Week 18 – April 30 – May 6, 2012

Week 18 – April 30 – May 6, 2012

Monday, April 30th:  This quilt arrived in the mail from my friend Jan.  I love it.  After cuddling with Nola Mae and inspecting the quilt I am inspired to do more sewing.  I wonder when I will be able to get into the sewing room again!

Tuesday, May 1st:  This hat came from Donna in New Zealand.  Some say Nola Mae looks like a pirate.  I think she looks like an elf.

Soccer started today.  The boys played at the same time on different fields.  We split up our time and watched 15 minutes of each game.

Robbie as the goalie.

Wednesday, May 2nd:  Henry making scrambled eggs.  He did all the steps by himself.

Here are some of my spring flowers.  I needed to take a photo since I have a little boy who likes to pick them for me and for Mrs. Fechter (Charlie’s teacher).  Henry picks them and the stems are always too short for a vase.  I haven’t been able to show him how to pick flowers with long stems.

Thursday, May 3rd:  Another soccer game this week.

  Henry cuddling with Nola Mae.

Friday, May 4th:  Henry talking to Granny.

Henry and I made cinnamon rolls for our company coming this weekend.  I made a double batch and put all these in the freezer for another time.

Grandpa Jerry came for a short visit.

Saturday, May 5th:  My brother and his family were here this weekend.  After they left Henry finally sat down to eat his lunch.  For the life of me I couldn’t get him to stay in his chair when everyone else was eating.

Charlie spent a lot of time on the computer today.  I finally shut it off (I should have done that earlier) and he spent the afternoon downstairs practicing his piano, cuddling with Nola Mae (and Henry),

and reading to Henry about hot lava.  Henry was talking about hot lava being on the floor.

Sunday, May 6th:  It rained all morning, 3 inches!  The boys’ pond filled up and the field developed some ponds that I have never seen before.

We, mostly Henry, washed the mirrors in the toy room.

I attempted this back carry today on my own while looking in the mirror.  I still need a little practice.  Nola Mae was wide awake when we started and within minutes she was sleeping.  She slept for almost two hours.  I cleaned a little, made lunch, ate a hot lunch, and did some sewing.  I had to take her down to wake her up because my body was wondering where the hungry baby was.

I have been working on this Mei Tai for my cousin Jessie.  I was able to finish it this afternoon.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my blog! My oldest son, Robbie who is 8 years old went away for the weekend with my husband. He is the boy in the red shirt (and the goalie) playing soccer. The two older boys seem to miss out on photos because of school.

  1. Love the photos—make me feel like I am right there. I’m wondering when you will change the name of your blog. After all, Little Miss Nola Mae needs her fair share of the billing, too!

  2. Robbie and Charlie look like such big boys on the soccer fields. It is easy for me to forget how fast they are growing up. Both Henry and Nola Mae look like they were loving their cuddling time. Robbie was very well behaved while we were together over the weekend. What a great guy!

  3. I’m so excited to come get the mei tai it looks great! We also have a too short stem flower picking problem here. I thought I was making progress with it when Clara came into the house with very, very long stems on her flowers until I realized she was trailing roots…. oh well!

    • Jessie,
      I hope that it will work out for you to come soon! I am laughing from my visions of roots attached to “picked” flowers. Only because I think that could happen here too.

  4. Love the pictures!! Nola Mae is sooo cute! Can’t wait to meet her! Jenny, you seem to really get a lot done with a one month old! You must be getting SOME sleep. And nothing like 3″ of rain to make everyone want to go out and play in it! OOXX

  5. Jessie’s Mei Tai looks beautiful, especially with you and Henry trying it out; great fabric selection. I can’t wait till Henry can make me breakfast!

    • Lynn,
      You were a big help with that fabric selection. I am lucky she liked it. I love it and think it turned out great. I am looking forward to giving it to her!

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