Week 10 – March 5 – March 11, 2012

Week 10 – March 5 – March 11, 2012

Monday, March 5th:  Henry found some of my skiing and running medals.  He jumped and danced around making them “make music”. 


Tuesday, March 6th:  Robbie had his VIP day this week.  He picked out almost 60 photos to share with his class. 

We baked cupcakes for his class to decorate during his VIP time when we came into his class for a special activity.

His classmates seemed to enjoy decorating their cupcake and were very creative.  Here is a volcano cupcake.   Later the boys measured it and this cupcake was 4 inches tall.


Wednesday, March 7th:  We had a friend over and the two boys played a little basketball from the back of the truck in the barn.


Thursday, March 8th:  Breakfast in front of the fire.


Friday, March 9th:  I had my home visit with my midwives, Jane and Christie, this morning.  Many times during our visit Henry told stories of what is going to happen when “the next boy” comes.  During the last couple of days Henry keeps saying and insisting “the next boy.”

Jack finished this wardrobe for his sister.

 I think I have a new favorite photo of Henry…


Saturday, March 10th:  We met friends in Shawano for bowling, lunch, cake eating and kite flying.

Leftover frosting from Robbie’s VIP day provided the kids with some entertainment.

Charlie won this dragon kite last summer from the Scandinavia library’s reading program.  It is 45 feet long.


Sunday, March 11th:  The boys have earned a lot of money from reading.  I guess that money was burning a hole in their pocket.  Charlie bought these two lightsabers.  I included three photos of this crazy stuff because their facial expressions are so funny!

7 responses

  1. Your favorite picture of Henry now is really cute. I love the one of the two of them frosting a cupcake in the classroom. The one picture of Robbie to me I see Stevie and the Schroeder look. All of the boys are so cute, I would love to have them around to give them all hugs.
    I assume you are getting anxious about the baby coming. Hopefully Henry won’t be disappointed if the baby is a girl. I still have Ken’s letter jacket hanging in my closet and every time I have to move it for whatever reason I love the jingle of all of the medals. Brings back wonderful memories of watching him play football and track. Dick and I still now will watch the track events on TV from the different Univ. and the world events, etc. Funny cause when I was in high school that was one of the sports I never really got interested in watching.
    Have a super day today with your family. Also, tell Jack that the wardrobe for his Sister is beautiful.

    • Aunt Anita,

      I am getting anxious but I need to wait about a week or two until it is safe for the baby to be at home. I have a friend coming to photograph the birth. She is traveling right now so we have to wait until she gets back!

      I doubt that Henry will be disappointed. He only knows that a house full of boys is normal for us. His biggest diappointment will be sharing me with a baby.

  2. Again, so much fun hearing about your week and seeing your great photos! I love picturing Henry dancing and jingling with your medals. How did you manage all those colors of frosting for Robbie’s classmates? I can imagine how much fun that was for the kids! Henry just gets more and more handsome! That is a wonderful photo of him peeking around the wardrobe door. (The wardrobe for Susie is beautiful.) Hope your new week is starting off perfect in every way, Jenny. Love,

    • Helen,

      The frosting part was pretty easy. I think it was two batches of frosting and a lot of disposable frosting bags. I have lost/misplaced my regular bags and many tips after I made a cake a while ago and put the bags in a place where I would find them. You would think with all the organizing and cleaning I have been doing I would have found them by now!

      Today was a great day. The boys didn’t have to get on the bus until 8:40 instead of the regular 6:40 time. So we had time for sleeping in, a special breakfast, and baths. I cleaned more this morning looking for those darn cake decorating bags and took a two hour nap with Henry!

  3. You’ve captured some beautiful expressions on those boys!!!! I just love them to bits! I would also love a bite of Charlie’s cake.

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