Applesauce Friut Leather

Applesauce Fruit Leather

I love making applesauce in the fall.  This past fall I had a great helper!


Our boys love eating my applesauce until I feed them too much of it they get sick of it.  When they got sick of it last year I made some fruit leather with some of the leftovers in my dehydrator.  The boys didn’t like the fruit leather very much, I did!  

This winter I did an inventory of my canned applesauce.  I found I have tons of applesauce!   

I decided to try the fruit leather again.    I found some canned applesauce with chunks of apples (boys don’t like chunks), applesauce with strawberries (boys didn’t like that combo) and applesauce with raspberries (they didn’t like that combo either).

I have plastic liners for my trays.  My friend uses wax paper in place of the trays.  You can also use plastic wrap.

I had the best results with about 1/4 inch thickness of applesauce on the tray’s liner.

The owner’s manual directions said 135 degrees for 8-10 hours.

At eight hours the applesauce was like fruit leather but still a little too moist.  The directions in my manual said to cut it while it was still warm.  I used a pizza cutter.  The spatula was helpful in scraping the fruit leather of the plastic tray liner.

Because of the apple chunks I dried the fruit leather after the cutting for another 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Some slices were dry enough and didn’t need the extra drying time.


If I am remembering correctly a pint jar yielded one tray.

Other recipes/directions I found on-line:

Simply Recipes: Fruit Leather in the oven 

Heavenly Homemakers:  peach fruit leather  Apricot Leather dried in the sun Strawberry Fruit Leather (same directions as Apricot)

5 responses

  1. What a good idea. In the fall my dehydrator tends to have a full schedule, making fruit leather later in the winter from applesauce leftovers is brilliant! One of these years when I figure out what I’m doing with my apple trees and have piles of apples and applesauce we’ll have to do this!

    • I think in one of the links I included they mentioned that 3 weeks in a dark and dry place. Mine seems fine longer than 3 weeks. Longer in the fridge and one year in the freezer. I haven’t tried storing it in the freezer or refridgerator.

    • My applesauce does have a little sugar in it already. You are right more would make it better! I think my mistake was that they had store bought fruit roll-ups first and expect that sweet candy taste when they try my fruit leather. I will keep working offering it to them! I don’t buy the fruit roll-ups since I have made this fruit leather.

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