Baby quilts

Baby quilts

I have been struggling trying to find a quilt design to make for our fourth baby.

Robbie’s baby quilt: Bears and balloons (completed before he was born)

quilt bears & balloons Robbie

I liked the idea of using Bears as a theme for Charlie’s quilt and I found this one: Bears and bow ties in Playful Patchwork Projects .


 I started this before Charlie was born and completed by his second birthday.  I loved the idea of using the same fabric as what was in Robbie’s. The ruffles were added instead of a binding because he always needed to hold onto the ruffles on my quilt when he nursed to sleep.

quilt bears with bows Charlie

Then we decided to have a third baby, Henry.

I found another bear design. The original quilt design was made out of flannel in bright girly tie-dye colors. I wasn’t interested in that. Since I already knew that Henry was a boy.

Henry’s quilt: Bears with huge hearts.   I started Henry’s quilt when he was 1.5 years old and completed when he was 2.5 years old.

quilt bears with hearts Henry

My idea was to put fabric prints in the heart spot of the things he loves.  I ran out of the pink, blue and yellow fabrics used for the older boys’ quilts. I hated making this quilt.

Now we have a fourth baby on the way.  I am having a difficult time figuring out what to do next.   I don’t feel the need to follow the Bear theme.   I would like to have a good start on this quilt before this baby arrives this spring.  I have my doubts that I will have any time for sewing once we have four children!

I recently shared some ideas in a past post.  Now I think I am ready for a vote from my friends and family!

This was my inspiration for a scrap quilt because I have tons of scraps to use came from this pattern of a table runner: 

I have spent a few hours sewing strips together, ironing and cutting out squares.  Now that I have it laid out I am not happy with how it is looking.  It looks nothing like a baby quilt to me.  I could see these squares made into bags or with more squares added it would be a nice lap quilt.   I did have fun using up all these scraps!

“Scraps Squares”

Until today I was ready to give up on this project. And sew like crazy on other fun things that I have been working on or want to make. Because if I have a girl I may want to make something really pretty with purple fabrics and if I have a boy I could make a definite “boy” quilt.


 The winner of the vote is:

This Bear quilt I found this one at

“Tumbling Bears”

17 responses

  1. I like the idea of scrap quilts, and the jungle babies caught my eye, but any one you make Jenny, is going to be eye-catching, sewed with love, and perfect for your new baby. I can’t wait to see which ever you make!

  2. Hi Jenny

    Kudos Helen! Your sentiment is perfect. Jenny it’s very much like you to want to get all the jobs done……… Give yourself permission to do just what you want to do. And if that means sewing the fun stuff on your list……….get to it. It will be so fun to work on and finish the baby quilt when your spirit is ready. By the way, I did like the tumbling bears pattern best.

    • Jessie,

      Thanks for your opinion and confirming my thoughts! Did you vote?

      I would like to do something with the scrap squares soon. If I pack it away I will forget about it. Maybe that would be okay too.

      I am almost done quilting a quilt that I have been working on and will need another quiliting project since that is what keeps me sitting around getting fatter! I know for sure that I have two unfinished quiliting projects that could get done next. I need to dig them out and get thinking about them!

      • When I finally found that tumbling bears my heart did skip a beat. I could actually start this one and wait to add the clothes. This is where I am leaning now. I love hearing what others think and I love polls! I have had over 100 hits today on my blog!

  3. You amaze me! Where do you find the time?! I have yet to knit a blanket for any of my children, though it is definitely on the to-do list. I love the way the table runner scrap example is quilted. I do usually go for a more modern look. The tumbling bears are cute! It would be nice to stick with your theme. You are quite talented! Enjoy the process, it’s always fun to make things with love 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words! I am able to squeeze sewing time in during snack time (Henry eats his snack at my sewing table), I also have toys in the sewing room that keeps him busy for just a little while, and nap times, of course when I’m not napping. I only have one child at home during the days. Once this 3rd baby of yours is born and at least 2 you will be able to do more things. Your family is still very young and those little ones need you!

  4. I loved the jungle babies one and nearly voted for that one, but I liked the idea of all four quilts being bear themed too! lol 🙂
    But whatever you choose Jenny will be just beautiful because it will come from your heart! 🙂 ❤

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