Week 7 – February 13 – 19, 2012

 Week 7 – February 13 – 19, 2012

Monday, February 13:  I sold many bars of my home-made soap today to a friend. I had three different kinds: Patchouli & Orange, Lavender & Lemongrass, and April Flakes (Lavender & Lemongrass essential oils made with snowflakes from last April’s late snow fall and lavender petals).


I have been fighting a cold and a cough since November.  My voice hasn’t sounded normal since then.  Over the weekend it seemed to come back, only for Monday to come around giving me a runny nose again.  My voice is still scratchy and I am coughing, but my cold seems to be gone.  One of the reasons I attribute that to is the garlic cloves that I ate for two days. 

I found a few helpful sites on the web about the benefits of garlic (this could be a blog post all by itself):

 Fighting Colds & Flu Naturally with Garlic

Cold Remedies Using Garlic and Honey

Treating a yeast infection with garlic

Tuesday, February 14:  Jump Rope for Heart – Charlie’s gym class.

 One of the cutest home-made Valentines I have seen!

Wednesday, February 15: Jump Rope for Heart – Robbie’s gym class.

 Henry will need absolutely no convincing when it is time for him to go to school.  I think he enjoyed gym as much as Robbie and Charlie!

 Aunt Susie came for a visit and dinner.


Thursday, February 16:  Henry and I skied with some friends who were faster than us.  We had to turn around before they were done.  This gave Henry a chance to check out the snow making machine. 

Friday, February 17:  I finished this baby quilt this week.  I am calling it Grandma’s Flowers.  I made this quilt with my new sewing machine that I purchased with the help of the money left to me by my step-grandma after she passed away.  The flowers are a straight stitch done with the embroidery feature on my sewing machine.  There are two irises, three daffodils and two poppies on this quilt.

Saturday, February 18:  Despite the warm weather and lack of snow fall this winter I am thankful we are still able to ski with the youth ski program on Saturday morning. 

We have had some help keeping snow on the trails with the cold temps at night, shade from the trees and most importantly the man-made snow.  Thanks to my friend Phil for making it and my friend Mary (Phil’s wife) for not getting mad at him for staying up all night and being worthless for a couple of days after his all nighter!

This was the first day I allowed the kids to use ski poles.  From what I have read it is easier for young kids to learn to ski without poles.  My main concern with poles is that they can be dangerous with young beginner skiers.  If you have seen the “pile ups” of kids crashing into each other, like I have, you would understand.

Some kids were excited to use them and some choose not to.   These girls were naturals and pretty fast with poles.  Robbie was able to keep up with them without poles.  He tells me poles are too much work.

Sunday, February 19:  My family got together today to visit in Middleton with my sister, Danna, who is currently living in MT (she is home for a week interviewing at UW-Madison).  We also gathered to see Ben off to Afghanistan.  Ben is my sister Becca’s boyfriend.  He will leave on February 23rd to get ready for his trip to Afghanistan.  Please help us pray that he will be safe during his time there!

5 responses

  1. Jenny,

    I love the quilt you made…I’d like to see a close up but I can’t seem to click on it to enlarge…even so it is beautiful.
    That is a cute valentine…was it white choc in the center? Yummy!
    I wish we had snow…It is essentially gone here…of course we have mud as evidenced by my son’s snow pants and jacket…they are no longer their original black color…Also sadly, I put the new, never been used snowshoes I got for Christmas away until next winter, when hopefully I will be able to give them a try. I am very saddened by the lack of winter we had…oh well, let’s move on to Spring…
    Do you remember Jump Rope for Heart back at OW? I loved to jump rope and sack races look fun too. I forget if we were in elementary or junior high…I doubt it was HS, but I am finding that as I age, my memory isn’t as good as I would like to say it is…please don’t tell my husband! Thx!
    What is your sister interviewing for at UW-Madison?
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing yours…I look forward to each Monday’s post…


    • Cyndi,
      I just emailed you the photo of my quilt in a large size.
      I am not sure if it is white chocolate or the white almond bark people use for making candy.
      I also got snowshoes for Chirstmas that I was unable to wear. I haven’t given up on winter yet. I am hoping for a big snow storm one of these days! It is too early for springtime to arrive.
      I don’t remember jump rope for heart. I was in Milwaukee for grade school.
      Danna is interviewing for a research position while she is in grad school.

  2. That is great the kids were able to get out on the trails and enjoy some winter.
    Henry was TOO CUTE hopping around in his sack 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed the Valentine. They were white candy melts, it called for white chocolate chips, anything would work.

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