Week 15 – April 9 – 15, 2012

Week 15 – April 9 – 15, 2012

To see more photos of Nola Mae’s fist week please go to this post… Click here for my post titled Our first week with Nola Mae Margaret.

Monday, April 9th:  Today I posted a short post with info on our new baby girl with no name.  Click here to see that post.  Then our computer crashed.   One of my cousin who seemed as surprised as I was that I gave birth to a daughter (my first time writing that word) was wondering if the arrival of a girl in our house and our computer crashing was a sign that the world was coming to an end.

Today my Mom, Helen, my mother-in-law, and Jack were here helping around the house and spending time with the boys so I could rest and relax.

My Mom’s take of her visit here:

I had the most wonderful visit at Jack & Jenny’s today. I was greeted by Henry running across the yard (in a shirt, underwear, & boots – his usual attire) with arms out-stretched, yelling, “GRANNY, GRANNY”.  I’ve never had quite a welcome as that.  He was very helpful all day as we washed  & hung up clothes, swept & mopped floors, he helped with cooking, and when I said I had some things in the car to be brought in, he was out the door before I turned around.  He found some Smarties in my bag and of course I told them they were for him.   We found a place for them in the pantry and he helped himself to them all day.  He stayed in the kitchen to eat them where his Mama couldn’t see him.

 He still had some birthday cake left and he had to show me his rainbow cake. I asked him which color was his favorite and he pointed to the white frosting! After supper he had candles in his cake and we all sang Happy Birthday, including Henry. Then Mama (Jenny) suggested we sing Happy Birthday to the baby because she is one day old. Robbie got out his music and played Happy Birthday on the piano for the baby. And he played very well.

Robbie hugged me like he wanted to – not because he was told to. He was quite taken with his new little sister. He’d smile so sweetly at her as he held her. He said he made up a song for her and sang it to her.  I haven’t heard it yet, but I think Jenny got it on video.

 Robbie’s Joke:  Why is there a shortage of honey in Boston? 

                           Because there is only one “B”

 Jenny spilled a glass of water and before anyone could ask, Charlie was running for a towel to wipe up the spill. He was all sweetness.  He read a book to Henry and showed me his glow-in-the-dark tattoo that looked like it moved when he wiggled his fingers.

When Robbie was sitting behind me on the chair holding the baby he said, “I hope she won’t be a bossy sister. Some girls act they are a queen or something.” Charlie came over by us and heard the last part about the queen and said, “Then we’ll be her subjects and have to protect her. And of course she’ll have to get a husband.” Is there a Harry Potter influence?

Helen had come the morning she was born, though just missed her birth.  Today (Monday) she took Robbie and Charlie to piano lessons in the morning and then later in the afternoon they went to Susie’s library.  I was told that everybody loves to go to “Susie’s Library.”  Poor Henry was a little sad that he couldn’t go, but he napped most of the time they were gone.

 Jack made a nice lunch and the boys loved my wheat rolls.  Before supper Jack took the older boys to a highway clean-up project.

The whole day went by with only one altercation – Henry got a little carried away with his light sword and whacked poor Robbie in the head.  Not intentionally, of course, and there was no retaliation.  Maybe this little girl will bring a bit of calm to a house full of boys.  Besides the fun day with the boys and lots of time holding the new baby, I had a nice visit with Jack, Helen, and of course Jenny.  Jenny looks very well.  Jack took a bunch of pictures of all of us together before I left.

As I drove out of the driveway (beep, beep), headed for home, they all stood at the window waving…

Tuesday, April 10th:  The two older boys went back to school after their short spring break.  The house was a lot more quiet.  In the evening Grandpa Rob came to meet Nola Mae.  Jack was sick with the flu in the middle of the night.  I was thankful Helen was here, I just hope she doesn’t get sick.

Henry helped Grandma Hanna shred carrots for the soup that Granny made for us.

I am not sure that Jack finished this box the week Nola Mae was born.  I had to share something because he was able to get into the wood shop this week.

8 responses

  1. Jenny, thank you for sharing all of these updates! The wonderful thing about a home birth is how it brings the family together, everyone gets to be part of the blessed birth. Your pictures are beautiful as well as the heartfelt words behind them. Welcome to the world Miss Nola Mae!

  2. Jenny it looks as though you have a great blog-sitter in your Mom, Alice you did a great job! Love the photos as usual. I see that Jack failed to share the location of his bourbon cabinet with me. Oversight? Lynn

  3. What a beautiful baby!!! The boys seem very attentive and the rest of your family is so helpful. How did you choose the name? Did I miss that post? I loved the picture of you holding the baby with the colorful wrap around you. You look like you’re a blond haired Indian sitting out on the prairie.

    • Rhonda,
      Thank you! I haven’t explained where Nola Mae came from…Nola was my favorite grandma who passed away when I was 13.5 yrs old. Since the day I knew I wanted to have babies I have always wanted to name one of my daughters to be Nola. During this pregnancy I was frustrated with the boy name options because we used all our favorites. I concentrated on a list of girl names, even though I had no hope of the baby being a girl. I put the name Mae in as a second name and loved how they sounded. (Mae happens to be a middle name of one of my Aunts on my Dad’s side of the family.) I couldn’t get Margaret out of my head. After a few discussions with my mom about using her mom’s name I decided that Nola Mae needed to have part of my grandma’s name and her own name, so I went with Nola Mae. Since there are no other girl babies in my future Margaret was used for a middle name.

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