Week 8 – February 20 – 26, 2012

Week 8 – February 20 – 26, 2012

Monday, February 20:  Henry and I went for a walk. I was not in the mood or prepared to be outside for very long.  It was a beautiful day.  Henry was excited to be outside. We took the dogs with us. Henry wanted to go all the way around the field. I tried to convince him that we should walk towards the woods and walk up the path in the woods. He told me, “You go that way. Me go this way!” And he did! He walked (actually ran) all the way around the cornfield and met me along the woods.  I don’t have a cute photo of him acting like such a big boy because I didn’t expect us to be outside for very long.

Tuesday, February 21:   We went to the library to visit Aunt Susie.

Wednesday, February 22:  I finally finished my post titled Baby in Belly – Almost There.  It has taken me a while to finish this post because I was waiting for the right words and photos to use.  I like to keep my posts positive, short and sweet.  This one was a bit challenging.

Thursday, February 23:  We went to the feed mill today.  I am thankful they load my car with the feed.  I have a wonderful husband that carries these 90 pound bags downstairs to the chicken coop.   I probably won’t be doing this job until May or June.  This is almost enough feed to last me another month.

Friday, February 24:  In the morning Henry and I went to my appointment with my midwives.  Henry drew this picture of Jane, one of the midwives, whose nickname is Tree.   Henry says both figures are of Jane.  I think his drawing is very accurate of her long and loving arms that hug me each time I see her.  And the arms that caught him when he was born into this world. 

(Note: first drawings by Henry of a person.  He put eyes, mouth, arms and legs on his drawing.  Age 35 months old)


My sister Kayla had a day off from her nursing job and came for a visit and to help me with my cleaning list.  She swept and mopped all my floors, vacuumed my stairs, washed many windows, helped me put my clean curtains back up and helped me fold and put away many baskets of clothes.

Thank you, Kayla!

Saturday, February 25:   We had our last day of the Youth Ski Program today.  This is the day we have a potluck meal, usually ski a special loop and I give the kids a medal.  Since the snow conditions were so poor I didn’t plan a special trail for them to ski.  I really expected us to hang out in the chalet and eat all the yummy food.  Everyone that showed up was ready to ski.

Sunday, February 26:   I decided that I need to get something done in my sewing room.  I have many unfinished projects! 

One project that was started about six years ago – my living room valances.  We have lived with two of the four valances up on the windows.  

Two weeks ago Jack took the curtains down to wash them.   I decided I wouldn’t put them back up until the other two valances were finished.  Since Kayla was here looking for things to do I had her put the clean ones up for me.  This meant that I needed to get the unfinished ones done ASAP!   Earlier in the week I found the bag with the unfinished curtains in my sewing room.  When I actually got the pile of fabrics out today to iron and finish I was pleased to find that I had to sew only one of the valances.  The third valance was finished!  Maybe because the living room would have looked silly with three out of the four valances up.

Today I finished the fourth valance and all the tie-backs.


While I was using my old Kenmore sewing machine I had my Husqvarna embroidery sewing machine working on a flower for a bag that I have wanted to finish for a long time.


While the flower was being embroidered (because the flower took many hours) I was also able to make this baby (bear) carrier for Henry.

I need to trim the straps so they aren’t so long on him.

11 responses

  1. Yeah, I’d say you need to trim the straps for Henry. That is way too cute. Love the valances in you living room. They turned out very nice. Good to have a sister that comes and helps you out. That was very nice of her.

    • Thank you, Judith. Some how you comment went to my SPAM folder. My sister, Emily says the same thing when she reads my blog. I have tried to convince her that lately that the highlight of my day that I write about might be the only thing I do that day.
      I have learned with this pregnancy that taking my days slow and easy is good and rest makes me a happier person to be around!

  2. I like your valances, maybe they’ll be inspiration for me to get something other than a sheet hanging over my bedroom window! I also like Henrys baby carrier. Clara has been stuffing her favorite stuffed animal into the front of her leotard she likes to wear. The other day “Sophie” slept inside her “Jumpin’ suit” for about six hours!

  3. Every time I look at your family and read the stories you tell, I feel so inspired and motivated to embrace life in the most positive and hopeful way. Beautiful pictures! It was nice of your sister to help you…kindness is glowing in her heart…Wishing you and your family the best….

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