Our first week with Nola Mae Margaret

Our first week with Nola Mae Margaret

Nola Mae Margaret

The birth announcement for the newspaper was written by Grandma Helen (A.K.A. Hanna) the family genealogist:

A daughter, Nola Mae Margaret Vater, was born at home on Easter morning, April 8, 2012, to Jack and Jenny Vater of rural Iola, Wisconsin.  The birth was attended by In the Beginning Midwives – Jane Peterson, Christie Woodliff, and Korina Pubanz.

 She weighed 9 pounds and 3 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long.

 Nola Mae has brothers Robert (age 8), Charles (age 6), and Henry (age 3). 

Grandparents are Jerry and Alice Hamm, Owen, Robert Schroeder and Lynn Hunsicker, Milwaukee, Rob and Helen Blaha, Loyal, and Neil P. Vater, deceased.

Great-grandparents are Neil and Eileen Vater, Owen, Ed and Elma Eloranta, Owen, Richard Fabian, Sussex and Barb Hunsicker, Port Washington.

Here is the birth announcement that was made on Facebook by our midwives:

The joy and celebration of welcoming a daughter on Easter morning moved us all.  Her 3 brothers will have so much to teach her, like the biology lesson her brother Henry who watched her coming shared moments later with the vivid details only an amazed 3-year-old boy could tell with such excitement!! And her beautiful name is Nola Mae.

My favorite photos from Nola Mae’s first week…

Saturday, April 7th:  Jack woke me up early to take the last belly shot that I wanted because the lighting was perfect.  We didn’t know this was going to be my last morning with my baby belly.

Sunday, April 8th:  Nola Mae made sure she had her own birthday, one day after Henry’s.  I wasn’t too surprised that Henry woke up early enough to witness the birth.

Monday, April 9th:  Today was the last day for Robbie and Charlie’s spring break.  My Mom and Helen were here on this day working so hard keeping the boys busy, cleaning, doing laundry and cooking many meals.

Tuesday, April 10th:  Our boys learned how to Eskimo kiss from Jack.

Wednesday, April 11th:  Our first day out in the sunshine.

Thursday, April 12th:  Henry making sure Nola Mae’s clothes are okay for her to wear.

Friday, April 13th:  Henry reading books to Nola Mae.


Saturday, April 14th:  My Dad and Step-Mom, Lynn came to visit for the day.  They brought us lunch, played with the boys and we all went for a hike in the woods.

Sunday, April 15th:  Our first time “do two of them” in Henry’s words.

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    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure I wanted to publize the fact that I am tandem nursing with a 3 yr old. Tandem nursing is something I have wished I did with babies #1 & #2, it sure would have made the transition easier for me and my first son who was only 22 months old when the second baby came. I have already seen and felt the benefits in these last two weeks!

  2. NO WAY! You got your girl! I am so darn excited and happy for all of you. My, oh my, but she is going to be one spoiled little gal. And those boyfriends better watch their step because they will have three big brothers to contend with. Congratulations!

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  4. Hello to a beautiful family found. I have been working on my mother in-laws family tree for a while now. I hope this email finds you well. Mom is related to your Thelma Irene Clark. I found a obit for Dorothy Ruth Schroeder, and I am finding the pieces to the family puzzle. My Mother inlaw is Debbie Culver Cochrane Brooks. Her mother was Etta Jane Clark. Etta was Thelma’s baby sister. Thomas Tracy Donleo Clark, was their father. Please let me know if you would like to correspond.

    • Dear Paul, Etta Jane has been a mystery all my life. I am so glad you found our family. My aunt and I have been searching for Etta Jane’s part of the puzzle but have been making very little progress because of family and our lack of knowledge on how to search with very little clues. I would love to correspond with you. I need to figure out how to find your email address that you left with my blog and I will email you.

      • Hello Cousins; My email is pnseeley@juno.com. I had some help finding you by another cousin by the name of Michael Fuller. Etta Jane was adopted by her Uncle Delos Reynolds, and changed her last name. We also would like to know what happened to Tracy, and don’t know his second wife Louise’s last name. We know that he had another daughter Edna with her. I am so happy that your site is current. We live in Michigan, and my wifes Mother Debbie Brooks live in Durand, Michigan. There are a bunch more family on this end for you to find out about. Tell everyone that we send love your way. If you are on facebook you can find my wife Jennifer Seeley’s site under Keego Harbor, Michigan. I just showed her your picture when you were pregnant with your baby girl.

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