Week 16 – April 16 – 22, 2012

Week 16 – April 16 – 22, 2012

Monday, April 16th:  I have wanted to take a photo of my children in this basket around Easter time every year.  I thought it was perfect timing to do it this year with our Easter baby.

Nola Mae had her one week visit from our midwife, Christie.  Here she is getting weighed.

Checkers after school.

Tuesday, April 17th:  I put these orange peels in vinegar the day we came down with the flu.  We ate a lot of oranges that day (and I haven’t eaten any oranges since getting sick) this is a half gallon jar.  Once the peels have soaked for a couple of weeks I will save the liquid in a spray bottle for a cleaning solution.  Click here for the directions I followed. 

Henry “making somefin” for me.  Just a mess for me and a little fun for him.

Wednesday, April 18th:  I was feeling anxious to get out of the house (actually off our property) so we loaded up in the car and went to my friend’s house for a playdate.  It was wonderful for me to hang out with a few wonderful moms and wonderful for Henry to play with other kids.


Thursday, April 19th:  I have been taking these supplements for over a week.  They have been helping me.

We tried out my pouch sling today because I needed her to breastfeed secretly.  Henry has been wanting to “nuk” every time Nola Mae “nuks”.

Friday, April 20th:  It snowed over night.  I wished I had the energy to get out our skis to ski around the yard!  The latest we have ever skied was the 27th of April (2008).

I made this pillowcase for Charlie’s friend.

Saturday, April 21st:  I had Jack take this pose of me with the intentions of a second photo with the baby on the outside.  Two weeks later we got the shot of the baby on the outside.  I am disappointed that I didn’t have my long sleeves on for the second photo so it would look similar to the first photo.


Sunday, April 22nd:  My Step-Mom, Lynn, came for the weekend.  I had a wonderful visit with her.   She spent quality time with each boy and did many jobs for me around the house.   On her last day we took her to my favorite spot, the Big Falls Hydro Dam.

11 responses

  1. Love the basket pic too and LOVE the Henry mess! You’d better watch that little cutie Jenny cos one day i’m going to come and steal him! Hehehe just kidding 😉
    Fantastic orange cleaner recipe, thanks! 🙂 My daughter and I were just eating some oranges tonight too so I have just gone and made some of my own now 🙂 I very often buy orange cleaner and now I don’t have to waste my peels anymore! WOOHOO! 🙂

  2. That’s a beautiful photo of the boys and Nola in the basket! I also especially like the one of Lynn and Henry at Big Falls. All good, as usual!

  3. I really like that inside and outside picture with Nola Mae…I will have to remember that when I starting having kids.

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