Week 12 – March 19 – March 25, 2012

Week 12 – March 19 – March 25, 2012

Monday, March 19th:  My first load of laundry on the line this spring: diapers! I was so happy for them to see the sun for a couple of days.  They seem whiter and smelled good!

 First day outside for the chickens.  Henry the chicken catcher was busy harassing them.

 Tuesday, March 20th:  Brothers hiking and having a serious conversation.

 Wednesday, March 21st :  Henry wanted to ride this bike.  The big boys were helping him.  Later that night Jack put the training wheels on a bike for him.

We have had this wasted space in our upstairs bathroom since the remodeling project, six years ago.  Jack made these shelves this week.


Thursday, March 22nd:  A special birthday activity (an 8 year old’s idea of fun)…

 We went for a walk/bike on Sleepy Hollow.

 Wipe out on purpose.

Friday, March 23rd:  The first sign of my garlic.  I should have about 213 of these little green stems growing.  Remember they were planted a second time because Robbie cultivated the area up after I planted?  He didn’t know that I planted the garlic and he thought he was helping me work the ground.

Grilling his own sandwich.

Saturday, March 24th:  We went to visit our family for the weekend and to celebrate Grandma Elma’s 93rd birthday.

Sunday, March 25th:  Here are some of the items I have ready for the birth and the baby. 


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  1. Great pictures, Jenny. Glad the weather is warmer so the boys can spend more time outside. I only have two boys (besides my daughter), but they are still very close and live a few blocks from each other in Boston. How much longer before you calve ( as my brother always said to me. Brothers!)

  2. Hahaha I haden’t seen this post before I thought of you as I was posting that pic of my two on FB! 😉
    As your weather is warming up, ours is cooling down! 🙂 Bring on winter I say as i’m over summer! lol
    I love seeing your pics and the antics that your boys have been up to! 🙂

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