Mother’s Day 2012

This year’s Mother’s Day was the best so far. I think I say this every year.

I slept in and needed to because I was recovering from the flu that started early Friday morning and lasted into the night on Saturday. Nothing like having two days wasted that you can’t get back. I shouldn’t complain too much about this because I just learned that a friend has been recovering from pneumonia and after 5 weeks she was able to go for her daily run on Mother’s day for the first time.  Nola Mae is five weeks old already!  Some days it feels like just yesterday she was born and some days it seems much longer.

When I finally woke up I found a very clean house, pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast. Jack and the boys did all the cooking and cleaning for the whole day.

Henry helped me plant three rows of onions. Robbie told me stories of inventions he wants to make and plans he has with his cousin Michael. Charlie had wonderful manners and behavior, he pointed out to me in the afternoon that he hasn’t been sent to his room all day long.

At school Charlie wrote this:

And Robbie wrote this:

In the afternoon we went to Keller Lake, one of my favorite spots. Usually we have this entire park all to ourselves. There were at least 20 other people there. I guess this park really isn’t our little secret.

The boys climbed on these rocks, watched the fish and tried to catch them with their hands.

I look at this picture and I am still having a hard time believing that I am a Mama to four children.  Could I still be dreaming?

8 responses

  1. It’s a bummer to be sick, especially on beautiful days such as we’ve been having. I’m happy to know that you recovered and had a good Mother’s Day. What nice messages Robbie and Charlie wrote for you! Beautiful photos, too.

  2. What a beautiful Mother’s Day! Were you not well at the recital? That must have been so hard if you weren’t feeling well!
    P.S. I’m back online…YAY..I’ll have to get blogging 🙂

    • I have been missing your posts. Please get back at it!!!

      I was beginning to feel better around recital time so I decided to go. The heat in the auditorium was killing me since I was still having hot flashes, the chills were gone by then. I didn’t want to miss the boys’ recital since I was expecting it to be the best one so far. And all the dancing little girls and boys just melt my heart, especailly the ones in purple! We were very impressed with Gianna’s piano without her sheet music. Charlie noticed that right away.

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  4. ‘The important thing about my mom is that she loves me’. What lovely things our children say. That one is worth keeping for days like Friday when you are feeling sick.

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