Week 13 – March 26 – April 1, 2012

 Week 13 – March 26 – April 1, 2012

Monday, March 26th:  I made these “Knock You Naked Brownies” for my book club meeting.   I should mention that my book pick was The Birth HouseHere is the link to the book on Amazon.com.  It was a book enjoyed by everyone!  Thank you, Aunt Barbara for the recommendation!

Back to the brownies…

They were very yummy.  I shouldn’t have made them in my last weeks of pregnancy, because I wanted to eat them all!   While I was making them I realized I had made them before.  I had trouble taking them out of the pan (both times) while they were still warm, like the recipe says.  They were easier to remove from the pan once they were chilled.  It was frustrating and I swore I wouldn’t make them again (both times).  My friends’ response to the brownies convinced me that I will have to make them again.    Click here for the recipe.

Tuesday, March 27th:   Henry played outside a lot today.

 Just before dinner we saw him on the small gate talking to Mystique.  Jack went out with the camera to see what he was doing.  I thought he looked cute until I saw these pictures of him aiming the toy gun at her.

Wednesday, March 28th:   Another beautiful evening and perfect for a walk.  I think the boys had some kind of monkey in them today because they seemed to want to climb on everything!


Thursday, March 29th:  Robbie played basketball in the barn a lot this winter and now he has been spending time on the cement pad outside the garage dribbling the ball.

Friday, March 30th:  I started cleaning out the garden.  Last fall I didn’t have the energy to pull the corn stalks and milo out.  Today I did.  It took me two days to pull about five rows out.

Saturday, April 1st:  I got a little help from Robbie today with the milo.

Sunday, April 2nd:  We headed out to the garden after Jack tilled an area for us.


Robbie planting our first row of sweet corn.  It might be a little too early for this!

 I guess this is how Henry digs for worms.   I also saw him doing a head stand in the big hole that he and Charlie dug.  “Me looking for worms!”

 We walked down to the edge of the field to make firewood, first stop was to climb on the rocks in the pasture,

 the second stop was to check out the fort,

 and finally we were able to help Jack with the firewood.

15 responses

  1. The “shots” of Henry and Mystique are very funny to me! The photo of three boys on a ladder is great. Planted cold weather crops yesterday…peas and Swiss chard. Good luck with the corn! I love Henry’s use of yoga to find worms.

    • Susie,
      I find humor in him shooting Mystique too. You mentioning yoga makes these photos funnier because Henry learned the shooting and yoga poses from Jack!

  2. looks like you all had a full week. Love the pictures of the boys. The one I think it’s on the ladder is interesting with all their facial expressions – you get to see the similarities and the differences in their features. They are all good looking boys. So, is Robbie going to be able to join a basketball team at school?

    • Robbie seems to love basketball so maybe he will want to play. Personally I am hoping that he will want to join the cross country ski team. He will get a lot more action on the ski trails and be one of the best skiers on the team (just my opinion)!

  3. Those brownies look way too good!
    I love Henry’s method of looking for worms, but I’m not likely to try it myself.
    I enjoy all the photos–thank you!
    Your report of planting will maybe get me to put in our onions today. Yesterday we picked three stalks of asparagus.

  4. I just looked at the brownie recipe – do you think you could try this with a normal brownie recipe made from scratch and not using a box? Or would they be too moist and not hold the caramel sauce? Thanks,

    • Kate,
      I wouldn’t use a brownie recipe for the dough. You might be onto something about it being too moist to hold the caramel layer. I think you need to use a cake recipe, you could try it with a German Chocolate cake recipe from scratch because that is the box mix that the recipe calls for. Or just a plain chocolate cake recipe would probably work! Anything chocolate and caramels would be so yummy! I would love to hear what you end up doing!

  5. Just a few things: Love, Love, the ladder photo, digging for worms, (I will not try that method either!), and all the climbing photos! I am glad the boys have so many ways to burn off all their energy. It is nice to see the fort looking so sturdy. The boys must be pleased. Considering you had a good amount of snow, your ground looks like it is perfect for tilling and planting! Good luck! Next blog: Baby News!!!!!!

    • Thanks Lynn.

      The garden and the field are dry enough to be worked. It seems too early for this!

      The next blog post will be coming today. This morning I have been working on the last baby in belly post before the baby news post.

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