Week 19– May 7 – 13, 2012

Week 19 – May 7 – 13, 2012

Monday, May 7th:  Last week Sunday when I was working on the last details of my blog post Charlie asked to hold Nola Mae.  They were quiet and I looked over at them and found both of them sleeping.

Now onto our exciting Monday morning…we picked up red worms for a composting bin from Central WI Environmental Station.  The most exciting part was that they weren’t prepared for us to arrive on Monday morning so we were able to help pick out our worms from their composting bin.

Tuesday, May 8th:  Nola Mae is ready for the chicken chores.

My book club meeting was tonight.  We read (attempted to read) Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.  Our host had the great idea to dress up as if we were going to a ball.  (I don’t have a breastfeeding friendly ball gown)

 Wednesday, May 9th:  Nola Mae made her first trip into the play house with the brothers.

My flowers and veggie plants that we purchased from our favorite greenhouse.

Thursday, May 10th:  Some exciting after school activities.

Friday, May 11th:  In the early morning hours I woke up freezing.  I thought it was cold in our house and asked Jack to cuddle with me to warm me up.  He told me I was burning hot, what a great husband!  I also had a head ache and aches throughout my body, these were clues to me that Jack wasn’t being sweet he was just telling it like it is.   Jack offered to get the boys ready for school and on the bus.  I declined because I didn’t feel too badly and I promised to drive them to school this morning.   I was able to get an extra hour of sleep by driving them.  It took all the energy I had to get them to school.  I was hoping to hit some rummage sales (our city-wide rummage sale) this morning after dropping them off at school, didn’t happen!   I dropped them off and went straight home and right to the couch in the living room.

  I felt like I would die on the couch it was so bad.  I was thankful that Henry is independent enough to make food for himself.  He made a bagel, ate some fruit from the counter and filled the rest of his belly with the candy that he could reach, like my last four caramels I had hidden in the pantry.  Jack called me around 9:00 to see how I was doing and offered to come home.  At that point I was feeling bad but not too badly.  I was up once and warmed up the chicken noodle soup that my mom sent home with Jack last Sunday.   Henry and I ate that before I got really sick.

  I called Jack back around 10:30 to tell him I was worse and that he should cancel our plans for the night and told him that I could still handle things with Henry until he got home.  Henry was staying close to me or playing nicely in the toy room.  After that I got worse and couldn’t think straight to call anyone, just thought about it and wished that my mom or mother-in-law or step-mom lived close.  I could hear everything Henry was doing/getting into, the only dangerous thing was the hatchet in the mudroom.  I was able to stop him from chopping firewood without getting off the couch, because I really couldn’t get up.

I asked Henry to bring me the camera because I wanted a picture of Nola Mae.  It was one of my tricks to get him to come see me and distract him from getting into whatever I thought he was doing at the time.  He snapped this horrible picture of me and this one of Nola Mae.


I was thankful and hated the fact that I have such an independent three-year old.  He brought me water, the Tylenol bottle, diapers and got into many things that wouldn’t happen if I was able to follow him around.  I was thankful I had a 5 week old baby that needed to nurse and sleep the day away.

When Jack came home he found a horrible mess everywhere.  I wish I had photos of all Henry’s messes.  They would show what I prevent every day from happening.  The first and only question Jack asked when he walked in the door, “Who was working on an art project in the kitchen?”  I think after that he realized that Henry was the one to blame for the rest of the messes.

Saturday, May 12th:  I was still sick today.  I was feeling well enough to walk around for short periods of time and was done with the chills but still had the sweats.

Sunday, May 13th:  I was feeling well by this morning.  I put Nola Mae on my back and we planted onions in the garden.  She slept for about two hours when I woke her up to nurse.

We went for a walk in the woods to get out of the sun.  Robbie made these leaf belts.

Jack made this shelf/frame that hangs on the wall.  The pictures are sitting on the shelf and can be changed easily.

Click here to see photos from our afternoon.

6 responses

  1. Oh Jenny – can there be anything worse than mother feeling so ill when there is a baby and a toddler in the house. Glad you were feeling well enough to get out into the garden a couple of days later. Take care of yourself – those boys, Jack and that delightful baby girl need you.

  2. The picture of Charlie and Nola Mae is too sweet! There’s just something about holding a baby that’s relaxing, no matter what your age! I felt so badly for you, thinking about how sick you were..and I understand having a 3-year-old who is capable of taking care of themselves pretty well if need be…but, the fear of, “Oh no! What will they get into???”

  3. What a neat idea to dress as if going to a ball–dress up is fun even for grown up girls.

    I, too, wish I were close by to help out on a day like your Friday. I remember that worry about what a 3-year-old might be doing, when I one is too sick to move from bed. (I was happy when Eddie was pounding nails into our closet floor–just because I knew where he was and that he was safe–the house was such that a few more holes in the closet floor wasn’t a big deal.)

    The leaf belts are great. How nice that you are recording all these memories!

  4. Hope you are fully recovered.m what precious pictures, especially the first one of your sleeping babes. Now that it’s late spring, you can change your header when you change your blog title to reflect the “new growth” that Nola Mae has brought into your lives!

  5. I am so sorry you were so sick. Glad you’re feeling better. Charlie and Nola Mae sleeping is the sweetest picture! Robbie is so creatiave – with the belt of leaves. Henry is quite the independent child, and so sweet of him to get a picture of you and Nola Mae!
    By the way, did Nola Mae go down the playhouse slide?

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