Week 11 – March 12 – March 18, 2012

Week 11 – March 12 – March 18, 2012

Monday, March 12th: I recently purchased this colorful wrap to be used to carry our next baby.   It is about 5 yards long and perfect fabric for summertime baby wearing.

Here is Henry on my back in the wrap.

  Tuesday, March 13th:  The sweet little face I see every morning when I wake up.

Today was the day to finish two important sewing projects that have been on my list for a few months.



Wednesday, March 14th:  The start of Henry’s birthday cake.  His birthday isn’t until April and really close to my due date so I made this ahead and put the finished cake in the freezer.

The stacked rainbow cake was inspired by a cake I saw on someone else’s blog.  Click here for the cake that inspired me.


I don’t have a photo of the cake completely frosted.  That photo will have to wait until Henry’s birthday photos.

 Thursday, March 15th:  Charlie woke me up before 6:00 AM practicing his piano.  I thought I was dreaming of boys playing the piano.  When I got out of bed and peeked over the railing this is what I saw.  He told me he wanted to “get his piano playing done so I can play outside tonight.”

The changing table is cleaned off and organized.  I was still using it to store diapers, underwear and clothes for Henry.  He was having a difficult time with me moving his things to the dresser and baby things in “MY SPACE!” 

Note: The presence of blue clothes isn’t because I know I am having a boy, it is all I have.

Friday, March 16th:  This week I felt like my house was clean enough to host a couple of friends over for a play date.  This is what my living room looked when we went outside to play.

 This evening we went to the ski hill for our annual spring paddle in the bowl.   The bowl is at the bottom of the ski jumping landing hills.

(this photo is from April 12, 2011)

 These photos are from tonight.  It was warm enough for swimming!


Saturday, March 17th:  Aunt Susie gave me a henna tattoo on my belly.


 Henry got one too for his baby in his belly.

 Since I was “stuck” in the chair waiting for the henna to dry, Robbie thought it was a good idea to make us lunch.  Robbie wrote out a menu for us.

I didn’t “check” the ice cream.   I didn’t see the ice cream being served, just saw the dirty dishes.  Sneaky boys!

This was Aunt Susie’ lunch picks.

Sunday, March 18th:  We went to Big Falls to see the flow of the river at the dam. We had to stay up on the grass because our favorite flat rock was under rushing water.





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    • I am glad you love it. Sorry it was too long for you. I am glad mom could make the adjustments. I am wondering if you could email me the measurements of the parts…length of straps, top of bag to the bottom and side to side.

      If you know any other nurses in your unit that wants a cool bag I can make some for a good price.

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