicks home today.  Before coming home the teacher let the kids hold the chicks.  One of Charlie’s classmates was so excited to kiss one of those cute little chicks.  Her mom wrote a sweet blog post about it.  Click here to see the photo and the short story.

After the chicks were put in their new home (our brooder in the garage) I noticed the ones that came from school were less skittish.  Our chicks haven’t had much handling or peeking at due to the dangerous grip of a three-year old.  Henry can be gentle with eggs.  He needs a little work with chicks!

Saturday, May 19th:  Nola Mae’s baby quilt has been started.  I am going to use the Tumbling Bears quilt design.  There will be 12 bears with 12 different prints of purple.

Sunday, May 20th:  Robbie has been reading Harry Potter.  It all started with his teacher reading it to the class, then Jack was reading it at bedtime, then Robbie was following along as his teacher read and now he reads it on the bus, after school and at bedtime.  He recently told me that he is done reading Junie B Jones books because, “that is all baby talk.”


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  1. Oh, the photo of the boys in the dandelion pasture, the one of Henry watching the first egg hatch, and Robbie reading and Charlie holding Nola Mae–great shots! Nola Mae’s quilt is looking good already.

    • The photos of Robbie reading and Charlie holding Nola Mae was one photo. I cropped them both because I ilked them seperately and then ended up using them together.

      You have to tell Rob that we gave the chicks the mixture that makes green gel for the chicks. I think it is a hydration thing. I still have lots of it from him. They also had some orange mixture in their water that was similar. I call it chick gatorade.

    • Both our hatches were poor. The classroom got 3 chicks out of 12 eggs and the other eggs from someone else didn’t survive at all.
      Our 24 eggs hatched 10 chicks. I had a few eggs at the end with full chicks that never hatched. I am guessing that one of the reasons for this poor hatch is that I didn’t get the second rooster early enough. George’s rooster was having a difficult time fitting in and they weren’t very nice to him.

      • Still better than us on the hatch rate… our first batch of 18 was nothing, the second of closer to 24 had two! We need to work on our incubating!!!

        I like how you cropped and then used those last two photos together!

  2. Jessie and Helen, I looked back at those photos of the boys because Jack thought I took those photos and I think he did. It looks like I didn’t take one photo and make it into two. Because I think Jack was the one that took the photos, he took many of both boys on the couch together and seperately while Robbie was reading.
    Jessie, do you have an automatic egg turner for your incubator?

  3. I had a great visit Jenny! Thanks for posting that pic of me and Nola Mae 🙂 I like all your baby carriers, but especially that one…it reminds me of the Peruvian Mamas. Can I call dibs on it for when I start having kids?

    • I love my wrap and I don’t know if I will ever be able to let it go. When you have a baby we will find you a really cool wrap. You wouldn’t believe the amount of amazing fabrics of wraps there are out there!

  4. What a lot of interesting things going on! Chicks! Gardens! Cakes! I love love love all the different purple dresses for the bear quilt: that’s EXACTLY the kind of thing I would have spent HOURS poring over as a child (choosing and ranking my favorites, sorting into categories, etc.).

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