Charlie’s Legos

Charlie’s Legos

Charlie loves Legos.  He is always creating amazing things with Legos.  We took this picture a while ago.  After taking the picture he asked if he could write something on the computer for the internet.  I think he meant that he wanted to post it on my blog (like I do with just about everything).

Here is what he typed with very little help from me and no help from the computer’s spell check:

“I  love  legos  and   like to bild  lego   and  bild  with  my    papa.

And    I  love   to   bild   cars   and    I   like   to   bild   anything

with     legos   and   that is the end”

Here are other creations by Charlie over the last few months:

Charlie got this set for his birthday and put it together with a little help from Papa.

Charlie’s 6th birthday cake request was for a Lego cake with one of his own designs on the top.

 This is the largest piece Lego set that he has worked on.

 Robbie and Charlie with their Christmas presents completed.

 The Lego table was brought out into the middle of the living room for better lighting.  Charlie was looking at a book on how to make wooden toys and found something he could make with Legos (notice the book propped up in the Lego box).

The Lego guy that was inspired by the wooden toy book.

 Charlie can build anywhere!

 A cross-country ski built out of Legos!

When Charlie went to kindergarten he was in heaven once he found out that his teacher had a huge box of Legos in her classroom.

4 responses

  1. So, did Charlie get those books that he wanted? Or is that on this years list of things to get?
    I am totally impressed with his designing skills. What does he say he is going to be when he grows up? Very good job in writing and typing. Thank you Charlie for wanting to share your love with the rest of us.

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