Baby in Belly – Ready!

Baby in Belly – Ready!

I  can’t express how ready I am for this baby to arrive.  We have approximately 5 days until my Estimated Due Date.

We have had the flu in our house last week (Robbie) and now this week (me, Henry and Charlie).  I need to recover quickly from this flu bug.  I have never had sore tummy muscles from throwing up!  I am feeling better today after lounging around and sleeping all day yesterday.   It will take me a little time for the few extra loads of laundry, some disinfecting and getting caught up on sleep.  I am thankful this bug arrived before the baby.  The week Henry was born Jack, Robbie and Charlie got the flu at the same time and it was horrible.

Since the date of when it would be safe to have this baby at home has come and gone I have increased my activities.  We have been taking long walks, hanging clothes on the line, working the garden and planting a few things.  I am sweeping, mopping and believe it or not vacuuming more frequently than normal.  I also helped Jack and the boys make firewood over the weekend.

I have been entertained lately by many comments from friends and strangers.  Every time I go somewhere I can’t wait to hear what people will say as they see my big belly and know that I am getting close.

Last night when we went to vote one of the poll workers made a few comments… “another boy?” And then asked when my due date was. When I told her it was this coming Monday, she said “Thanks for coming to vote!” As if it was a big deal that I made it to the polls a week before my due date. Little did she know I was up all night puking my guts out and making sure two of my boys were puking in the toilet or a bucket.

There are more people in this world than I can count who seem to be more excited than I am for this baby to arrive.  Charlie came home from school last week complaining that everyone at school keeps asking him, “Is there a baby yet?”

One friend reminded me that my blog name will have to change.  I have forgotten about this!  It may take me a while to make a change because I am not creative and “Life with three boys” took me 6 months to come up with.

A couple other friends have told me that they would love to give me their girl clothes, which I would love too.  Most of my friends are dying with anticipation on whether this baby is a girl.  They of course have at least one girl and know how wonderful it is to have a daughter.

Robbie says he would love another brother and Charlie and Henry want a sister.  About 2 or 3 weeks ago Henry was very insistent that “when the next boy comes…”   Recently Henry started referring to his baby as a girl and that is about the time he told us, when asked, that he wants a sister.   I am unsure he understands genders yet.  Because Henry told me yesterday that I am a boy.  And when he grows up to be a Mama he is going to grow a big baby in his belly.

To be honest, I am terrified of having a daughter (now isn’t the time for me to go into those reasons).   I have come to realize over the last eight years that I can handle/tolerate and love the wildness, the cuteness, the love and the naughtiness boys bring to my life.  I don’t have any hope of a sister joining our mix of craziness.  So if this baby comes out a boy please don’t tell me how disappointed you are that I have another boy or how you wished that I had a girl!

Recently I had a conversation with Jack’s Grandma Siggie who had four boys.  She asked me if I thought this baby was a girl or a boy.  I said something to the effect, Do you really think I have a chance at having a girl?  Her response was, “No not really.  I never expected to have a girl when I was having babies.  Anyway, boys are much easier than girls.”  Grandma Siggie said a few other things that I can’t remember.  Her comments about the benefits of having all boys were all things that I have also thought.   It was reassuring to hear similar comments from another mama who I admire of all boys.

Henry and I often talk to this baby and tell him/her to come out soon.  A few days ago Henry said to my belly, “NOT NOW!  Jane not here to help us!”

Now we are just waiting and ready for this sweet little baby to join our family. I am trying to be patient!

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  1. Funny! Weston is getting annoyed by me asking him also. Almost everyday I ask if Charlie’s Mom had her baby? Don’t know why we are all so curious! LOL! ????

    • Shaun,
      Thanks for leaving a comment! I have a blog post ready for the new baby and the news will most likely be on facebook! I think many people who don’t follow my blog are stalking my facebook page!

  2. It is so funny reading your blog about having a girl and boys being eaiser. I have giving up on having a boy and when I think about it I think that I would be lost if I had one. You have out doors and I have drama! But none the less we love them anyway. Hoping you have that baby soon!

  3. I’m very excited for you Jenny! I hope you feel better and that the next few days/week goes well for you!! I love you very much!

  4. Oh I hope you recover fast from that flu, what rotten timing! And I’m with Megan, I’m not sure I know what to do with a boy any more. Which if funny since when I was pregnant with Ivy I couldn’t imagine raising girls… they like dresses and pink… and oh how life turns out different than you expect sometimes! 🙂
    Love and hugs from us all!
    P.S. Great last baby in belly photo!!!

    • I am recovering slowly.
      You have been blessed with very sweet girls that love pink but will also love the things you love that aren’t so girlish! I have a few tom-boy friends with serious princesses for children.

  5. I wish you well Jenny. I always had a picture taken of me right before I left for the hosptial. they’re so much fun to look at now. No matter what the gender is of this baby, it will be well loved, I’m sure. I disagree with part of your blog. You are VERY creative and will come up with an interesting title, I’m sure. With prayers for a healthy mom and baby.


  6. Jenny,
    You look so so beautiful. I just love reading what you write, it makes me laugh and cry and feel so much closer to you. I can not wait for that baby to come and I wish for you a speedy end to this pregnancy. So, when it does come I will be there to hold it any time you need some extra hands. I love holding babies. I had dinner with Jane last night, we are so lucky to have such an amazing person help us with our births. I hope we get to see you soon, I would like to see that belly before it is gone 🙂

    • Chamomile,
      Thank you! This belly better be gone before I see you again! I am honored to know that you read my blog and feel close to me. I am so happy we have become friends. I do feel a specail bond with you because of being a mama to all boys and our connectiong with Jane and Christie. We are so lucky to have them in our lives, they have touched so many families.

  7. Every time I pull up your blog, I hold my breath to see if there is any news. You need to teach your husband how to post so he can send out a one- word post( boy or girls!). When we had our first one, after her head popped out, I yelled, “What is it?” The doctor said, “I can’t tell from the ears.” We did know friends who had a girl after three boys, so it can happen. But a house full of boys is wonderful, too.

    • Susan,
      Your story about your daughter’s birth makes me laugh!
      I think I am addicted to blogging and the internet that it won’t be long after this baby is born that I will have a post. I have one drafted already waiting for the birth date and pictures to be taken. I won’t guaruntee a name for this baby in the first post since that is the one thing we are not ready for.

  8. Jenny,

    A few weeks ago I had a dream that you had your baby. In the dream I saw you at church holding the baby. She/he had long, curly blond hair so I said, “Oh Jenny, you had a girl! What’s her name?” and you said “Not a girl. His name is Nicholas.” This dream was so clear and I think of it often when I’m wondering when you will have this precious baby. Good luck, feel better and I hope you all enjoy a healthy beautiful baby!


  9. Raising a daughter will not be a challenge for you. You are the best Mommy for the job. It will be a breeze – maybe even the teenage years! You have a loving and energetic family which is exactly what your daughter will be – she may just be dressed differently on special occasions! Don’t tread too gently b/c of her gender b/c she needs to keep up with those brothers! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see more pictures.

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