Week 6 – February 6 – 12, 2012

Week 6 – February 6 – 12, 2012

Monday, February 6:  I went to a friend’s house to learn how to make this Mei Tai baby carrier.   My friend’s friend makes custom baby carriers, Andrea’s business is called Dream Carrier Threads (click here to go to her website).


Tuesday, February 7:  I didn’t do anything today except some quilting and taking this photo of Henry in the leopard vest I started before Christmas.  I didn’t finish it until sometime in January.  This vest was just copied from a fleece vest, no pattern necessary (I don’t follow directions very well).  I made it for him and big enough for him to grow into.  The boys crawl around the floor and pretend to be certain animals and Henry is always a leopard.  I made it reversible.

Wednesday, February 8:   We spent most of the day in Stevens Point.   Since I don’t have any photos from today this is where I will insert Henry’s photos from this week…




Thursday, February 9:  I spent all of today in my PJs.  I napped in the morning next to Henry while he watched a movie.  Then we made a double batch of our home-made laundry soap.

 I quilted by the fire.   And took an afternoon nap with Henry. 

I also spent a little time in my sewing room working on some projects and finally organized my embroidery threads I bought in December.  Last week Jack mounted the thread holder on the wall next to my sewing table.

I was still quilting and sitting around in the evening.


Friday, February 10:  This morning we were surprised by the new snow.  I have stopped looking at the weather only to be disappointed by the lack of snow in the forecast.  So when this snow arrived it was a happy day for all of us!

Henry and I stayed in the house most of the day.  I did some quilting and I was able to finish my cloth basket by putting blue handles on it.  (Thanks, Lynn for the idea!)


Saturday, February 11:  Charlie’s 500 piece puzzle was started a week ago.  We all worked on it and the final piece was put in place this morning!


Sunday, February 12:  I bought a good amount of this bright paper at Goodwill earlier this month for the purpose of making our own Valentines.  We hardly put a dent in the pile of paper.  It was much cheaper than buying those silly pre-made ones from the store.

Henry and I made these Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies while we worked on the valentines.  Click here to get the recipe.


6 responses

  1. I love Henry’s take on the world! lol 😉
    I think it’s so funny how you Americans do valentines day cards for all the kids in the class like we do at Christmas time with Christmas cards! lol 😀 I’m actually quite glad that we don’t do all of that here with our kids! 😉

  2. Henry does take photos of the funniest things. He does a good job capturing our messy house, where I crop out the mess when possible!

    I hate valentine’s day! I would hate to do this kind of stuff at Christmas time too! If the boys would have said they didn’t want to make any I would have said fine and not. It was a little work to get them motivated and stay focused. I would also be happy to pick them up from school early for them to miss the party. They waste time having a halloween party, Christmas party, valentine’s party, and I just learned they waste time at school watching a movie on Friday afternoons. I need look into this a little more. I better stop ranting before I get myself in trouble!

    • Our kids only have a Christmas party, and it’s the end of the school year party for our kids too so I don’t mind that one. Halloween is not really celebrated here (very few people do it) and not in our schools at all! We don’t have valentine’s partys either, oh and thanksgiving is not done here either! lol Your kids really do have a LOT of different partys don’t they!

  3. Looks like a great week with lots of projects completed. I LOVE the baby carrier and your fabric looks great you picked out especially for that purpose. Again, I love love love Henry’s photography, you must include more of his photography…he could have his own special page…from the eyes of Henry 🙂 Actually, come to think of it, it is pretty cool to see things from the kids’ perspective. Last week I needed to sit on the carpet with a sad little one while the school guidance counselor was teaching a lesson. I have never sat on the carpet during a lesson, because I’m always the one giving the lesson…it was actually really weird being down on the carpet looking up at an adult sitting in a chair….I’m rambling and I’ll stop 🙂 Great job on the puzzle and valentine’s cards, we make ours too 🙂

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